SMIGA - e-Mobility & Internet of Things Project

Smiga is an innovative platform for long-term bicycle renting. We are glad we could build both the mobile app and the Internet of Things modules that make it possible.

Table of contents
  • The Brief / Challenges
  • Our Solution
  • Results
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SMIGA / Startup
Team size
8 people in total
Project duration
2 years (ongoing)
Services provided:


The Client

SMIGA is a startup. Entrepreneurs from Warsaw decided to develop a product that would be an attractive alternative for the residents of the capital to move around the city. The aim of the application was to connect it with hardware by means of IoT modules. The project was financed thanks to the subsidiaries from the European Union funds.

What was the need of the Client?

Smiga is an innovative platform for long-term bicycle renting. What you get is a fully customizable electric bike for a monthly subscription. Order Group team is responsible for the development of the software behind the service.


Project Approach in a IoT platform

Together with our client, we have built a long-term electric bicycle renting system. Using Smiga, you can hire your bike, not for two minutes, not for three hours but 2-3 years. It's is a game-changing product. For as little as $40 a month. You can save money, save the local air quality, and save some energy when pedaling as well :)

The platform makes it possible to get the highest standard electric bike without investing money in both the purchase and service costs. If during the rental, your bicycle breaks down with a severe malfunction, you will get help or even a new one as a replacement.

With Smiga, you can choose to rent your e-bike for 24 or 36 months. When this period finishes, the customer has an option to buyout the bike or not. Smiga is also available for business, as courier companies, as well as food delivery companies, can effectively leverage their operations with e-bikes.

The Order Group team was responsible for the website and the mobile app as well as developing hardware IoT modules. The idea behind Smiga was to make the whole process fully customizable. Not only the user can pick the period of the rent, but also adjust the monthly fee by changing many different bike parameters.

We created an advanced configurator, where many options were interrelated. A specific frame type was available only in particular color settings, which affected the saddle and handles options. We needed to build an application similar to a car customizer for automotive dealerships.

Every Smiga bicycle has a dedicated IoT module. Our task was to make it possible for this piece of hardware to communicate with our backend. Additionally, the Smiga system can track each bike location with GPS. You can easily lock and unlock your bicycle with the app. The electric lock is very safe, and the bike can be disabled in case it's stolen.

The most challenging parts of the IoT project:

  • Full-time connectivity with the hardware.

The connection needs to be established immediately and needs to allow the user to track the status of the bike in real-time.

  • Integrating the hardware with the server.

Even when the phone is losing the network, the connection with the bike should be always on.

Designing a complex, strict, yet extremely user-friendly customizer app logic that will lead you from desktop to app seamlessly.

SMIGA - application with IoT modules - 2024 47


What was the result of our work?

Smiga isn't in any way the biggest of our projects, but we are very excited about it.

We love the concept and really enjoyed implementing Python expertise to build the backend of the platform and deploying a quality IoT solution.

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