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Product design is not just a matter of brand recognition and beautiful interfaces. For us, it's a matter of problem-solving and delivering quality work. Our aim is to design a great experience for your users, and meet your business goals.

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  • Our Approach
  • Our Design Process
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Product Design will help you achieve your goals like:

Better overview
You find all pain points and convert them into valuable solutions.
Users’ understanding
You get to know better your users needs, pains and behaviours
Aligning the team
Decision makers understand user needs & agree on proposed solutions
Agility and speed
Faster time to market is the key to your products success
Smaller risk of failure
Testing the product with your audience early gives you assurance
Agile sprint adapts easily to the complexity of the project


How we designed a startup for Simplified Business Administration

"Order Group invests time to define the scope and ask clarifying questions. Their channels of communication lead to smooth remote project management."
Didrik Martens
Bizbot CEO


Our Design Principles that bring real value to the project

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

We design the product according to both: the users' needs & business goals.
We design the product according to both: the users' needs & business goals.

We run user-centric analysis to formulate the problem more easily and then develop viable product solutions. We emphasize understanding what the user is feeling or thinking.

We make decisions based only on real & accurate data (after research & testing)
We make decisions based only on real & accurate data (after research & testing)

To understand the needs and behaviors of your users, and build empathy we need to thoroughly research your idea. It influences the way we design and helps to create an intuitive user experience.

We always iterate on the product to increase interest and user engagement.
We always iterate on the product to increase interest and user engagement.

In our approach to design, we use design thinking combining Agile techniques to quickly validate and accept ideas so we can make sure we build the right solution for your users.


Our Product Design Services

What all founders and Product Owners think they know but are scared to ask...

We start the first stage of the process by getting to know your business needs and goals. We work with you as a key project stakeholder. Therefore, we ask you about your business vision, closer and further objectives, plans, and aspirations for your business.

Furthermore, in the benchmark phase, we analyze your main competitors and market trends.

In ORDER to understand your users' needs well, we create empathy maps that help us to find real user needs. We understand that the better the product is matched to the user's needs, the greater the confidence in the business success of the product in the marketplace. Good analysis in the discovery phase guarantees the creation of a solid solution.

At this stage, we prepare all design methodology. Therefore we gather all ideas which the team came up with during the previous two steps. Our goal is to choose the best solution to avoid misunderstandings. Then we plan next steps, which will be used for crafting a prototype.

We build a realistic prototype of the solutions in your storyboard so you can simulate a finished product for your customers. With a realistic-looking prototype, you'll get the best possible data from the tests, and you'll learn whether you're on the right track or you need to improve it.

To identify the interests of the targeted users, we analyze potential users, competitors' strategy, and market trends, everything to understand business goals and your customer's needs. Next, we demonstrate our understanding in sketch form on the board which then translate into wireframes and, finally, the polished mockups.

We create user-friendly and well-designed products that not only attract the right customers for your solution but keep them engaged while contributing to your revenue.Our world-class web designs are both visually appealing and also high-performing to offer great experiences to the user.


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

What was the task?

He has a product idea and a small (seed) funding or he wants to redesign it. However, he has to build the product from scratch. At first, he wants to see if the product will work without coding, just in an illustrated version. He is aware that releasing an entire web or mobile app is a long and expensive process. Therefore he reduces the financial risk by validating the idea with an MVP prototype. When creating the concept for a new app, he can test his software idea with users and collect preliminary data in a short time.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

We run a Design Sprint (2-4 weeks) which consists of:

  • Brief & Discovery Workshops
  • Product Wokshops
  • Prototype & Tests

What this customer receives:

  • evidence of the performance and the project potential
  • feedback from the first users, which gives valuable information about the strengths, weaknesses, and the potential direction of further development
  • visualization of his idea, that helps to estimate the cost of development
  • sales materials for pitch deck for investors
Henry Experienced
CEO/CTO, Product Owner in big enterprise,
Company size

What was the task?

The project owner already has a well-defined product, vision and business goals. He needs an idea for branding or has already ready mockups with him and needs experienced professionals to code. He has complete control over the project implementation. Programmers work within the structures and processes of the customer's company according to his chosen project management method.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

  • make analysis of the current situation and other products of the company
  • adapt to the project guidelines
  • collect of all necessary visual assets / design systems

What this customer receives:

  • a coherent design that aligns with the predefined design system or other products from his company portfolio
  • updated design system


Product Design questions

People ask...

The approximate time frame to develop any software depends on its type and complexity. If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. The best way forward is to talk to one of our experts to establish the scope of your project and make certain strategic decisions.

Every UX specialist runs deep analysis which helps to avoid failed investments in developing features that are not relevant to your users. Moreover, he creates roadmap and wireframes that help to understand your target audience and shift your efforts to develop only features that make sense for them. This way you reduce costs for unnecessary functionalities.

Product Design sprints increase the efficiency, focus, and speed of your project and reduce the risk of failure. Having a product prototype that will be tested by real users you can generate a unique value proposition for your existing or potential customers.

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