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Product Design Sprint will help you to:

Understand your users' needs - image
Understand your users' needs
The sooner your product reaches end-users, the sooner you can get and research their feedback. This way, you can analyze the market and create your MVP based on the data you get. The better the involvement of people in your project, the more confident you will be that the product will meet the actual needs of the users.
Verify your products' viability - image
Verify your products' viability
A prototype has a smaller range of functions but allows you to test the whole product concept. If these functions collect positive feedback from your consumers, you can offer them new ones corresponding to their preferences. In this way, you invest in proper functionality without wasting funds on building modules that won't work.
Save time and money - image
Save time and money
Building an MVP app can cost much less due to incremental development. It will help you prioritize the features needed for your future product and budget for the building process. This way, you only pay for what pays for itself and take the time to create a full-fledged product.
Attract investors - image
Attract investors
For a product project to be successful, funding from interested investors is essential. Here, the product should be ready fast enough to avoid waiting too long for it and adequately showcasing all the necessary features. It is important because people often avoid ideas that are perfect on paper but have lousy implementation. Therefore, if you make an MVP, it is the best way to build trust among investors.

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Why choose Order Group as an ideal company for MVP product development?

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We know what MVP success depends on
We know what MVP success depends on

We know exactly how to create a minimum viable product. We know that MVP success depends first on choosing an effective strategy and analysis, and then only on product development. We will help you go through such stages as concept creation, choosing the right team, or testing and prototyping.

We understand your business needs
We understand your business needs

We know that you want to launch your product quickly. Well-prepared MVP will help you to find future investors for futher development of the product.

We have a proven track record in building succesfull MVP's
We have a proven track record in building succesfull MVP's

We've built over 20 MVP prototypes that raised over 80M EUR in funding.


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Market research is the basis of every successful project. If you don't want to go bankrupt - analyze. Make sure your minimum viable product will be exciting and helpful to users. Ask yourself:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What results are we waiting for?
  • Who is your customer?
  • Are your customers willing to pay?

To understand how to build an MVP, every business owner should analyze their project by answering the following questions:

  • What problems can my platform solve?
  • Can it be useful to the end consumer, and how?
  • Why should they use this solution?
  • Long-term business goal: What do you plan to achieve?

Then determine the success criteria for your product, which will be the determinant of success. If all the answers are found, you will have a clear picture of the product's main features. Once you have defined the problems and pain points (and their solutions) in Product Strategy Workshops, you can create the MVP version of your future product.

When creating an MVP for a startup, you definitely need to provide a defined list of features to the software company to help you with the project. So write down all the necessary components of your upcoming application. Re-analyze as well as then leave only those features that will be necessary to create a minimum viable product concept. MVP means you don't have to implement complex frameworks and fancy design right away. So take one step at a time:

  • identify the user
  • define actions and priority tasks
  • identify the target user action
  • map the user's pain points and the benefits of solving them
  • decide on specific functions and set priorities

To create a profitable and attractive product for users and investors, you should find a golden means to get a professional and lean product.

You should not overload your MVP functionalities. It should be high-quality, with every bug fixed on time to avoid failure at the very beginning. Moreover, it must attract customers with its ease of use and solve their fundamental problems.

When building an MVP, remember the most important rule: develop a well-balanced product according to your customers' wishes.

  • Be sure to collect information from users
  • Test, learn, measure, and test again until the product is completed

In a software development we always deliver business value both for Startups, Scaleups, and Enterprises

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Mary Startup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

What does Startup Owner need?

Startup founder usually has funds for initial product development but need investors who would enable further product features development with financial support. MVP, in this case, is an ideal solution that frees the owner from the need to build the application to the end before checking the interest of customers and investors.

As she is a scale-up owner,s he has experience in building products, this is another project. She also has the resources to fund the development. However, he needs specific data related to product viability, costs, and technologies used.

MVP satisfies this need. Through thorough market research, learning about user needs, and ideas for solving their problems, she gains an accurate picture of the situation. Thanks to testing and analysis, she is fully aware of functionalities that should be implemented and costs. By analyzing the professionalism of the specialists involved, she is sure of the success of his project.

What does Startup Owner get with MVP?

  • Launches a product quickly,
  • Gets some initial customers
  • Talks to the users and get feedback
  • Iterates to improve his product
Henry Experienced
Product Owner in big enterprise
Company size

What does CTO in the enterprise need?

He cares about the technological development of the company. As he has a big responsibility for the quality of the project, he needs knowledge about every detail of the project and support rules. Recognizes the need for fast action to keep up with smaller, more agile competitors, builds the product mostly outside the company walls, working with an experienced agency.

What does CTO get with MVP?

  • Enables the development of the company by showing the needs of customers
  • Market research and rankings enable in-depth trend analysis
  • Selection of proven technologies and know-how of specialists ensures effective implementation
  • MVP construction is always based on the process action according to strictly defined guidelines, which affects the transparency of activities

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MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which means a product that contains only basic features that solve customers' problems. Everything else can be developed after analyzing customer feedback.

The goal is to verify customer feedback about the product and draw conclusions based on user feedback. MVP is a way to get the product up and running quickly and understand what needs improvement.

You need to base the cost of MVP development on your business goals and project requirements. It can change drastically depending on the project.

Below you will find the stages of MVP development:

  • Market research
  • Requirements analysis
  • Get a clear picture of the MVP
  • Define the feature list
  • Build and run the application
  • Test and analyze feedback on the MVP

On average, the time of building MVP is between 3-5 months.

You avoid the risk that your startup will fail because of a lack of market demand. MVP will help you fully understand what your customers need from the beginning to the end product. It will help you to present the product quickly to your investors.

We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests). Each time we present it to you and apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for. You can read more in How we do IT section.

When it comes to preparing an IT project there is no place for half measures. We prepare an MVP as a Proof of Concept. It helps us examine if the concept is feasible to realize from tech and business perspective and gives us an idea on how the product should be further developed. We are also experienced in working with enterprise Clients, and we can fully adjust to your technical requirements and specification being a part of your organisation.

Yes, of course, we often work as outsourced development teams. Depending on your project needs, our developers can join your internal team and start working with them. We can also support your team in e.g. closing your pending backlog tasks. The form of cooperation depends on you.

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