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Build custom web applications that will boost your business growth and make your users satisfied

Using custom web app development solutions, we will help you create a product that entirely reflects your design prospects and functionality and provides a unique user experience to you and your visitors.

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Benefits of Custom Web App Development

Custom web app development will help you achieve your goals like:

The Efficiency of Business Operations - image
The Efficiency of Business Operations
Web applications streamline your business processes so that you achieve more in less time and with greater accuracy. Because they are data-driven and customizable, web applications can help you make smarter decisions, collaborate better, and engage audiences more deeply.
Innovative and Customizable Solutions - image
Innovative and Customizable Solutions
Custom web app development is tailored for your business needs. It's completely flexible and scalable to your business' demands and growth. Over the last years, web application technologies have advanced tremendously, making web apps just as personalized as native apps.
Fast and Cost-Effective Delivery - image
Fast and Cost-Effective Delivery
Businesses today look for cost-effective solutions that lets them reach out to users over any mobile or desktop device and on every platform. Instead you can build web apps or progressive web apps that run on (almost) all devices..
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Higher Level of Security
Web-based applications with data stored in the cloud give you peace because, in case of loss of data through human error, you can quickly restore them from the cloud. Besides, the latest encryption and coding technologies ensure that the web applications are secure against online threats and cyber-attacks.

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Our Succesful Web Projects

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Web app designed as a startup for Simplified Business Administration

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"Order Group invests time to define the scope and ask clarifying questions. Their channels of communication lead to smooth remote project management."
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Didrik Martens
Bizbot CEO
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Why Choose Order Group as Your Web App Development Company?

See what is essential for us while creating outstanding digital products

Future-Ready and Conformable Solutions
Future-Ready and Conformable Solutions

We use innovative technologies, advanced frameworks, and proven approaches.

Solving Your Unique Business Challenges
Solving Your Unique Business Challenges

We provide end-to-end services, from development to support and maintenance

Good Understanding of Your Development Path
Good Understanding of Your Development Path

We focus not only on the project's technical features but also on the values that the product offers to your target audience.

Our Web App Development Process

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As a CEO, you need to choose between building your own development team or partnering up with an external vendor when you don't have a ready-to-go group of developers, designers, testers, and product development specialists.

It's time to organize fresh ideas and clarify your product vision. You need to think about your budget, the users of your product, your target audience, and the general goal you want to achieve.

In this step, you organize a project kick-off workshop. In the meeting, you meet people involved in the web app development, learn their roles, and set communication rules, initial budget, and possible project timeline. You have a complete project backlog at the end of this period—a prioritized list of tasks your team will work on during the project life cycle.

You set wireframes of your product to verify if your ideas resonate with users' feelings and if the web app is intuitive for your audience.

The team committed to the project also fixes bugs, introduces and optimizes changes, and adds extra features to your software.

We Develop Web Applications for Startups, Scaleups, and Enterprises

Which cooperation model is for you?

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

What Do Startup Owners Need?

The startup is an initially small business; therefore, he needs a web application that services factors like market demand & your expansion plans. The web application he should build depends on constructive feedback from his customers, his projects regarding brand visibility rises, and the customer base drives his revenue up.

What Do We Do to Build a Web Application?

  1. Get to know the product vision and run small workshops to fill out the blanks
  2. Plan the project roadmap
  3. Set the team size, estimate the time and cost of delivery
  4. Set a date when we will be ready to start the development process (usually, it takes up to 3 weeks)

What Do Startup Owners Receive?

Henry Experienced
CEO/CTO, Product Owner in a big enterprise
Company size

What Does the CTO in an Enterprise Need?

Web app development in a corporation is a process to develop a website or an application for an enterprise-level business. It links enterprise websites, enterprise web application development, and enterprise software development.

What Do We Do in Order to Build a Web Application?

  1. Get to know his vision thoroughly
  2. Conduct a product audit and environmental analysis
  3. Run all the sprints of the process which were mentioned before.

FAQ for Founders

What all founders and Product Owners think they know but they are scared to ask...

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Depending on the type of application we use various technologies for web development: Python, Node.js, Django, React,js, React Native, and others that are adjusted to your business goals.

The project's requirements determine the makeup of each team. All team members provide business value to your project. In your team, there can be a Project Manager, UX / UI Designer, QA Tester, and Developers - Front-end and Back-end.If you want to work with a team that values asking the right questions, analyzing the market, and defining solutions, you have come to the right place.

In a well-documented web development process, there is an outline of the steps we take, from brief workshops to releasing the product to complete a typical Web design project. It divides the project into smaller sprints and categorizes the work. Next, we break these high-level sections into tasks and resources that can be used as a road map for each project.

We work in Scrum development sprints and take care of transparency of all processes and changes made in the project. At every stage of the work, we can have an overview of what we are doing. The Sprint Team runs a routine getting better with planning and reporting the results with each next demo. Working this way gives you the ability to have more transparency and control over the burn rate.

On average, software projects take 7-9 months to design and develop because we organize the team in one month, then 1-2 months for product and design workshops, and finally 2-4 months for product development and testing. The estimated time frame for developing any software depends on its type and complexity. If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet your expectations. To know the exact time frame to develop your software, consult our experts, and we will give you a more detailed answers.

The minimum budget for web app development is 25,000 EUR; we do not work on smaller projects. If you want to know the estimated cost of your app please contact us.

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