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Brand is a promise. What can you promise to your customers with good branding?

Good branding will always click inside users' minds and let your product stand out among others in your field. The first impression is everything.
If you establish a clear brand then it will make your product look professional. If your app appears to be a trustworthy expert, people will be more likely to buy it from you.
When you present your value through branding, customers will develop an emotional bond with you. If you provide what your brand promises, customers will remember you.
With solid branding on site, you can easily maintain a consistent look and get faster customer experience decisions. With a brand style guide, you always know what font, color, or look you want to use.
Beautiful branding will encourage you to share and market your business. If people see you're confident in what you do, they'll be more likely to trust you and your expertise. Your customers will already be interested in what you do, so they willingly accept, take part in, or buy the new things you are offering.


How we designed Business Administration Platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

"Order Group invests time to define the scope and ask clarifying questions. Their channels of communication lead to smooth remote project management."
Didrik Martens
Bizbot CEO


Branding that brings real value

Good branding is transparent. Its' execution should be fast, its' population should be easy for your team. Your branding should communicate your values and not get in a way of your business goals.

Briefing workshops
Briefing workshops

During the first conversation, we define the client's needs and our role in the design process. We get to know the brand and the industry. Based on the indicated scope and time of work, we present the first offer.

Design process
Design process

Based on the collected knowledge, we start work. The designers responsible for the implementation of the project create several creative lines adapted to the brief guidelines.

Presentation & Deliverables
Presentation & Deliverables

We present the effects of our work and complete the projects with all your comments. Together we implement elements of the new branding.


Our Services

Get to know the the process of rebranding...

Before you invest your time and effort in the rebranding process, you need to know what the result should be and what results you are waiting for. You should know your motivation, e.g., need to accelerate growth or to compete with larger, more established companies.

We analyze your customers. Does your current image fit their wants and needs? It's time to think it over if you want to reach out to new people and create buyer personas. It's a VERY IMPORTANT part of the rebranding process. Without aim research, you will build a brand on false assumptions.

Your app or website shouldn't try to appeal to everyone. The best way is to focus on finding your users as a focal point of the rebranding process. You have your niche and service the needs of your target audience. At this stage, we think about your brand touchpoints–any point at which a customer or potential customer interacts with your business

In this part of the rebranding strategy, we develop the visual elements that will communicate your brand, like firm name, logo, tagline, colors, etc. These elements we describe in a brand style guidelines document, which provides a set of parameters to ensure you consistently implement your brand across all digital devices.

An essential element of rebranding strategy is to develop a plan to promote and strengthen your new brand. Present your brand quickly and decisively. It would be best if you inform your audience of the reason for your rebrand. This way, you build trust and show transparency. We advise you to emphasize how and why the brand will benefit your customers.

We help you get some feedback from customers and analyze your business performance to assess the impact of rebranding on your bottom line. We can do this informally by asking customers in person or use online surveys and focus groups.


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

Jane Startup
Company size

He has a product idea and small funding or he wants to redesign it. At first, he wants to see if the product will work without coding, just in an illustrated version. We prepare all branding strategies. He wants to reduce the financial risk by validating the idea with an MVP prototype. When creating the concept for a new app, he can test his software idea with users and collect preliminary data in a short time.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

We run a Design Sprint (2-4 weeks) which consists of:

What does he get after Branding Process:

  • Target audience analysis
  • Identity development
  • Cohesive visual messaging
  • Branding materials
  • Evidence of the performance
  • Feedback from the first users

Henry Experienced
Product Owner / Brand Manager
Company size

The project owner already has a well-defined product, vision, and business goals. He needs an idea for rebranding or has already ready mockups with him and needs experienced professionals to code. He has complete control over the project implementation. Programmers work within the structures and processes of the customer's company according to his chosen project management method.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

  • make an analysis of the current situation and other products of the company
  • adapt to the project guidelines
  • collect all necessary visual assets/design systems

What does he get after Branding Process:

  • a coherent design that aligns with the predefined design system or other products from his company portfolio
  • updated design system


Branding questions

People ask...

We prepare Brand Style& Voice after a deep analysis of the target audience, identifying your competitors, writing a positioning statement, tailoring the brand messages to different audiences, and addressing any complex situations for the brand.

We can do branding separately, ora as a part of Product Design, especially when you want to establish a differentiated reputation within your market and create a powerful and lasting relationship with customers, ultimately boosting visibility, credibility, and business results.

We can help you to find a voice, look, and feel for your brand. Stand out off the digital crowd!
Let's put your brand in order!

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