We ALWAYS put the usability and user experience first in our projects

If you want to adopt new methodologies in your product, it is essential to know how customers interact with your product. Only then you can make changes that will improve the user experience.

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  • Our Approach
  • UX Process Steps
  • Typical Case Studies
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UX Design will help you achieve your goals like:

Boost your revenue
A functional app is a key factor in customer retention, conversion, and satisfaction. Designing an app properly reduces the interaction time between first contact and point of sale. A user-friendly interface that meets customer needs increases the likelihood of customer conversions.
Build trust and loyalty with your audience
UX design aims to understand your audience’s motivations, desires, emotions, goals, and actions. Understanding the user experience on your site can help you build customer trust. Positive experiences bind users to your product and keep them coming back for more.
Reduce development costs
Good UX design comes from user research, information architecture design, mock-ups, prototypes, user testing, and final implementation. Making design changes early in the product development stage saves time and money and helps you get accurate data.
Motivate users to interact
A consistent and personalized design is predictable and convenient. When a user can navigate the app seamlessly, immediately understand its purpose and become a loyal customer.


How We Designed UX in the Leading Software Solution for Cinemas

"Adding Order Group specialists to our team proved to be the turning point in Filmgail's development process."
Simon Souyris Strumse
Filmgrail CEO


User Experience Design that brings real value

Ready to customize your app?

Focus on user’s needs
Focus on user’s needs

We understand that the first impression is critical, and the customer’s experience entirely depends on the design and coding of that interface. We try to understand the users and what they want. Therefore, we prepare an interactive format, wireframing, and mapping user journeys to ensure the creative problem-solving approach.

Flexible approach in Agile process
Flexible approach in Agile process

We work in an Agile process, including sprints, to ensure the creation of the UX is an iterative process, focused on user needs and constantly developing throughout the project.

Understanding the role of smooth UX for business
Understanding the role of smooth UX for business

User experience matters, and it has never been so crucial for businesses to provide smooth and comfortable transactions. If the user finds what he is looking for and in a way that he comes back for more or recommends to others, you achieve the goal of UX.


Our Services

Let's get to know Design of User Experience step by step...

Before getting started with your project, we need to get the basics down first, like your brand’s mission’s user pain points end-users.

We ask i.a such questions:

  • What type of problem do you want to solve for your user?
  • Why are you the only one who knows the answers?
  • What are your company's goals and mission statement?
  • How does this project accomplish this goal?
  • Is this the right time for your company to be pursuing this project?

In this stage, we analyze a profile of the ideal customer: his goals, pains, behaviors, and needs. Next, we think about what design suits this person.

It’s time when we gather accurate data relating to the problem and users. Things we discover during this stage lay the foundation for the success of the entire project.

We use different methods of user research: interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, or testing (A/B, heat map, user testing).

We prepare a user journey map to represent the user’s interactions with your product. It’s essential to build empathy, bring focus, reveal opportunities, or provide a “wider picture” of the situation.

In User Interface Design process we build the “look & feel” of your product. The most important thing is the wireframe.

We prepare the small pieces of text that guide the user from one page or step to another, including calls to action, user instructions, error messages, etc.


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

Mary Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

As a Startup Owner, she often has limited funds and an overwhelming amount of details to manage. She can think that UX design is the last detail in terms of priority. But research shows that design-focused startups make 32% more revenue on average than companies that don’t make design a part of their company. It means that great UX is a priority.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

We run a Design Sprint (2-4 weeks) which consists of:

What does UX design give to startups?

  • evidence of the performance and the project potential
  • feedback from the first users,
  • visualization of his idea, wireframes that help to estimate the cost of development
  • sales materials for pitch deck for investors
Henry Experienced
Product Owner in big enterprise
Company size

It would be best if he had his product redesigned. We analyze his business model, goals carefully, and competitors to meet his expectations and provide a return on his investment.

What do we do to provide seamless UX?

  • run an audit & gather data
  • outline the plan for the design work
  • show potential solutions & improvements for usability
  • we design chosen solutions in Scrum methodology

What does this customer receive:

  • improved user flows
We can help you to design personalized user experiences
Let’s put things in order


Some questions about User Experience Design

People ask...

User Experience refers to the ease at which a user can reach their goal, whereas User Interface includes the look & feel of the product: shapes, colors, and sizes of each digital element. These factors are essential: Making good decisions for the UI will improve UX, with bad UI decisions negatively affecting UX.

Yes, it's part of the Product Design Process. Our experienced UX Writers create microcopies that are intuitive to users, in keeping with the product’s brand voice, and easily understood by almost anybody, including people of different abilities, ages, gender identities, and backgrounds.

There are plenty of methods used in research but the most important is putting users in the center and deep analysis - how they think, behave—their needs and motivations. Most often, we make UX research through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

UX design enables you to understand your users better. Besides, a well-prepared UX design gets more insights from user engagement and increases his loyalty. UX helps to draw conclusions and act upon the insights with an analytical approach to every project. But what the most important it maximizes revenue and optimizes costs.

We understand that as a startup founder you have limited funds and need to work within. However, designing a good UX cannot be the last item on your task list. If you skip this important step, you may lose user interest, which means revenue. On the other hand, a well-thought-out UX will increase the popularity of your app which will result in attracting investors and developing further features.

You get a dedicated team, tailored strictly to the needs of your project, is a team that is experienced, scalable and competent. You don't have to worry about team change. At Order Group, a developer works for an average of two or three years, and specialists are able to fully integrate with your internal team. Our goal is long-term cooperation, in our portfolio, we have cases from several projects performed for one client.

We all speak English, we have done many projects for clients from Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. We always like to meet directly to discuss the details of the project, then we agree on the communication methods that are convenient for both sides.

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