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Delivering Advanced IT Systems, Web & Mobile Apps, Product Design & Tech Consulting Workshops for the Most Demanding Corporate & Startup Clients.

Advanced IT Projects

Our dedicated teams build bespoke IT Solutions and Systems powered by optimised, safe, high quality code, with modern and user friendly interfaces. We deliver software to companies from the most challenging industries:


We have created several advanced products cooperating with the air force, airports, and medical air rescue teams,among others. Building products for the industry is a great challenge, and we are getting better at doing it with every project.

Banking & Finance

FinTech is one of the most exciting industries. User-centered design and big data analysis are the trends that are driving digital transformation in banks and insurance companies. We build FinTech products as well as advise corporations on how to change their software development culture and embrace the potential of technology.

Real Estate & Construction

We know the sector quite well as we also develop our own products for real estate and construction companies. It is always better if your tech partner knows the business side of the project you are going to work on together. Take a look at what we've done so far.

Transportation & Logistics

Although this sector doesn't get as much publicity as others, digital transformation strongly disrupts transportation. There are many aspects of the logistic processes that can be optimized with the use of machine learning methods and user-centered design.

Healthcare & Education

We consider both industries incredibly stimulating for software designers and engineers. There's simply so much to achieve with smart design and implementation of the newest technology.

Government & NGO’s

Our team has vast experience in cooperating with the public sector as well as non-profit organizations. We understand the different cultures, goals, and dynamics of working outside of the commercial, income-driven private sector. Check out our portfolio.
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Product Design

Helping our clients build products that bring delightful User Experience. Our Product Design Process focuses on User Centred Design. We run workshops and Design Sprints to foresee and resolve potential problems. We help Startups, Scale-ups & established Corporations by delivering:

User Experience Design

Helping our clients build products that bring delightful User Experience. Our Product Design Process focuses on User Centred Design.

Web & Mobile Interface Design

Contemporary digital products need to deliver a top-notch user experience to stand a chance at the competitive global market. Order Group designers excel in web and mobile interfaces.

Branding & Graphic Design

Our graphic designers have vast experience in creating full-stack visual identity and rebranding projects. Keeping branding and graphic design competence in one team is the best strategy.

Design Sprint Workshops

Coming out with the right design ideas needs a perfect understanding of the business objectives and the needs of each end-user groups. That's why we work together with all stakeholders to create user journey maps.

MVP Development

Let's define your minimum viable product (MVP) and work together to release it as fast as possible. Why? Because once it's out we can gather feedback from real users and immediately start working to improve it in the next iteration.

UX Audit

Your product may be underperforming because of a faulty user experience design. We are an experienced team of UX designers and can use the knowledge acquired during years of working on top-notch projects from many different industries.
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Web & Mobile Apps

Designing and building state-of-the-art applications with compelling UX and scalable backend architecture. We develop corporate CRM’s & ERP’s as well as captivating Customer Apps. We develop Web & Mobile Apps for all platforms, depending on your needs:

Scalable, Secure & Easy to Edit

Your mobile application needs to be ready for a success scenario. When users and paying customers arrive it needs to be able to scale up without any security issues. Users will bring valuable feedback, that's why you need to be able to implement changes effortlessly.

Usable & Well-crafted Interface

Your app users know the best UIs created by Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. Your product can't stand out. That's why you need to engage experienced designers that will guarantee world-class solutions.

Diverse Tech Stack

In Order Group we are passionate about the possibilities new software development technology brings to the table. We have our favorite languages and frameworks but know that each use case is special. We will find the best tech stack for your product.

Native & Hybrid Approach

With every mobile and web application, you need to decide whether you'd like to build a separate native app for iOS, Android, and other platforms for the best user experience or to use a hybrid approach that saves time and money. We'll help you make the right choice.

Responsive Front-end

Your application needs to provide an awesome user experience on every device, no matter the size of the screen. That is why you need a responsive front-end approach since the earliest product development stage.

Optimised Back-end

Every application needs good fundaments - back-end architecture. The Order Group team has worked on many bespoke projects for the most demanding industries - infrastructure, aviation, finance - and we provide the highest back-end quality.
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Development Teams

We work in a remote development team model because it's the best way to build outstanding products for our clients. It's fast and fits best the agile project management methodology and lean product development approach. Hiring a remote team, you can scale up and down its size in just a few days.

Tech Consulting

Over the years we developed web and mobile applications, created extraordinary graphic design and UX design for top e-commerce companies, designed advanced solutions for the aviation industry - airforce, air rescue teams, and airports.

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