Didrik Martens a founder from Oslo, Norway, had an excellent idea for a product. Along the way, he collected a talented and experienced team to execute his plan. The only thing that was missing was branding and a solid UX design process. Didrik solved it by hiring a remote team from Warsaw, Poland. It proved to be a game-changer.

Simplified Business Administration

BizBot is a product that solves some real problems entrepreneurs all over the world face. The app takes over many non-productive and time-consuming processes related to running a business. In the case of small organizations, these tasks are often performed by the owners, which stops them from concentrating on the core business and the growth of the company.

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What is BizBot?

BizBot helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of shares and convertible notes, enabling effective management on an easy to use and connected platform. The app is capable of running the operations of a business is getting traction in the Norwegian market.

BizBot automates the most mundane overhead activities that have to be done by every business in Norway - scheduling appointments, listing stock in a spreadsheet, filling in the forms - doing all these tasks swell overhead cost.

These expenses are ultimately paid by the customers, who are charged more for products and services.

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UX Design Challenges

The biggest challenge for BizBot designers was to understand all the process of running a company in Norway.

For our design standards, it is indispensable to correctly understand the end-users' perspective - their motives, needs, and most importantly, the problem the product is solving. In the case of running a company, it's a complex mechanism that in many legal and cultural environments may be very different. The only solution was to learn everything a business owner in Norway learns after several months or even years of running a company.

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Why it’s Simplifying Business Administration?

Before BizBot the business owners and individual professionals had just two options - perform the tasks on their own or hire somebody to do it.

"As a business lawyer, I "copy-pasted" templates and appointments, manually listed stock books in excel and manually entered public forms and messages," says Rony Solaiman, Bizbot's COO. "I've also bought the same services as an in-house lawyer, and I get annoyed every time I see the process, the quality, and the price.".

Founded in 2017, BizBot has already attracted 6.4 million Norwegian krone (713k USD) funding, as well as got a place on the Copenhagen FinTech Accelerator.

"LegalTech is growing strongly. We will see many innovations that will simplify and digitize legal flows in the future, and here, BizBot is very well positioned,", says Rony Solaiman.

The BizBot team, which Order Group designers are an integral part of, has already built and launched a beta version of the platform with essential functions, such as digital share book, a module for digital signing of documents, transaction module that automates and digitizes the process for buying and selling shares

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How hackathon workshops helped us to solve the most challenging problems?

Hackathons were crucial in solving the most difficult issues of the platform. During the development of BizBot several of them where organized. Two workshops took place in Warsaw, Oslo, and Istanbul.

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We strongly recommend organizing this kind-of face-to-face practical meetings, where all the team members can not only get to know each other but also have an opportunity to work closely together and solve possible problems.

During the hackathon in Oslo, the BizBot investors had a chance to get to know the team involved, which in the case of experienced venture capitalists is an integral part of startup's evaluation.

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The BizBot is built by three significant teams collaborating remotely. The software developers work from Russia, the board, marketing, and sales are based in Oslo, Norway, and the design team works from Warsaw - that's us the Order Group.

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The Design Process

We are now doing the 3rd BizBot graphic design iteration. During the latest one, we delivered 14 landing pages presenting each functionality. We made countless improvements to the product based on the feedback from the users.

During the 3rd iteration, we were also responsible for the new branding and visual identity. Apart from a new version of the app's UX, we created templates for presentations and marketing - presentations - marketing materials - UX application.

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User Interface Design
We prepared a whole Design System that allowed us to efficiently build interfaces for new features.

Order Group is proudly collaborating by designing user experience and interfaces for an Oslo based startup.

We are responsible for: the platform UX & UI design, brand identity, websites, and more. Over the last 19 months, we have designed over 400 screens, 21 landing pages, and over 50 key visuals.

We are so happy we had a chance to participate in the development of BizBot. The platform is receiving positive feedback from users and investors as Norwegian entrepreneurs are willing to pay for the value it delivers.

One of the BizBot co-founders has invited us to his new project - Filmgrail. This has always been the best feedback from the people we are working with. If they are willing to do another project with us, it's worth more than 1,000 words.

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Didrik Martens
BizBot CEO
Finding an experienced and talented UX designer is very difficult. Adding Order Group specialists to our team proved to be the turning point in BizBot's development process. Delivering flawless user experience was a critical part of our platform's value proposition. And thanks to Order Group we did it, and with this team, we can keep on improving it in the years to come.

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