AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure platform that stands out from the competition with its flexibility, scale, and availability.

No matter the industry, a vast majority of modern companies are moving everything to the cloud to many available “as a service” providers.

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Move your product to AWS Cloud

What is AWS?

AWS cloud platform is a daughter company to Amazon and one of the most profitable subsidiaries of the American giant

AWS popularity
According to a study by Statista from late 2021, Amazon Web Services market share is around 32%, while Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud take 21 and 8%, respectively. The rest of the market belongs to a large number of smaller companies.
Multitude of AWS services
Core AWS’s products are mainly cloud-computing services, platforms, and APIs, but its portfolio increases each year rapidly in line with the newest demands of the most advanced tech companies.
Cloud computing
No matter the industry, all advanced businesses are putting significant portions of their operations into the cloud. For sure, the most of your favorite apps are functioning correctly thanks to some type of cloud computing.

Benefits of AWS

Check out main benefits of using AWS cloud

Cost reduction
You can use available resources quickly which results in a huge increase in the efficiency of the organization, as the costs and time needed for development are much lower. Also, you only pay for whatever you need at this particular time and not a penny more
Flexibility and scalability
The pay-as-you-go model is also a reason why cloud solutions are perfect for rapidly growing businesses. Cooperation models with Amazon Web Services allow very high flexibility and fast reaction to unexpected changes. If, for example, there’s a sudden need for more storage and bandwidth, it’s always there for grabs. It doesn’t require buying and installing any new equipment.
Fast deployment
Cloud computing gives instant access to services and products that otherwise would require a lot of work to buy, assemble, or create from scratch. It’s a convenient way to scale quickly or jump-start projects in which time plays a crucial role.
Slowly but surely, companies realize that having data and hardware under their direct control doesn’t make them safer. If anything, it makes them more vulnerable. The in-house model requires constant oversight and maintenance, let alone the cost of hardware and energy. It all drastically increases operational costs. Cloud services do it all for us.
Amazon Web Services are known for being super reliable with over 99,9% availability rating. They simply don't go down. We can also be sure that they’re all completely up to date and, therefore, secure at all times. And that applies to both the software and hardware side. You can be sure that your AWS services run on perfectly reliable and super-fast CPUs and GPUs.
Better performance
With reliable hardware and state-of-the-art network infrastructure of AWS comes performance. Cloud services give companies the ability to create experiences and deliver services that would be pretty impossible any other way. With the emergence of live processed AI solutions and AR/VR applications, more and more businesses require incredibly fast processing of large amounts of data, which is possible only in the cloud.

Our AWS Projects

Project for fintech industry

Together with Order Group, we have created an uncompromising solution for the real estate market. A custom approach to the real estate theme required courageous decisions .
Konrad Bernaciak
Product Leader
Our AWS Projects


Frequent Asked Questions about AWS

Of course, we can’t say for sure until we know exactly what your project is, but the answer very often is YES. From machine learning and AI tools to payment processing and office apps, Amazon Web Services cover such a broad range of applications, utilities, and infrastructure products, that almost every project could take something from their portfolio. However, before we suggest it for your project, we’ll make sure it’s the right choice from a technological and financial standpoint.

This scenario is entirely possible. In some cases, sharing data with third parties can be far strategically risky, and using cloud storage is out of the question. However, cloud computing doesn’t only mean sharing data. There are many other AWS products that can boost your business without the need to share sensitive information outside your organization.

Yes, we also have a lot of experience with the Microsoft Azure environment as well as some other less popular solutions. We will consider many possible options before choosing the way to go for your project. You can read more about Azure here.

One of the most significant advantages of Amazon Web Services is high flexibility. You can modify or cancel your subscriptions as you go. Moreover, many products are completely free of charge, while others have trial options for even 12 months of free use.

Cutting costs, streamlining processes, increasing security, and improving teamwork between different teams and organizations. The potential of cloud solutions is immense. The most important part is to pick and choose those products that really fit your business. As a team with extensive experience with AWS (and other cloud solution providers), we will make it truly work for your benefit.

Build a future-proof software with AWS experts at Order Group

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