Internet of Things

IoT saves you time and money by interacting with the vast number of devices you use. Does your project require pulling data from machines, sensors, cameras, or devices that work together? To properly monitor them and know when a failure occurs - you will need IoT technology.

Our IoT Experience
We delivered over 10 projects with an IoT component
Average Team Size
3 Engineers / Product Owner / Product Designer
Average Project Timeline
3 months of design & 16 months of development
Our IoT Experience
We delivered over 10 projects with an IoT component
Average Team Size
3 Engineers / Product Owner / Product Designer
Average Project Timeline
3 months of design & 16 months of development
McKinsey Institute
November 15, 2017 | Article
"What is the business impact of using IoT technologies? The merging of the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion in economic value annually by 2025."

Be a pioneer of the Internet of Things revolution in your market

Connect your devices into a single, stable stream of data to gain extensive visibility and management capabilities. IoT gives you real-time data analytics, along with near-instant control over connected devices, allowing you to accelerate decision-making. With the Internet of Things capabilities, we are ready to help your business grow and adapt to a rapidly evolving market. Just help us to describe your business needs and we will help you with finding and defining a set of necessary functionalities & possible solutions. And later on, we will build a product using the technology that will fit your needs and your current software environment.

Bring your business into the world of hyperconnectivity with IoT solutions. How do IoT solutions improve your data operational processes?

  • First - They enable easy scaling and rapid adaptation to changing market demands and growing business needs.
  • Second - Real-time management and automation of distributed data flow will increase overall business efficiency without compromising on security.

Key business benefits from Internet of Things:

Better use of resources - 2021 48

Better use of resources

With IoT, you can track your resources and get real-time performance information, and detect problems for immediate action. Automated planning and monitoring enable higher resource efficiency, such as better energy management and water consumption.
Better customer service - 2021 48

Better customer service

The collection of user data obtained through IoT also helps businesses better understand customer expectations and behavior. With real-time data analytics, you can create frequently asked questions to reduce the time of the buying process.
Secure operations - 2021 48

Secure operations

IoT provides an extra layer of security to protect your business data and privacy. They increase your vigilance to make your systems more secure. For example, they can notify you of a cyber attack and automatically take preventative measures.
Smooth operations - 2021 48

Smooth operations

With IoT devices providing complete data, managers and analysts have more time to improve their products and services. It also contributes to smooth operations and efficient resource management.
Targeted business growth - 2021 48

Targeted business growth

Real-time analytics can help companies drive a wide range of business activities, detect issues, and respond accordingly. It improves productivity, saving time spent analyzing problems and taking corrective action.
Increased productivity - 2021 48

Increased productivity

With IoT solutions, routine tasks can be performed automatically, allowing human resources to be shifted to more complex tasks that require out-of-the-box thinking.
Cost-effective operation - 2021 48

Cost-effective operation

IoT devices make it easier to manage the enterprise structure. For example, with shorter downtime provided by automatically planned and controlled maintenance, raw material delivery, and other production requirements, the equipment can have higher production efficiency, resulting in higher profits.
Efficient management - 2021 48

Efficient management

With IoT for business also comes the possibility of automation through various connected devices that monitor, manage, and control multiple operations in less time. For example, this approach includes using RFID tags and an interconnected network of sensors to track the location of equipment and goods.

Your idea 💡
- we deliver a valuable product

Are you looking to bring customized solutions to your business that enable you to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies?

As the scope and range of IoT solutions are growing, you need experienced professionals developing technologies for your business to ensure seamless implementation, streamlined operations, and competitive differentiation.

We are a team of engineers and designers who love development challenges. We provide advanced IT systems, web and mobile applications, product design, and technical consulting to the most demanding corporate and startup clients.

Core IoT Services

We deploy solutions that monitor data, automate routines, and predict how to optimize resources. Our team of experts will guide your digital transformation by performing comprehensive analysis and determining the best way to integrate IoT solutions into your business. We combine your customers' real-world experience with new cloud-based services.

