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UI Design will help you achieve your goals like:

Attract New Customers - image
Attract New Customers
A successful UI design affects a positive user experience, a competitive advantage, and a brand factor differentiator. In this way, you gain new customers and consequently increase sales.
Better Customer Engagement and Loyalty - image
Better Customer Engagement and Loyalty
An interface concentrated on the user helps to navigate better and simplify the research. It appeals not only to new users but also makes them want to continue their digital experience. As a result, there is a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion. When the interface is well-designed, then encourages him to become more loyal to the brand. It's essential in an increasingly competitive environment to invest in customer retention strategy.
Lower Your Costs - image
Lower Your Costs
When UI from the start is a well-planned design (or a design system), you avoid future problems and related costs, such as correcting navigation errors or eliminating unnecessary features. When the interface is intuitive, customer contact with the support desk will be less frequent. In this way, the company reduces customer support costs.
Better UX - image
Better UX
The primary goal of any design is providing transparency that allows users to engage and interact with it in a meaningful way quickly. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation reduce customer search time and increases customer satisfaction by meeting their needs in a fast and seamless manner.

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How We Designed UI in the Leading Software Solution for Cinemas

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Simon Souyris Strumse
Filmgrail CEO
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Why Choose Our Company for UI Design Services?

See what is essential for us while creating outstanding digital products

Focus on the UX
Focus on the UX

Graphical UIs should also strive to add real value to each visitor's user experience. We strive to give a compelling, clear interface, not overloaded with unnecessary features, and it is helpful to reveal information only when necessary.

Strong Brand Identity
Strong Brand Identity

The best interface is the one that strengthens the relationship between the brand and the audience. The best UI design creates promising user and brand trust. If a job or element doesn't work properly or looks low quality, the user will just interpret that as a direct reflection of your company.

Easy navigation is the primary goal
Easy navigation is the primary goal

Involving your website or web application should be delightful and smooth, not a burden. Therefore, we simplify the processes to easily navigate through a complex network of pages to inquire or purchase a product.

Responsive UI Design
Responsive UI Design

There are different mobile devices on the market, and your users could browse the internet from a smartphone or large desktop screen. The benefits of the user interface are diverse, but one of the most important point is to make sure that it is scalable in different screen sizes. We make sure that your site is providing the optimum level of performance to every visitor.


Let's know all main stages UI design process

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At this stage, we will help you clarify your business goals way of communication, making you stand out from your competition. We arrange a meeting with stakeholders and carry out product and market research. Well-made analytics will help you to avoid unnecessary features, wrong application structure and create a perfect guideline in the UI design process.

User Experience design will help you define precisely how you need to satisfy the expectations of your audience. It's essential to have complete knowledge about your users, understand their objectives, goals, tendencies, and priorities. You will get product wireframes that represent layout content and functionality. They are based on research that UX designers created before. It contains interface elements that are reasonably put in a specific order.

At this stage, we determine key visuals, typography, the whole brand book. We collect inspirations, create first mood boards, choose matching styles. After determining the appearance of all critical elements, we prepare a product presentation for review.

In UI Design Process, the designer starts creating user interface design using typography and colors to highlight the composition of interface elements and style of an application, color palette, fonts, graphics solutions. Everything must be in brand voice and nice look & feel.

We design digital products for Startups, Scaleups, and Enterprises

Which Client are you? Choose your cooperation model

Mary Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

What does Startup Owner need?

Her startup may have the best software product idea in the world, but if the user fails to have a fun time using it or finds it difficult to master, she will not use it for long. When you cooperate with the designers, you must understand them when they discuss designing the product with the user in mind.

What do we do in ORDER to help?

We run a Design Sprint (2-4 weeks) which consists of:

  • Brief & Discovery Workshops
  • Product Workshops (UX/UI)
  • Prototype & Tests

What does Startup Owner receive?

  • Competitor research
  • Inspiration
  • Design Concept
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Visual Design
Henry Experienced
Product Owner in big enterprise
Company size

What does CTO in the enterprise need?

He works on different software fueling B2B operations, including financial trackers, CRMS, HRMS, ERPs, and more. They typically tend to be feature-rich and complex, which sometimes can result in difficulty of use. But as a Product Owner or Chief Technology Officer, he realizes the potential and impact of user-centric systems. Therefore designers must refine and improve enterprise app design to meet your business and users' goals.

How do we provide the best User Interface Design?

  • run an audit & gather data
  • outline the plan for the design work
  • show potential solutions & improvements for usability
  • we design chosen solutions in Scrum methodology
  • Prototype & Tests
  • prepare the visual design in terms of your branding

What does CTO receive?

  • Improved user flows
  • Design Concept
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Visual Design

FAQ for Founders

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According to statistics, 75% of users make purchasing decisions based on colors showing the importance of well-prepared UI design. It has many advantages: it keeps users hooked, gives more satisfaction, and increases the return on investment (ROI).

UI refers to the visual elements with people interacting with an app, while UX is about the user's experience with a product.

An easier-to-use interface enables users to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently. It can turn your potential visitors into buyers by facilitating interactions between the user and your website or application. Finally improves the conversion rate on a website.

You can have an idea for a product that will revolutionize the world, but in order for it to be commercially viable, the product has to be pleasant and easy for users to experience. When working with designers on the user interface, the most important thing is to constantly keep in mind the needs of the user in the first place. We understand it well, that is why we provide professional help in UI design.

If User Interface is concentrated on your Users’ needs then it will help to get access your products and draw their attention. It is also a good tool for attracting new customers and communicating your brand voice. What’s most important it brings you real profits increasing your conversion rates.

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