Product Design

Exceptional user experience and user interface design gives digital products a competitive advantage and may determine whether your product is successful. We provide world-class UX/UI Design services.

E-mobility App and web platform that allows you to customize and rent electric bikes.

Google Maps for air pilots. Real-time mobile navigation tool for air operations.

Democratizing online ticket sales and challenging the leading platforms.

Lean Process Excellence - 2021 51

A mobile application supporting a variety of LEAN processes.

Simplified Business Administration Platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

How We Designed the Leading Software Solution for Cinemas

PRIME - 2021 51

An ergonomic advertising platform for real estate brokers.

Monster - 2021 51

an IoT System for Monitoring and Managing Airport Lighting System

Diabetes Platform designed to help, educate, and guide patients in their treatment process.

Educational platform for building individual learning paths for students.

Bespoke/custom web platform for the largest Insurance Multiagency in Poland.

Mobie app & web platform and app for parents & kindergardens

Order Group specializes in both software development, and design. This wide scope allows us to build the best digital products. We advise every customer to take a holistic approach from the earliest stages of product development. Embracing user-centered product design allows us to scope projects much better.

We use a UX design analysis is based on creative problem solving, prototyping, and testing. Then our team is working in closed loops of iterations is the essence of agile project management and lean company concept.

The design thinking approach we use at Order Group is a catalyst for iterative product development. Get ready for an intense design workshop that will clarify your business idea and help us build a much better product.

 - 2021 51

Our design thinking process is based on workshops that are sequenced into product design sprints. In Order Group, we use the principal methodology developed by Google, which consists of a five-day design sprint.

The good part of working with an experienced design team is that many UX challenges can be solved by applying some of the well-tested patterns. It's not rocket science, and your app users are used to profiles they find in the handful of dominating apps, such as Gmail, Messenger, Instagram, and native Android and iOS interfaces.

 - 2021 51

User personas are a convenient design tool. In the case of the workshop with the client I mentioned above, we developed three different segments that most likely needed different UX accents to fulfill their needs flawlessly.

We ran simulations using our prototypes and checked carefully whether the functionalities were addressing their needs, and if the suggested actions were justified from the business point of view.

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Product Design

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