Kidsview - platform and app for parents & kindergardens

Kidsview is a bespoke system that provides modern educational solutions for parents, the management of kindergartens, and nurseries.

System foundations

Kidsview provides comprehensive and professional tools (mobile apps and a web platform) and inspiration (courses and webinars) to people who are involved in the care and development of children.

Communication for parents & kindergarten - 2022 40

Communication for parents & kindergarten

Create individual and group chats to talk about your kids' activities. Share pictures and videos showing your kids' development.
Activity planner for children & teachers - 2022 40

Activity planner for children & teachers

Plan group, individual or online lessons, courses, and events in your kindergarten. Track and edit the plan in real time.
Kindergarden finances & staff management - 2022 40

Kindergarden finances & staff management

Manage all staff members, run salary and billing operations, create educational program through the platform.

Taking a good care of children's development is a unique activity!

Kidsview is a platform that grew from love, vocation, and passion for educating children. Creating such a product was not an easy job because it involved a great deal of responsibility. However, the joy of all children, pride in their achievements, and good preparation for the next levels of education and challenges of adult life are worth all these hardships.

And nothing burns this enthusiasm more than the need to spend time on formalities, accounting, documents, and agreements. All these seemingly mundane problems distract teachers from what is most important - from working with a child.

Kidsview was created for the Principals, Teachers, Instructors, and Parents. The app provides communication and increases security, and will automate all processes, agreements, and time organization to facilitate the daily duties of Directors, Teachers, and Parents. With Kidsview's help, they can devote themselves to what they love to do the most - work and play with children.

Technology Stack

We picked the technologies that allowed us to run a high pace, rapid development process, and gave us a lot of flexibility and freedom in exploring possible solutions.

React Native for both iOS and Android apps - 2022 40

React Native for both iOS and Android apps

The hybrid-like approach is good for minimizing the time & costs that you need to consider while updating and supporting the apps.
Python, Django, Wagtail & React for the platform - 2022 40

Python, Django, Wagtail & React for the platform

This was in our opinion the best solution for the frontend and backend of the whole product in terms of flexibility and performance.
Amazon Web Services for the cloud infrastructure - 2022 40

Amazon Web Services for the cloud infrastructure

We used a combination of services for handling media, compression, storage, notifications, and authentication.

Created with care for Parents & Teachers

It only takes a few well-executed features to make the work of Directors and Teachers easier!

Attendance tracking - 2022 40

Attendance tracking

Efficient and convenient control of the child's presence means safety!
Event calendar - 2022 40

Event calendar

The calendar provides easy access to information about all group activities.
Holidays reporting - 2022 40

Holidays reporting

With Kidsview, you can conveniently plan and report holidays.
Photos & Videos - 2022 40

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos of your child safely shared in the app, you can comment, like, or share them with your loved ones.
Chat communication - 2022 40

Chat communication

You get all the news and notifications in real time. Use the chat to write to the facility or other parents
Kids' backpack - 2022 40

Kids' backpack

Know more about the activities, nutrition, and achievements of your child every day. And don't forget what to pack for the next day!
Electronic diary - 2022 40

Electronic diary

Plan your daily schedule in groups, individual, and extra-curricular activities.
Full control - 2022 40

Full control

Manage your staff, groups, menu, activities, and important announcements.
Bookkeeping & finance - 2022 40

Bookkeeping & finance

Automatic settlements, combining transfers with invoices and online payments.
 - 2022 40
If you are a parent or a kindergarten teacher you can request a demo!
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