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Benefits of Working with Order Group
Our expertise in the conventional energy industry delivers efficiencies and cost savings while reducing environmental impact.

Data-Driven Insights

Our software makes use of sophisticated analytics to offer insightful information on the energy consumption trends in your company. By looking at both historical and current data, we can identify inefficiencies and areas where improvements might be possible.

Optimized Operations

You can optimize energy consumption and streamline operations throughout your facilities with our software. We assist you in identifying inefficiencies and putting measures into place to reduce energy waste without sacrificing comfort or productivity, whether it be in HVAC systems, lighting, or equipment.

Cost Savings

You may improve your bottom line and save a lot of money on utilities by making energy efficiency improvements. Our program assists you in prioritizing investments in energy-efficient technologies that yield the best return on investment and in identifying free or inexpensive energy-saving initiatives.

Impact on the Environment

Improving energy efficiency not only saves costs but also lessens the environmental impact of your company. Your actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use will help the global community fight climate change and advance sustainability.

Compliance and Reporting

Our software makes it easier to comply with rules governing energy efficiency and to submit reports as required. With integrated resources for monitoring and disclosing energy use, you can make sure that legal requirements are met and show your dedication.

Our Expertise


We specialise in creating custom IoT & IIoT software that not only improves efficiency and security, but also reduces operational costs. Our services enable advanced real-time monitoring and management of physical assets, ensuring improved performance and reliability.

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Our Expertise

Digital Twin

Our digital twin technology creates a virtual model of your physical assets or systems so you can simulate and predict performance under different conditions. This helps increase performance and reliability and reduce operating costs.

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Our Expertise


Our SCADA systems increase efficiency and reduce costs by enabling precise control and real-time communication for smoother, more reliable operation.

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Our Expertise

Custom Solutions for the Energy Industry

Our software solutions increase functionality by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and supporting your business's growth to maintain a competitive advantage.

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