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We deliver software solutions in ORDER to meet your business expectations.

Internet of Things - 2021 24

Internet of Things

We implement software that monitors data, automates routine procedures and feeds businesses with valuable insights from connected devices.
  • Mobile Apps for Connected Devices
  • Embedded Software Development
  • IoT Dashboards & Data Visualisation
  • Hardware Design& Prototyping
Mobile Development - 2021 24

Mobile Development

Using the best development frameworks both for IoS and Android our team can develop a product ideally suited to the needs of your market.
  • Android app development
  • IoS app development
  • React Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
Web Development - 2021 24

Web Development

We use the most popular and proven technologies to build solid and scalable web applications that are unique and competitive in the market.
  • Front-end development
  • Angular, React, Vue.js
  • Back-end development
  • Python, Django, React
Custom CMS - 2021 24

Custom CMS

Building bespoke content management systems that are fully customizable, modular, and secure.
  • Module-based CMS
  • White label CMS
  • Fully customizable CMS
Custom Development - 2021 24

Custom Development

We run a full agile software development process to create unique software products, designed specifically for your needs.
  • Custom mobile apps for Startups
  • Custom software solutions for Enterprises
  • Custom Cloud Solutions

Design services

Product Design - 2021 24

Product Design

Designing a full coherent experience of your product in an iterative process - from the way it works to the way it looks and feels.
  • Product Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding
User Experience (UX) - 2021 24

User Experience (UX)

We focus on creating digital products that are self-explanatory, logical, easy to use for the customers and delightful to interact with.
  • User testing
  • User journey mapping
  • Wireframes
  • MVP Prototyping
User Interface (UI) - 2021 24

User Interface (UI)

We design the look & feel of your product in an appealing way to help to change your potential visitors into real customers.
  • Interface design
  • Interaction design
  • Responsive design
  • Branding
Startup Branding - 2021 24

Startup Branding

Re-brand or simply refresh your image to increase trust in your business. Make your product stand out through custom style, fonts, icons, and animations.
  • Target audience analysis
  • Identity development
  • Cohesive visual messaging
  • Branding materials


Design Sprint (MVP) - 2021 24

Design Sprint (MVP)

Building a prototype (MVP, MLP) that imitates your product to test it with your potential users and validate the potential of your idea within a month.
  • Understanding and research
  • Planning a roadmap
  • Building a prototype
  • Testing and analysis feedback
Product Workshops - 2021 24

Product Workshops

Product workshops are a continuation of the ideation phase. They focus on detailed strategy definition and verification of your vision.
  • Briefing Workshops
  • Product Design Sprint
  • Dev Workshops

Other services

Cloud Solutions (DevOps) - 2021 24

Cloud Solutions (DevOps)

We optimize, design, and build scalable server or server-less solutions. We work with modern and most popular tools & platforms.
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
Support - 2021 24


Providing constant support (SLA), maintenance, aftercare, updates, and further evolution of the developed project.
  • Support services
  • Cloud solutions
  • Development Team
Development Team (Outsource) - 2021 24

Development Team (Outsource)

Providing a dedicated experienced Scrum Team that will scale and support your organization and ensure your product growth’s continuity and stability.
  • Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • QA engineers
  • Project Managers

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