Embedded Software Development
Mobile Apps for Connected Devices
IoT Dashboards & Data Visualization
Hardware Design & Prototyping

We have vast experience in IoT. We delivered both startup and industrial sized projects for companies from around the globe.
Let's talk about your project!

Customer Stories

Experience in completed projects speaks louder than words. Check out what our customers have to say after completing their projects. One of them concerns a custom control system for a power plant using renewable energy.

Gustavo Zaera Holo
Founder, Cage AS
Based on the workshops we did with our customer, the Order Group team collaboratively created a custom control system. They developed the Cloud backend, as well as the frontend. They created graphical, and user design. Order Group is supportive and flexible, delivering high-quality results. They have a very high completion grade consistently delivering what they take on. It’s impressive.
E-mobility App and web platform that allows you to customize and rent electric bikes.
HRESS™ - 2021 48

Identify safe areas for helipad construction in various terrains and environments.

Airport system for tracking movement & operations on the airfield & airstrip.

Monster - 2021 48

an IoT System for Monitoring and Managing Airport Lighting System

If you would like to know more about our projects - check out the Case Studies section.
Read more customer stories

How do we work?

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops allow us to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the project and your business needs. At this stage, we get to know your idea entirely, the problems you would like to solve, and the benefits you would like to deliver. During this time, we research your competition and market, and when we have all the missing information, we can sketch out the scope of the project and think or consider what the best approach to developing your project would be.

Product Workshops

When you want to be 100% sure that your product is what the market is waiting for, it comes time for rapid prototyping. You can see both the finished product and your customers' reactions to it without incurring high costs. Based on this, you can decide whether you want to develop a full-scale project in this form or tailor it more to your customers' needs and expectations. It will help you verify your ideas concerning the market and gather feedback from real users.

DEV Workshops

After creating the appropriate documentation, knowing all the requirements and the devices that will make up your IoT solution, we design the server-side architecture and API specification.
In the implementation process, we use a structured and iterative process divided into smaller parts - sprints. Each sprint covers a portion of the project scope that is deliverable in a short and controlled time. Each sprint ends with the release and demonstration of the finished working part of the product (User Story). When the stabilization stage is complete and we get positive feedback from the first users, we can deploy the final version to the final environment for your customers.

Learn about all stages of the project

If you plan to create an IoT strategy for your company, we recommend working with experienced professionals to get more information and implement IoT in your workplace.

We can also help you with:

Setting up a remote Dev &Design Team - 2021 48

Setting up a remote Dev &Design Team

Creating ideas or delivering your designs on time - 2021 48

Creating ideas or delivering your designs on time

Building a rapid prototype (MLP)of your vision - 2021 48

Building a rapid prototype (MLP)of your vision

Researching and defining user needs - 2021 48

Researching and defining user needs

Designing a modern and usable interface - 2021 48

Designing a modern and usable interface

Let us help you to define and deliver a product that will give you a new perspective on your daily operations.
Get started with IoT for business

Industries we work with

AVIATION - 2021 48


We specialize in building applications and systems for pilots and air traffic controllers. We have developed several advanced products cooperating with air forces, airports, and air medical rescue teams.


We support digital advances in many financial institutions by creating Fintech products. We also advise banks and insurance companies on how to change their software and development culture. In the process of digital transformation, we focus on User-centered design and big data.


We see many opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of institutions and individual customers through user-centered design and implementation of the latest software and hardware solutions. Our professionals have vast experience understanding the distinct goals and dynamics of working with the public sector and non-profit organizations.


We know the needs of this industry and the necessary experience, as we also develop our products for real estate and construction companies. It is a real benefit of working with a technical partner who also understands the business side of a project.


These are incredibly growth industries where digital transformation is revolutionizing supply chain processes. There are many aspects of logistics processes that can be optimized using machine learning and user-centered design methods.
ENERGY - 2021 48


The use of IoT in the energy sector is one of many steps to transform the energy industry and create more "smart energy." We provide secure, scalable, and reliable solutions that enable real-time solar energy management.
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