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Contour is a platform that was designed to help, educate, and guide diabetes patients in their treatment process. We've designed a platform that is adjusting its contents depending on what type of patients are browsing the platform. The platform can be a digital doctor, a to-do list or a map with events dedicated for diabetes patients.

Countour is the information platform dedicated for diabetic patients. Diabetes is classified into different types: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Each patient with different type of this disease needs proper approach and different set of information about his condition. The same applies to people, who have just learned about their illness, and those who are sick for a long time. Contour platform has been designed to suit the needs of each patient with different type and stage of illness. In total, 66 screens have been designed:42 screens for desktop and 24 for mobile.

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One of the goals of Contour is to provide a wide range of information about different types of diabetes in accessible and friendly way. Those principles have been achieved through transparency
and modular layout.

Main pages

For patients with type 1 diabetes dedicated homepage has been designed. Accordingly all types of diabetes have their own dedicated homepages. Also, returning patient's main pageis different than the one dedicated to new patients.

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Landing page

Apart from the platform a landing page has been designed that redirects to mobile application compatible with glucometer.

Glucometer comparator

For new patiens that need more information about diabetes glucometer comparator has been designed in order to help them in the process of choosing one.

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Other screens

Beneficial subpages were designed for registered users. A wide range of information including: healthy recipes, videos, medical advice, e-books and interviews with other patients help users with diabetes become tamed with illness.

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UI elements

More than 16 modules (cards) were designed in order to create attractive user experience and enhance the user's flow when using Contour platform.

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In addition to desktop version of Contour platform, mobile version of the site was designed. In order to provide readabilityand functionality, the content and individual elements of interface was adjusted to the width of the screen. The mobile version allows you to view the same content that appear in the desktop versionof the platform.

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States of UI

Contour platform has been designed to suit the needs of each patient with different type and stage of diabetes. All types of diabetes have their own dedicated homepages.

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Overall data

In total, 66 screens were designed, including 42 desktop screensand 24 mobile screens. Also, 16 individual information modules were designed. The whole design process took 21 days. More than 140 pages in order to implement the serviceand mobile application were created.

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