Bespoke webplatform for Unilink

Unilink is the largest and most successful Insurance Multiagency in Poland, offering a full range of car, home, life and health insurance.

We built a fully customizable module-based CMS...

For 7 years, the main area of activity has been the sale of insurance. Currently, Unlink has the largest agency network in Poland. The company works with a group of 8,000 insurance agents working all over Poland and with 40 insurance providers. That's why the aim was to deliver a system that will adjust to the changing needs of each insurance company and their offers.

 - 2021 32

Technology Stack

We picked the technologies that allowed us to run a high pace, rapid development process, and gave the customer a lot of flexibility and freedom in creating their own layouts and templates for landing pages..

Wagtail for the CMS - 2021 32

Wagtail for the CMS

This was in our opinion the best solution for the website CMS in terms of flexibility.
Python / Django / React - 2021 32

Python / Django / React

The front-end is based on a design system built with react components.
AWS for cloud solution - 2021 32

AWS for cloud solution

Database, media storage, and server infrastructure built with Amazon services.
 - 2021 32

The CMS is based on WAGTAIL:

We built a set of over 40 different modules, that you can manage, adjust, rearrange, and customize in order to have a unique look and feel.

This gives Unilink an opportunity to run A/B testing of their marketing campaigns and also allows to build new subpages that will serve a different purpose covering the needs of their big network of insurance providers.

All modules are SEO friendly, and each of them has it's own web & mobile version, and a set of parameters (paddings, media sizes, scaling options) that you can change depending on your needs.

Some of the modules are feature-based (like custom forms, interactive maps) so you are able to customize their input and output.

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