Case Studies

We build software that enhances a wide range of industries guiding our clients through their digital transformation journey.

KYOTO - 2023 04 KYOTO - 2023 04
The big-scale industrial IoT project resulted in a capital boost of NOK 183.3 million, allowing Kyoto to expand and commercialise its initiative.
Raw Cyber - 2023 04 Raw Cyber - 2023 04
A private, fully secure, and heavily encrypted Mobile Operating System, where all communications, data transfers, and device parameters are protected.
Dronistics - 2023 04 Dronistics - 2023 04
Reworking the MVP for drone software. Delivering quality code, removing technical debt and final cloud deployment.
Clear AirSpace® - 2023 04 Clear AirSpace® - 2023 04
A real-time mobile navigation tool for air operations. Simply put - Google Maps for professional air pilots.
Enerace - 2023 04 Enerace - 2023 04
Introduced automation that resulted in saving hundreds of hours per month and making business scaling processes possible.
Filmgrail - 2023 04 Filmgrail - 2023 04
We created a Design System for a White-label solution that can be easily customized to meet the needs of all Filmgrail customers.
Smiga - 2023 04 Smiga - 2023 04
A platform with IoT elements that allows configuring and renting an e-bike. Supported by an app that allows tracking and controlling the parameters of the rented e-bike.
BizBot - 2023 04 BizBot - 2023 04
Delivered a prototype, which received 6.4 million Norwegian kroner (713k USD) in funding. Additionally, we created a design system which allowed the building of further modules.
TicketClub - 2023 04 TicketClub - 2023 04
A platform that allows complete handling of events, from ticket sales to event service on-site.
HRESS™ - 2023 04 HRESS™ - 2023 04
R&D project, we provided a concept of a solution to check if the helicopter can safely land in a given location.
Lean Process Excellence - 2023 04 Lean Process Excellence - 2023 04
The application checked whether the lean methods introduced to the team were effective and well-conducted.
Prime Est. - 2023 04 Prime Est. - 2023 04
A white-label custom platform that allowed real estate brokers run their business online. Dedicated to real estate brokers and companies. From database publication to customer contact with a given broker.
ATOS® - 2023 04 ATOS® - 2023 04
The system enhanced traffic flow, safety, and the capacity to conduct flight operations under challenging weather circumstances.
Monster - 2023 04 Monster - 2023 04
A sophisticated system IoT for airports that makes it easy for air traffic controllers to direct, control, maintain and service the airfield light management system-SCADA.
Contour - 2023 04 Contour - 2023 04
Custom CMS Platform for Diabetes designed to help, educate, and guide patients in their treatment process. Project supported by full UX and graphic design.
Monetor - 2023 04 Monetor - 2023 04
A Web App that provides a comprehensive understanding and a suggestion of how foreign exchange affects business directly, e.g. paying invoices depending on FOREX rates.
Unilink - 2023 04 Unilink - 2023 04
A custom CMS that adjusts to the changing needs of each insurance company under the UNILINK’s group and their offers.
Kidsview - 2023 04 Kidsview - 2023 04
A system that helps to manage kindergartens (scheduling, standing orders, invoices payments) and provides a comprehensive and GDPR-compliant communication platform between parents and childcare providers.
Medical frameworks - 2023 04 Medical frameworks - 2023 04
Medical Frameworks is a bed positioning system that uses a patient's medical record to create a roadmap for their care. This system helps nurses quickly and easily adjust beds for patients, preventing errors and saving time.