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Scalable, fast, and cost-efficient. Check out the advantages of cloud-native architecture and take your business to the next level. We specialize in delivering IT solutions to the biggest companies in CEE.

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  • Our DevOps Processes
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Cloud Services will help you achieve your goals like:

Cost optimisation
A properly selected cloud model will allow you to pay only for the services that you use. By using cloud infrastructure, you don't have to spend a vast amount of money purchasing and maintaining hardware. You don't even need large IT teams to handle your cloud data center operations, as you can benefit from the expertise of the cloud provider's staff.
Cloud services allow you to respond and adapt to any industry updates, seasonal traffic fluctuations, and other variations in workload requirements. If your business requirements grow, you can quickly expand cloud capacity without investing in physical infrastructure. This flexibility can give cloud companies a real competitive advantage and minimizes the risks associated with internal operational and maintenance issues.
Unlimited memory capacity
Cloud has unlimited capacity to store any data in different types of cloud storage. As a rule of thumb, the cost of storage increases based on data availability, performance, and access frequency. If you optimize the cloud's cost structure, you will reduce the overall cost of cloud storage without losing business profits.
Cloud computing enables mobile devices to have access to corporate data via smartphones and devices. Users can access work on the go, 24/7, through any device, anywhere, as long as they stay connected to the Internet. It saves your team time and effort in maintaining your systems, significantly reducing the burden on your IT team.
Automatic software updates and integration
Continuous integration and updates mean that new software versions can be easily tested and deployed in a cloud environment. It allows for the more incredible speed of product innovation, making more and more features available to end-users monthly, weekly, or even daily. Cloud environments also integrate with popular DevOps tools and logging systems, making it easier to monitor and detect issues in production.
You don't have to worry about downtime. Cloud services have many mechanisms that work specifically to minimize this risk and ensure you're back online quickly in the event of an outage. This way, you can get protection in the event of equipment failures, power outages, and even natural disasters.
Data security and protection
The cloud offers many advanced security features to ensure that data is stored and handled securely. It includes implementing security features for their platforms and processed data, such as authentication, access control, and encryption. From there, most enterprises supplement these security features with their additional security measures to strengthen data protection and reduce unauthorized access to sensitive information in the cloud.
Data backup and restore
You can store data in the cloud without limitations in capacity, and it also helps with system backup and recovery. If you have previous versions of software stored in the cloud running in multiple zones or regions of cloud availability, it will allow for faster disaster recovery. If you deploy your application in various locations and one area fails - traffic can automatically fail over to working regions without interruption to end-users.
Cloud environments enable better cooperation between developers, QA, security architects, and operations as they have access to the same infrastructure and can work simultaneously. Roles and permissions in the cloud help better visibility and monitor who did what and when to gain transparency of activities. It's much easier to collaborate transparently, and the cloud helps with it.

AWS & Azure Solutions

We've got DevOps architects in the two most popular cloud environments from Amazon & Microsoft

"The team is doing a tremendously good job and they are evolving with us throughout the process."
Henric Jonsson
Head of Business Development, Monetor
AWS & Azure Solutions


Cloud Services that bring real value

We can take your business to the cloud in ORDER to improve operations, productivity, and revenue

Understanding your business needs, goals, and objectives
Understanding your business needs, goals, and objectives

Our DevOps engineers quickly get to know the technologies you use and your organizational structure, team, operations, and challenges.

Installing the software on your cloud infrastructure
Installing the software on your cloud infrastructure

We build custom software and suggest moving to the cloud, which we base on AWS and Azure solutions. The software then works as a service - in the SaaS model, you usually pay only for what you use.

Convenient solutions for scaling resources
Convenient solutions for scaling resources

We've got a set of checked & reliable software development tools and setups for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. It is a good starting point, because you don't have to figure out everything from scratch.


Our Cloud Services

How are we embedding the project in the cloud?

We are experienced and certified DevOps architects in deploying AWS systems, so we know exactly how to design and implement a top-notch AWS architecture. We help you transition from on-premises to the cloud with advanced features that will help you grow revenue even further.

We'll help you secure your infrastructure with the Azure platform, enabling you to create, test and deploy web applications by managing them through data centers provided by Microsoft.


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Work with experienced DevOps teams

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

When starting a startup, you don't have as big a budget as your larger competitors, so you need flexible solutions while keeping costs relatively low. You also need tools that allow your application to work with large fluctuations in traffic.

What DevOps solutions do we provide?

We offer the use of cloud architecture because of its scalability. You may encounter seasonality of customer interest. As result, if you need more bandwidth or computing power, you ask your provider for it and pay a revised subscription fee. That's why we recommend deploying to the cloud at the application building stage. Then you can adjust the number of resources you need at any given time. It makes your startup flexible and efficient, and you only pay for the resources you use.

What does the customer receive?

  • Lower costs
  • Speed of implementation
  • Scalability
  • Access to technology resources
  • Support
Henry Experienced
CEO/CTO, Product Owner in big enterprise,
Company size

As a software owner in a large corporation, you are required to execute projects on cloud systems. The existing application, developed in your company environment, cannot use the potential of the cloud and requires significant modifications to adapt to the cloud environment.

What DevOps solutions do we provide?

  • analyze which services can be moved to the cloud
  • estimate the cost of migration and determine the scope of work
  • we assist in migrating applications to the cloud

What does the customer receive?

  • high standard of maintenance
  • cost optimization
  • scalability
  • speed of implementation
  • technical support
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Questions about Cloud Services

People ask...

Cloud services are DevOps infrastructure, platforms, or software hosted by third-party providers and made available to users over the Internet. They facilitate the movement of user data from front-end clients (e.g., user servers, tablets, desktops, laptops - anything on the user side) across the Internet to the provider's systems and back again.

With cloud architecture, you can build any software using any technology and language with scalability, speed, and minimal costs unattainable with local servers. Ease of deployment, speed of application building, scalability, and access to global infrastructure at an affordable price are just some of the advantages of the cloud.

When we are building software and embedding it to the cloud, we base it on AWS and Azure solutions. The software then works as a service - in the SaaS model, you usually pay only for what you use.

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