Support in order to have a peace of mind when the project is launched

Have you heard saying that "The project may be completed, but the product is never finished."? We are ready to give you reliable support to identify quickly potential threats and prevent them.

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  • Our Support Services
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Support services will help you achieve your goals like:

Protection of your application
We care about every aspect of safety in the deployed structure; therefore, we easily identify problems and potential risks with your IT solution and provide a swift resolution that reduces your revenue loss.
Constant improvement
Your product is never finished. There is always a space for improvement, especially when you'll gather feedback from real users. So having a team that is always ready to upgrade your project is a must-have in the early stages.
Crysis management
It's good to always have a plan B, when something goes wrong. That's why we can setup a dev team ready to act a crisis scenario
Reinforcing your skills
Your in-house team can be engaged with your core business while we take care of your IT infrastructure: we run continuous application monitoring and optimization.
Always ready to act
Depending on your project type and its' function we are able to provide a 24/7 support for all unforeseen circumstances.
SLA or Support Agreement
We work both with simple rules, and with very precise requirements and standards described in an SLA.


How we support Business Administration Platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

"Order Group invests time to define the scope and ask clarifying questions. Their channels of communication lead to smooth remote project management."
Didrik Martens
Bizbot CEO


Support that brings real value

We will help you to support your product!


We regularly monitor the performance and analyze how the users interact with your product.


We run updates of your software and fix all the issues based on the SLA or a different arrangement. Our project support framework is flexible.


Depending on your needs we set the rules for support and maintenance like error handling rules, issues priorities, time of our reaction, and the monthly time of our developer's work.


Our Support & Maintenance Services

What all founders and Product Owners would like to know about support...

We track every hour of tasks, what money is spent on to see the progress of work. It shows an impact on the overall shape of the project and the settlement of costs.

A designated team of experts who led the project also worked on support, helping to solve advanced problems associated with the software. These people know every element of the code, which increases work efficiency and involvement in support.

We verify the all-around performance of your applications to help you detect and correct any software defects after the product's launch. Then we know what needs to be updated and what elements can hinder the operation of the application.

With an unbiased assessment of your current products, internal processes, and documents, we will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and any potential risks in your software development life-cycle(SDLC). Then you know what should be improved and gain a robust software solution.

We offer helpdesk as technical support and maintenance of the project at instant support and assistance for complex problems. At any time, you will get support from someone who will always help and advise you in case of an emergency. This person will also advise you on what action to take in a crisis moment without incurring business damages.


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

What support does he need?

He runs small business, e.g hires 5 people. His business is scaling so he needs a separate support contract specifying a pre-defined number of hours needed to monitor and develop the application.

What this customer receives:

He gets a purchased package of 20,30, 40 hours per month in which he determines what tasks will be performed in a given time slot.

Henry Experienced
CEO/CTO, Product Owner in big enterprise
Company size

What support does he need?

The project owner already has a well-defined product, vision, and business goals. He works in a large enterprise/corporation with thousands of employees - Needs a complex agreement SLA that provides 24/7 uptime monitoring to make sure your site is online all the time with no interruption to business and revenue.

What this customer receives:

We provide him support 24/7 after signing an SLA for application performance monitoring.

We can help you with your digital transformation
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Support & Maintenance questions

People ask...

The type of support depends on the type of project and the size of the company. It can be a separate support contract specifying a pre-defined number of hours needed to monitor and develop the application or support 24/7 after signing an SLA for application performance monitoring.

You can choose a package option such as buying 20 or 30 hours of support per month or if your business has more than that we will write a necessary contract in which we define the terms and conditions of support and payment. You can choose the fixed price model or the time &material model which we recommend.

The cost of software & maintenance services depends on the scale of support schedule you choose or what kind of maintenance you need. We are ready to give you an estimation cost.

If you decide that your project requires more support each month you can increase the limit of hours during which we solve your software problems and implement new features in your code.

It depends on how big is the scale of your support. We can assign a designated team of experts who led the project also work on support. They know every element of the code, so it increases work efficiency and involvement in support.

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