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Cross-device development and minimizing costs with React Native framework

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What is React Native?

React Native is a Javascript framework created in 2015 by Facebook. With React Native you can create apps compatible with a number of platforms by using only one codebase.

Native development
In React Native, code can be written once and deployed across both IOS and Android. Mobile apps that are truly "native" in both appearance and performance can be built using JavaScript only.
Custom App Development
If your business requires a customized application with useful features specific to your business you should definitely choose a tailor-made app powered by React Native. With custom app development, you get a product tailored to your needs, with the features of your choosing.
Mobile development
React Native combines the best elements of native programming from React, with a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You can use React Native today in your existing Android and iOS projects, or you can create a brand new app from scratch.

Benefits of React Native

Some advantages of React Native

Cross-device development
Efficient development for multiple platforms simultaneously is the biggest advantage of React Native. Using the same code base for different platforms brings many benefits: easier maintenance (you deal with one, not multiple code bases) and a smoother onboarding process for new developers joining the project.
Short time to place on market
Multi-platform development reduces significantly the required number of man-hours needed to complete the project. There is no need for two separate development teams as you can create a mobile solution for iOS and Android at the same time.
Code Reuse
React Native offers many opportunities to reuse code , which can further reduce programming time . There are many ready-made resources, so there is a good chance that the functionality you want to implement has already been developed by someone else.
Low development costs
React Native is the best choice for startups. It is an ideal choice for further business scalability, and Airbnb is a great example of where you can run a business and will not need to engage additional teams for developing separate apps for iOS, Android, and web. The results? Your development expenses may be reduced by as much as 30-35%!
Native performance
React Native has native iOS and Android components. This provides native performance, integration, and user experience.And if you want to add additional features to your app, you can easily implement native code snippets to customize your product.
Support of the community
React Native is open-source software , so you can benefit from the collected skills and knowledge of developers from all over the world. New major updates come out once every few months , bringing additional features to the table and improving existing ones.
High efficiency
React Native boosts efficiency and makes mobile app development easier than the traditional way. It speeds up development and as of now offers enough support and modules to build a stable app. With unique React Native features like hot reload development teams can speed up mobile app development by up to 50%.
React Native is an open source library with a great community that is free to use. Developers can use it, thus avoiding licensing issues.
Modular architecture
React Native allows you to create projects with a more flexible approach to web-style programming.This allows you to separate the functions of any program into independent blocks called modules. Developers can also generate updates because declarative coding makes React application development flexible.

Our projects in React Native

Examples of React Native projects we’ve delivered

"Order Group’s creativity, collaborative nature, and willingness to face technological trials make them ideal partners"
Grzegorz Bondyra
Chief Technology Officer,
Our projects in React Native


Some questions about React Native...

React.Js is a JavaScript library for building responsive user interfaces for building web applications, while React Native is a framework for creating mobile applications with native style.

Choose React Native if:

  • You need to reach your audience quickly across multiple platforms.
  • Your app idea is a customer-facing app with a simple use case (or MVP, for example).
  • Your competitive advantage does not depend primarily on operating system-specific features

With the help of React Native you can ensure your app has excellent UX, no matter the operating system. React Native provides you with reliable payment support and many other integrations such as maps, analytics, and push notifications. If your goal is to develop a top-quality app that will work on different platforms, and you might have a limited budget, then React Native will prove to be a great choice

  • Cross-platform app
  • Outstanding UX
  • Short time to market
  • Payments and other third-party integrations

We can provide you with a highly skilled and dedicated React Native team that is 100% focused on your product. All of our React Native developers went through a deep hiring process and have been tested on previous projects.

Our team of experts will provide you with end-to-end service, from ideation and strategy, through design and development, all the way to the release and maintenance of your application. You can read more about our projects in the case study section.

Of course. We’ll help you keep your React Native software secure and in the best shape possible, as well as implement updates and changes according to your needs and market standards. As your partner in technology, we’ll make sure you don’t need to worry about that side of your business.You can read more about support and maintenance here.

Depending on a project, React Native development teams consist of 2-5 people, including project manager, developers, and graphic designers. Most usually, the client takes the role of a product owner and controls the process in an efficient, agile way. Make sure to check our article about the product owner’s role and why it’s crucial.

In our case, the minimum budget for React Native software development is 25 000 EUR. Of course, the exact cost depends on the project, so please contact us if you want to know the estimation.

Entrust your project to React Native experts and get a reliable, multi-platform solution that stands the test of time

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