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Custom CMS as an ergonomic advertising platform for an estate agency? We designed a platform with a module for managing offers and an extensive broker rating system that lets the customer choose the best advisor for the specific property.

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Prime Money
Team Size
4 people
Project Duration
2 years
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The Client

Prime Money is an independent financial company that deals with acquiring the best credit conditions for customers. They are certified financial experts listed in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. They offer products of more than 19 banks offering services on the Polish market and help to obtain convenient credit conditions at the time of purchase of the real estate. Developing on the real estate market, they needed a custom platform, which would help in attractive sales of apartments for customers.

What was the need of the Client?

They wanted to build a custom CMS as an ergonomic advertising platform with a module for managing offers and an extensive broker rating system that lets the customer choose the best advisor for the specific property.



Project Approach in a Custom Development

Maciej Sułek, CTO

The biggest challenge in PRIME is the multitude of services that are provided by the system. Our customers are given the opportunity to create their own website based on a given template. Afterward, they can personalize it by actions such as changing the main color theme or repositioning the modules on the main page. In addition, they can set up their own domain, create fully customized pages enriched with their own ideas, import offers from multiple sources, and manage all the content themselves. In order to deliver such a huge set of features, we chose Django as the target development platform.

  • Website wizard

The PRIME project includes a website wizard that allows a real estate agent to configure and publish their own site for free within 30 minutes. The site can contain its own offer list, blog, recommendation module, company description, and a contact form for its customers. The website created in the PRIME wizard can still be used even after the company decides to move to a different CRM system. For agents that have extended requirements or want to stand out from other companies have the option to build a unique web service from the ground up or integrate their current site with the Prime project.

  • Offer import

With the ability to import offers from the most popular CRM systems, agents have access to the full database of offers that they can add to their portfolio and offer to their customers. PRIME allows simultaneous import from many sources including: imports from the primary market from the Residential Platform, including the option to select only a portion of offers from selected districts and projects, as well as offers import from the MLS system, with the possibility to select only the offers that match the selected type or location. As the process of updating imported offers is automatic, it allows the agents to focus on customer service, offer presentation, and sales.

  • Content management

PRIME has an original, easy-to-use CMS system. The built-in blog engine enables real estate agents to run content marketing. The system supports real estate plans, including multiple files (for instance depicting different floors) for one offer. It is possible to embed Youtube and Vimeo videos in offers, support for 3D models is also implemented. All this is available both in the desktop and mobile versions.

Enhancements for the users

The system enables the generation of individual real estate offer pages directly from the website. The pages generated for each agent are designed to run online advertising - the CMS allows easy integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and conversion improvement tools like a chat module connecting the client directly with an advisor. PRIME automatically generates meta tags for real estate offers which greatly improves the pages' search engine optimization.

  • Website optimization

In order to make sure that each web page loads quickly, the system automatically compresses and optimizes used images, and on slower connections, lower resolution images are preloaded first, in order to display the site first and improve image quality when full images load. Each broker website generated by the system is tailored for convenient linking to social media and property searching on smartphones.

  • Advanced search engine

PRIME has an offer search engine which, in addition to choosing property parameters, has advanced options like searching directly from the map divided into agent-specified polygons matching their needs. The user can also draw the scope of their interesting area on the map and get a list of real estate that meets his requirements.

  • Integrated services

PRIME integrates multiple services from related industries. Users searching for apartments have direct access to a bank loan calculator. Based on the loan installment entered in the calculator the user receives personalized offers from financial advisors. The user also has access to a form that allows them to contact the financial advisor directly.

Further project development

The PRIME system is currently being expanded with new features. An information portal template is in the works that would allow advisors to run real estate news blogs. Also, housing investment catalogs are being developed, which would allow the developer to create a website for the project and use it to present and sell their offers in this investment.

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What was the result of our work?

We have built platform that changes the process of searching for real estate. Thanks to the well-organized database of offers and advisor profiles, as well as their recommendations, the client may choose the agent he wants to see the offer with deliberately. PRIME also makes a big difference for real estate brokers - until now the presentation of offers to customers was based solely on their own portfolio. PRIME gives you the ability to download offers from your own database and from exchange systems dedicated to the primary market. This allows brokers to offer a much larger range of properties.

Two faces of the project

From the end-user's perspective, PRIME is now a transparent listing service with an advanced search engine, a catalog of offers for rent and for sale, a list of planned housing investments and the place to find articles about the real estate market or contact financial advisors specializing in real estate loans.

From the real estate agent's and financial advisor's perspective, it is an indispensable work assistance tool, with the main goal of increasing efficiency and improving sales.

What do clients say about our work?

Together with Order Group, we have created an uncompromising solution for the real estate market. A custom approach to the real estate theme required courageous decisions .
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Konrad Bernaciak
Product Leader
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