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React.js allows you to create responsive interfaces that your users will enjoy interacting with.

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What is React.js?

React.js is very popular, front-end JavaScript library. Today, React is the main front-end technology of well-known sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox.

Scalability, speed, and simplicity.
React allows you to build even the most complex websites and web applications using reusable components. You can save time and money while ensuring high performance, SEO optimization, and usability.
Building engagement and trust among customers
With React.js you can build fast MVP to show possibilities of your application with the right technology solutions. React.js will help you create a performant website or web application.
Security of data
If you need to build an application of medium or high complexity, React.js will help you create a secure and stable product. It will ensure adherence to the highest security standards avoiding leakage of essential data.

Benefits of React.js

Advantages of implementing React.js

Dynamic interface
React's simple and consistent architecture combined with a simple API makes them highly efficient in code and speed. It makes site updates happen instantly (they happen in real-time) and is noticed by users on the fly.
Code stability
When you work with React.js, you are guaranteed a unidirectional data flow which makes the code stable. You can work with individual components, which means that other components and structures do not change. Only the selected element is transformed.
Ease of use
It does not require advanced programming knowledge. It makes it an option available to everyone. If you need help, you can count on comprehensive support in the form of a strong programming community available on the Internet, which is constantly working on developing React's features.
Flexibility and development
React.js is a compelling and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces yourself. Each interface is built from isolated components that can be replaced and moved with minimal effort. It makes development and testing much faster and easier. Not only can the configuration of components be quickly rebuilt in React, but its dynamic aspects are also flexible.
Versatility and low cost
React.js owes much of its speed to the Virtual DOM. It quickly calculates page changes and updates the browser page display in the most efficient way. It allows older and cheaper hardware to run smoothly, which means you can easily deploy on different platforms such as Android and iOS.
Native approach
Developers use React.js also to build mobile applications (React Native). With the reuse option, a wide range of code is supported. It means that we can develop IOS, Android, and Web applications at the same time.

Our Projects in React.js

"Order Group invests time to define the scope and ask clarifying questions. Their channels of communication lead to smooth remote project management."
Didrik Martens
Bizbot CEO
Our Projects in React.js


Questions people ask about React.js...

In Order Group most of our developers' team are mid and senior developers with years of experience and proven knowledge in realized projects. Each time we combine strategy, design, and execution into an Agile approach. We always start every project from the business analysis. It's a proven key to our partners' success. We have already successfully completed many projects using React.js.

In each project we care about quality of our code therefore work on development and maintenance along with code review and quality tests.

With React.js, you can develop custom software in a modern and agile approach.

Of course. We believe that the release date of your application is just the beginning of our cooperation. Our team will work on your app, even after its launch, to make sure your users like it.

In our case, the minimum budget for a project in React.js is 25 000 EUR. Of course, the exact cost depends on the size of your project and specific requirements. Please contact us if you want to know the estimation.

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