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Developers, Product Designers, Specialists & Consultants for corporate, scale-up and startup ventures.

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 - 2021 18

Our Core Services

We work with entrepreneurs from around the globe, perfecting the way we manage remote teams and projects. Order Group can assist you by providing:

Internet of Things - 2021 18

Internet of Things

We implement software that monitors data, automates routine procedures and feeds businesses with valuable insights from connected devices.
Web Development - 2021 18

Web Development

Designing and building state-of-the-art applications with compelling UX and scalable backend architecture. We develop corporate CRM’s, ERP’s & Customer Apps.
Product Design - 2021 18

Product Design

Helping our clients build products that bring delightful User Experiences. Our Product Design Process is based on User Centred Design.
Mobile Apps Development - 2021 18

Mobile Apps Development

Order Group can provide you with a dedicated team that can advise, analyze, blueprint & build a bespoke app for your specific needs.
Custom CMS - 2021 18

Custom CMS

If you need a website builder that will be fast, modern, flexible and easy to manage - our dedicated and fully customizable CMS is here for the rescue.
Dev Team Outsource - 2021 18
Dev Team Outsource - 2021 18

Dev Team Outsource

Looking for a reliable team that can provide you with peace of mind, when it comes to software development? Focus on your business and leave the rest to us!
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We always stick to proper & proven technologies. We approach each project individually but in most cases, we advise to go with a bulletproof tech stack.

Python & Django - 2021 18
Python & Django - 2021 18

Python & Django

We deliver modern, complex, secure, and well-documented back-end solutions using Python & Django. Whether a web application or a custom back-end system - we create architectures that meet all requirements.
React | Angular | Vue - 2021 18
React | Angular | Vue - 2021 18

React | Angular | Vue

Forget about static and long-loading web applications. We deliver web solutions that stand out from the competition with highly scalable JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js on the front-end.
React Native - 2021 18
React Native - 2021 18

React Native

We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android in a native and native-like approach - using React Native.

Take a look what our clients say about us:

Here’s what our business partners have to say about working on their products.

Marcin Bondyra
COO, AP-Tech
“They are great in terms of cost, and I was amazed by their work.”
Grzegorz Bondyra
Chief Technology Officer,
"Order Group’s creativity, collaborative nature, and willingness to face technological trials make them ideal partners"
Przemyslaw Kornatowski
CEO, Dronistics
"I was surprised how smoothly the entire collaboration was, and that we had no problems."
Gustavo Zaera Holo
Chief Product Officer at Kyoto Group AS
"Order Group is supportive and flexible, delivering high-quality results."

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During the years we tested and implemented to our workflow some unique things that bring tons of value to each new cooperation, like:

Live Design Sessions - 2021 18
Live Design Sessions - 2021 18

Live Design Sessions

We make the design process transparent by collaborating with our customers on-line and adding feedback live.
Design&Dev Workshops - 2021 18
Design&Dev Workshops - 2021 18

Design&Dev Workshops

We have a process that is based on 3 types of workshops that creates a foundation for a very precise time&cost estimate.
Active team-building - 2021 18
Active team-building - 2021 18

Active team-building

We built a team of open-minded, engaged, and honest people who are not afraid of taking responsibility and challenging tasks.
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