High precision and custom optimization of the IoT project are the main characteristics of this project

Table of contents
  • The Brief / Challenges
  • Our Solution
  • Results
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Team Size
13 people
Project Duration
2 years
Technologies Used
Kafka, Python, Django, QML, QT, MQTT, Redis
Services provided:


The Client

AP-TECH is one of our long-lasting business partners in the aviation industry. The company offers a unique combination of consulting, design, and software development services for the aviation industry. After doing such a project as Clear AirSpace, ATOS, and HRESS together, we developed the Monster light management system for airports in western Poland.

What was the need of our Client?

They needed a complex system for airports that would allow air traffic controllers to steer the light conveniently. The views would be set manually, but every item would have its computer. The goal was to create the solution that allows the traffic control team to operate the light system with high precision, adjust the direction and brightness of each lamp to optimize the visibility to his or her needs.



Project approach

Thanks to the solution made by AP-TECH and Order Group a traffic controller can see all the essential information on the dashboard such as the battery and power supply, connectivity, as well as the state of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices.

Each power supply and each lamp's controller has a separate Intenet of Things (IoT) module. The system complexity comes from the number of devices - it has cooperating elements included. We needed at least three to four workstations to monitor and manage the lights system.

Custom Development of an indefectible, scalable, and useful lighting system

We used Django to create the lights control dashboard. An exciting part of the solution we developed for the Airport. We also included a hierarchy of roles for the users, which enables implementing the strict procedures involved in air traffic control.

The system administrator can configure the functionalities available for each group of users. Additionally, each category can get different notifications. For example, if the temperature drops low, people in the control tower may receive just a "temperature low" alert, while the tech team is responsible for the device's conservation information about the exact temperature and a task for immediate action.

During the planning phase, we considered employing technologies like Python, Go-Lang, Apache Kafka, and many others. Extended analysis before the kickoff made it possible for us to begin development with a broad scope. We created a universal system that can be applied to many airports.

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What was the result of our work?

Using this framework in a short time, we delivered a custom software solution for the airport, which was able to replace their old legacy software with a state-of-art solution.

This was an excellent success for AP-TECH and Order Group and proved that our cooperation is working better with every project.

Partnering with Order Group proved to be a turning point for our company. They are great in terms of cost, and I was amazed by their work.
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Marcin Bondyra
AP-TECH Co-owner
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