How we run our Development Process. This is how we do IT.

Our process evolves with the tools and technologies that we use in each new project. We constantly perfect our workflow thanks to observations and insights that we gather from different industries that we work with. Here is the full breakdown of our process.

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All good companies learn from their experiences.

Since we began in 2013 we have already been involved in over 300 software projects. During this time we've tried different approaches for managing projects. By analysing which approaches were more successful and why we have amassed a wealth of experience of how to adapt our strategy to differing projects.

Our experience led to the obvious, but at the same time, the only reasonable conclusion - Agile/SCRUM. So let us introduce you to our product development framework, which embraces and enhances the methodologies used by the world's most successful tech companies. Let's go into the details of each Stage.

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Setting the Stage: Discovery, Research and Planning

We begin with a series of Meetings & Workshops (scoping sessions). We work with all the project's Stakeholders & the Product Team to get to know your business goals, the product's user's needs & the market context. After that, we plan how to deliver a product that will achieve these business goals and fit into the market without compromising your users' needs.

People tend to underestimate the value of planning in the development process.

After comparing different approaches we found out that the most crucial stage was meticulous scoping and planning for executing the whole roadmap and each sprint. The more you plan and predict in the beginning, the fewer changes and problems you are going to face along the way.

This is why we run workshops in the first stages to properly define the work for the whole project. Also, that is why during the development stage we spend up to 20% sprint time on planning.

Here is an outline of workshops that we usually run during the Discovery Stage:

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Our Workshops & Planning

The Briefing, Product & Dev Workshop allows us to come up with the first full vision of documentation, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes of your project. We agree on the initial architecture & tech stack, set the milestones for the business and development roadmap, set the dates for all upcoming Sprint Demo’s & agree on a time for Daily Standups. We clarify the User Stories, plan & start the UX work. It's essential to do it all before the project kicks-off.

Development Sprints

Inspired by SCRUM we use a structured & repetitive process that is divided into smaller parts - sprints. Each sprint covers a part of the project scope that is deliverable in a short and controllable period of time. Each sprint ends with releasing and making a demo of a working part of the product.

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Must-haves in the Implementation Process

There are certain things that you must include in the Implementation process because they make things run smoothly like:

Proper presentation of the Delivery at Every Demo

Staying updated by Running Daily Standups

Code & Peer Review included in the Process

Live Design Sessions with the Decision-makers

Proper Management Tools for Tracking the Progress

User Story Tasks with a clear Definition of Done

Voting Story Points & Giving Task Responsibility

Running Live Updated Documentation

Tracking the Story Burndown Chart

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Stabilisation & Release

During this stage, we focus on perfecting every area that makes the final product meet the Users' expectations. When the stabilization stage is over and we have positive feedback from the first users we can deploy the first version into the production environment.

Change Requests

We add last touches & implement small things that can have a big impact on how the user interacts with the product

User Tests

We run a UX audit & usability interviews with the first users. We analyse their behaviour using tools like GA or Hotjar.

Performance Tests

We test efficiency of the implemented functionality & go through the project test checklist.

Staff Training

We teach your team members how to admin and use the product in a proper way.

Documentation Hand-off

We give you all the know-how and the documentation behind your product.

Summary & Celebration

There is nothing better for team building than celebrating a released product!

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Support & Aftercare

We can monitor the performance, we can analyze how the users interact with your product and we are ready to fix all the issues based on the SLA or a different arrangement. Our Project Support Framework is Flexible.

Depending on the client & project needs, we set the rules for support and maintenance. We set the error handling rules, issues priorities, time of our reaction, and the amount of time of our developers that we should book monthly.

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