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22.01.2019 | 4 min

Top 5 Modern App Design Trends

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, so it seems like apps are everywhere! You can use them for almost anything, like keeping track of your money, logging your exercise, chatting with friends, playing games, and tons more. With apps being so popular, you might think making a successful one is easy. But that's not quite true! As a custom mobile app development company we know a thing or two about that.

Top 5 Modern App Design Trends - 2024 09
Table of Contents
  • #1: Seamless User Interface (UI)
  • #2: Say Goodbye to Stock Photos & Vector Graphics
  • #3: Users Want to Relate to Somebody
  • #4: Background Images Are King
  • #5: Color Is Making a Comeback
  • Your Brand's Design Must Be Flawlessly Designed

The tech world is always on the move, and so are what people want from their apps. Fall behind on the latest trends, and you risk getting left in the dust. Just look at your own phone - how often do you see updates for your apps? Exactly! Those updates aren't just about keeping things secure or fixing glitches. They're also about making the app look and work better, which keeps people coming back for more.

To keep your app interesting enough to hold a loyal audience, you need to make sure it’s up to date with the latest and greatest innovations in terms of mobile application design. To make it easy on you, we’ve done the hard work. Here’s a list of the top five design trends in mobile applications:

#1: Seamless User Interface (UI)

Users today expect a lot from their digital experiences, and apps are no exception. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the top design trends is having a seamless user interface. This means that your application should be pixel-perfect, load without a lag or long transitions, and layout the content well on the first page. No one wants to scroll to find the navigation bar. If they have to, chances are they’ll look for a different app that has a simpler, more forward interface that doesn’t make them do the searching to find what they need.

Think about your personal experiences interacting with your apps. How long do you stay on the page if you can’t find what you're looking for? The chances are that you click away after not more than few seconds and try your luck with a competitor. Think of it this way - would you use WhatsApp if it loaded much longer than, say, Telegram?

Your app users will behave the same way. If they can’t find either your contact info, info about your product or any other information, they’re going to take their business elsewhere. They might even leave your app before it loads for the first time if it loads too long. Think of how much money you might be losing out in the long term.

#2: Say Goodbye to Stock Photos & Vector Graphics

Users today are over the generic vector banners and stale stock photos. To stay up to date with the trends, you’re going to have to use creative digital illustrations on your page. This could include anything such as custom illustrations, or even simple icons. Remember the old notion that a picture is worth a thousand words? Keep in mind that if your app isn’t unique, it most likely won’t retain the audience.

#3: Users Want to Relate to Somebody

People love a good story, right? But lately, all we see are boring sales pitches everywhere. It's tough to get your message across, but there's a better way.

Forget the cheesy sales talk - have a conversation with your customers! Tell them a story about how your product can help them. This is where characters come in.

You can create a cool cartoon character or even use a real person to represent who your product helps. It's not just about ditching the sales pitch, though. Characters make your brand more memorable. Think about famous brands - they all have characters we know, like Ronald McDonald or Tony the Tiger. These characters help people connect with the brand, and that's what you want too.

#4: Background Images Are King

Grabbing people's attention with a cool background image is a great way to keep them on your site. The key? Make it relevant! Don't just throw any old photo up there. If you're selling building supplies, skip the cheesy stock photo of a smiling couple, or if you are running a restaurant, for heaven's sake do not use a picture of a woman laughing holding a salad. Please.

Here's a twist: what about a fun mascot or a custom illustration? Something unique that really catches the eye. Remember, the second trend in this blog post? Standing out is key!

#5: Color Is Making a Comeback

Crazy color schemes are all the rage for apps these days! But hold on, it's not just about throwing a rainbow on your screen. Colors actually affect people's moods. Think about it: if you're running a green energy company, you certainly don't want any gray, and instead you want to be going for green tones, right? Are you offering an innovative serious? Give bright tones a try!

Stuck on picking colors? No worries! There are online tools called color palette generators that suggest different combinations that work well together. Use them to find the perfect eye-catching color scheme for your app! Alternatively, you could let us do the job, and design everything from start to finish.

Your Brand's Design Must Be Flawlessly Designed

You may be wondering why you need even to consider implementing these hot trends into your app. As we have previously mentioned, users are always changing. They’re more conscious of brand design than ever, and they want their experiences to be as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, this means that even if you have the superior app, product or service, if it does not work well, you might as well concede the defeat.

If you don’t want to be cast aside, it’s more important than ever, that your business evaluates these top trends for mobile design and implements the ones that make the most sense for you.

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