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We can give you much more than just a skilled & reliable team. We can provide you with peace of mind, and a way to focus on your business. We are flexible when it comes to adjusting to your project needs, and we are fully transparent when it comes to billing. Just ask our customers.

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By hiring our Specialists or a full Development Team you'll get:

By outsourcing development team you are saving a lot of time (on hiring, micro-management, traffic) that you can spend on working on perfecting the business side of your project.

If the success of your project depends on how fast it’s released and how fast it can grow, the outsource is almost certainly the only reasonable choice.

The best specialists are very hard to find. With outsourcing development team you'll get the immediate access to the right people with the experience and skills you need.

Working with an outsourcing development team that truly understands your industry and has experience with similar projects not only facilitates communication and makes the process easier. Teams that know your field will use their knowledge to improve your project.

To run a in-house team you’ll need a PM, HR, and a lot of paperwork - those are all operational costs that you can cut with outsourcing. Also - you only use the outsourcing when you need it.

Our development team already worked on several projects together so they know each other, which makes them more efficient than a team of newcomers. Also we work in a well established methodology (SCRUM).

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Examples of Projects With Outsourced Development

Read how we helped our clients achieve their goals


How our development team delivered an MVP for Norwegian fintech company Monetor

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"The team is doing a tremendously good job and they are evolving with us throughout the process."
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Henric Jonsson
Head of Business Development, Monetor
Monetor - image

What values do we bring when it comes to outsourcing a development team?

We understand what are the key ingredients for building a good and reliable team that delivers. A team that you can trust.

Thorough Hiring Process
Thorough Hiring Process

We can vouch for our developers, because our hiring process and quarterly evaluation rocesses let's us assess both hard and soft skills that are necessary to "do the job". All outsourced developers are "battle-tested" and interviewed by you before we start the co-op.

Agile Mindset
Agile Mindset

This is written on the very foundation of our organization. Our development teams share a certain mindset and use well-proven methodologies and industry practices. During the development sprints, we ensure effective collaboration, good interaction, and communication within the project.

We are value-driven
We are value-driven

We put honesty & quality first. We build a company culture based on integrity, trust, and transparency. Our teammates are people who are passionate about their work. That ensures high retention.

Our IT Outsourcing Development Team Services

What all founders and Product Owners want to know what we offer...

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You can hire a separate specialist and the complete team that will lead the process of product creation from the Project Manager to developers, designers, and testers. A competent team integrating specific specialists will focus only on your project and its proper management.

You can scale your team by adding only specific players to your team. This way, you enrich your team but are free from all the extra costs associated with employee retention. Hire a specific specialist or several talents for your project.

Outsourcing development teams for Startups, Scaleups and Enterprises

Which Client are you? Choose your cooperation model

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

Why does Startup Owner need a team of developers?

With dedicated developers, he will build an MVP fast. Why is it so important?

  • gets the first funding (Seed or A-series)
  • needs to get first paying customers
  • needs to build a product based on a prototype
  • needs to prove value and show results to investors

For more info about outsourcing benefits for startups read an article:
Why hiring a skilled dev team is the best strategy for building an MVP?

What does Startup Owner receive?

  • We assess the needs in a form of a workshop (to get a better overview and estimate the team skillset, development time, and team size)
  • We assemble a team of chosen experts for the interviews
  • We sign the agreement and start the co-op

Henry Teamleadsky
Product Owner / Team Lead
Company size

Why does CTO in the enterprise need a dedicated tech team?

Needs to hire a tech team to build an app within his organization.

  • Looking for developers with a specific skillset (that can adjust to his company policies)
  • Needs to deliver a project that is going to fit the existing app constellation in his organization
  • Needs to outsource because assembling a team in his own company would take too long (because of internal processes)

For more info about outsourcing benefits for enterprises read an article:
Why outsourcing is more effective than an in-house team when you are an enterprise?

What does CTO receive?

  • We assess the needs in a form of a workshop (to get a better overview and estimate the team skillset, development time, and team size)
  • We assess the company existing app infrastructure and development standards
  • We assemble a team of chosen experts for the interviews
  • We process the agreements, SLA, go through certification (if needed), and start the co-op

FAQ for Founders

What all founders and Product Owners think they know but they are scared to ask...

Get an estimate for the costs, timeline & the team layout needed for your project...

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When you hire experienced software development professionals, you are assured of the delivery of your project. Developers at Order Group have worked on software in a variety of industries, from fintech and medicine to aviation and energy. We're sure you'll find plenty of interesting projects in our portfolio, which will show you that we're not afraid of challenges.

IT outsourcing is like hiring an outside company to handle some of your computer stuff, instead of doing it all yourself. This can include fixing issues, updating programs, or even building new software.


Save money: Outsourcing companies often charge less than hiring in-house IT staff, especially for specialized tasks.

Bigger talent pool: You get access to a wider range of IT skills than you might find locally.

Focus on your business: By handing off IT tasks, you and your employees can concentrate on what you do best, like running your company.

Faster results: Outsourced teams might be able to complete tasks quicker because they specialize in IT.


Less control: You have less direct oversight over the work being done.

Loss of know-how: If you rely too heavily on outsourcing, your own employees might lose IT skills.

We outsource both separate specialists as complete teams. If you choose one specific player, he/she can enrich your team with his/her experience and know-how. You can also cooperate with an integrated team of specialists who will lead whole the process of product creation and focus only on your project and its proper management.

It’s a good option when you need access to talent outside of your company, a dedicated team focused on creating your custom product, or want to develop your product faster and more cost-effectively.

You can always check the portfolio and coding samples of our specialist and ask a trusted IT recruitment consultant for advice.

The cost of outsourcing software development is different depending on various factors, like the complexity of the project, the size of the team, and the location of the outsourcing partner (nearshoring/onshoring). But most businesses decide on software outsourcing models because it is more cost-effective, especially when they think about one-time projects. If you need detailed estimation costs, our specialists are ready to answer all your questions!

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