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Product Design - 2021 12
Product Design - 2021 12

Product Design

Designing the User Experience, Branding & User Interface (look & feel) of your product.
Mobile & Web Apps - 2021 12
Mobile & Web Apps - 2021 12

Mobile & Web Apps

Building solid and scalable applications which are unique and competitive in the market.
Cloud Services - 2021 12
Cloud Services - 2021 12

Cloud Services

We optimize, design, and build scalable server or server-less solutions. (AWS, Azure)
Custom Development - 2021 12
Custom Development - 2021 12

Custom Development

Creating bespoke products by running a full agile software development process.
Prototyping & Validation - 2021 12
Prototyping & Validation - 2021 12

Prototyping & Validation

Building a prototype (MVP, MLP) and testing it with your potential users
Support & Aftercare - 2021 12
Support & Aftercare - 2021 12

Support & Aftercare

Providing Support (SLA), aftercare, and further evolution of the developed project.
We create custom software using known and reliable technologies that will develop your business and strengthen your brand.
Our team will guide you through the entire application development process so that you don't have to worry about technical issues, quality, and timeliness of the project.

Product Design

Do you have a concept for a completely new product? Or maybe you need help in designing or redesigning an existing one? We are here to help you!

A well-designed product should simply meet your customers' needs and stand out in the market. The design stage is for researching the business objectives and inventing solutions that will increase your audience engagement. We will advise you on solutions that will fit the dynamically changing market and we will blueprint the look & feel of your product.

We put everything in ORDER.

Our design philosophy is simple - We design the product according to the users' needs. We make decisions based only on real data (after thorough research and testing). We always iterate on the product to increase interest and user engagement.

If your project is in the "idea phase" then we can start off with a Design sprint, that will contain elements like:


Briefing session & Research

We need to know you better. It’s time when we dig deeper to understand your business needs by analyzing your market, competitors, users. We want to answer all questions about project planning, time, and budget estimation at this stage. We also inform you about possible changes and current market trends.


MVP Development

We define the project's scope, analyze the primary user personas and their needs, establish the main user journey and vital elements of the prototype. Building a prototype will allow you to understand your audience's reactions and behaviors and find the weakest points of the project to eliminate potential flaws.

If your project is in a more advanced & described stage - we will advise you to make an audit and start with a UX review and design

We design an initial user interface based on a prototype that we test with end-users. It makes it easier to identify potential problems and create an effective solution architecture. It will allow us to advise you on whether there is business risk involved and how to improve the product.

Learn more about the Product Design process →

Web & Mobile Apps development

Do you need a solid and scalable application? Are you looking for a reliable partner that delivers the whole development process on time, as agreed in advance? We build products that are competitive in the global market because we pay special attention to things like:


Agile development process

Building an application is a complex process, and we will help you at every stage of this journey, from visualizing your idea to developing and maintaining your app


Delivering solid performance

We take care of every part of the process by putting a lot of dedication into creating high-quality code to make your applications stable, scalable, and unique for your customers.


Product delivery time

We make all the efforts to help you meet strict deadlines for software delivery. We have the experience to deliver a solution within the specified timeframe to ensure smooth operation.


Scalability & Responsiveness

We develop web and mobile applications for all platforms, operating systems and devices, adjusting them for the most popular resolutions, depending on your needs

We always stick to proper & proven technologies

We approach each partner individually but in most cases, we advise to go with a bulletproof tech stack.

Front-end - 2021 12
Front-end - 2021 12


We use frameworks and proven technologies, which help to create a beautiful and user-friendly product. Forget about static and long-loading web applications. We deliver web solutions that stand out from the competition with highly scalable JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js on the front-end.
Back-end - 2021 12
Back-end - 2021 12


We deliver complex, secure, and well-documented back-end solutions with scalable computing power using Python, Django, and more. Whether a web application, a custom back-end system, or an API, we create architectures that best fit your digital products and meet all modern requirements.
Mobile Apps - 2021 12
Mobile Apps - 2021 12

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications iOS, Android, React Native which are responsive to work great on any screen of any size. We adjust the menus, controls, and other visual elements to the device based on the current screen width and height, ensuring that the user always gets the best possible experience.

Our average project type description:

We have experience working with the most reliable web technologies, delivering custom web solutions for clients in various industries, from education to fintech to energy.

Project types

Our team develops products ideally suited to the unique needs of your market - we create solutions for startups, medium enterprises, or corporations. We have vast experience in developing:
- Native & Hybrid mobile apps
- Special bespoke software projects
- Custom CMS
- Corporate CRM and ERP systems

The Team

Our Scrum Team is usually around 5 specialists (Product Owner/Scrum Master, Product Designer, Front/Backend & Full-Stack Developers). Our engineers have the programming expertise and industry experience to create, integrate or customize your product to perfectly match your vision.

Avg. Team Size
Avg. Build Time
Avg. Budget
Avg. Support Time
E-mobility App and web platform that allows you to customize and rent electric bikes.

Google Maps for air pilots. Real-time mobile navigation tool for air operations.

Lean Process Excellence - 2021 12

A mobile application supporting a variety of LEAN processes.

Cloud Services

Do you need to increase operational efficiency by moving to the cloud? Perhaps you want to develop your product in a fast and scalable way by paying only for the features you use? Or maybe you want to improve your data security or make your processes more flexible?

We want to help you with this in ORDER to guide you through your journey to the cloud smoothly. We achieve it through effective design, successful implementation, and comprehensive security measures that protect your data, virtual machines, and serverless workloads. It will help you optimize your operational costs to increase the value of your business immediately.

The method of moving to the cloud affects the effectiveness of the application and the company's financial benefits. A flexible way of moving to the cloud has features such as:

Data security

By moving your data to the cloud, you can afford the infrastructure for security measures specific to large enterprises using cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. These systems were built from the ground up, with security as a top priority. With them, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is protected. What's more, cloud applications provide quick response actions and don't need to be on local devices all the time.


We make sure that the application infrastructure is scalable across multiple platforms. For this reason, we use well-known third-party platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. We are certified specialists in this area to meet our customers' needs for data processing, secure storage, and database management.

Agile cooperation

We use flexible working methods adapting to the customer's current architecture and environment. Our goal is to continuously update, test and deploy to correspond with your business needs. The goal is to increase the agility and flexibility of the solution so that the cloud system can be easily adapted to new or unexpected circumstances.

Cost awareness in designing product architecture

When creating an application in the cloud, we gradually approach it and divide it into stages. In each of them, application components are progressively implemented, which means lower costs for your business. Your product is developed in a scalable way, that is, designed so that you pay only for the features you use. We also advise what cloud platform is the most beneficial for your business, considering the functions and technologies you already use.


We support your application all the time, not only at the stage of implementation of the cloud. We care about the regular audit of the already implemented solution and carry out process optimization.

Learn more about Cloud Services→

Democratizing online ticket sales and challenging the leading platforms.

Diabetes Platform designed to help, educate, and guide patients in their treatment process.

Mobie app & web platform and app for parents & kindergardens

Support and maintenance

Do you need support for your product at a further level of development? Maybe you need a reliable and experienced partner who can quickly identify potential threats and prevent them?

What will we provide you in ORDER to support your product?

We match the type of support to the needs of the customer and its organization. Depending on the type and size of the company, we provide support 24/7 after signing an SLA for application performance monitoring. It can also be a separate support contract specifying a predefined number of hours needed to monitor and develop the application.

Here are some examples of the two types of Support Solutions that we provide for our customers:

Enterprise / Corporation (+10k employees)

We provide support based on a complex SLA that provides 24/7 uptime monitoring, with precisely defined rules of time reaction, to make sure your product is online all the time with no interruption to business and revenue

Startup / Scaleup / Medium sized companies

We provide a more flexible approach, where you can buy upfront a predefined package of support hours per month in which you determine what tasks will be performed in a given time slot.

With our support services you can be sure about:

Transparency in billing

We track every hour of tasks, what money is spent on to see the progress of work. It shows an impact on the overall shape of the project and the settlement of costs.

People who built the project, run support

A designated team of experts who led the project also worked on support, helping to solve advanced problems associated with the software. These people know every element of the code, which increases work efficiency and involvement in support.

We monitor efficiency

We verify the all-around performance of your applications to help you detect and correct any software defects after the product's launch. Then we know what needs to be updated and what elements can hinder the operation of the application.

We monitor website traffic

With an unbiased assessment of your current products, internal processes, and documents, we will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and any potential risks in your software development lifecycle(SDLC). Then you know what should be improved and gain a robust software solution.

Helpdesk - access to someone who can always help and advise in case of failure

We offer technical support and maintenance of the project at instant support and assistance for complex problems. At any time, you will get support from someone who will always help and advise you in case of an emergency. This person will also advise you on what action to take in a crisis moment without incurring business damages.

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