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Our Workstyle and Values

✓ We Are Partners

Our priority is sustaining a harmonious team. We believe it's the best foundation for our company's success and growth. Our organization is flat. We have no formal hierarchies, and the only thing that matters is competence. We always support each other, so nobody is left with an overwhelming problem alone.

✓ We Are Transparent

Integrity, honesty, and competence are at the heart of our culture. That's why we promote full transparency. We want the information to flow freely among our team members so that we can learn from each other as well as misunderstandings.

✓ Superb Workspace and Tools

We will provide you with any tools you need to code or design exceptional products. As for the office, we also arrange it together, so everyone feels comfortable, and we are not afraid to invest in it. Come and see our new office in Warsaw!

✓ Flexibility and Remote Teams

As you'd expect it from any modern quality team, in OG everyone can arrange their own working-hours. However, we believe that we need to meet on a regular basis to create a great team. Good specialists can manage their time, so as long as you meet the deadlines and provide the quality code or design, we assume you know the best what works for you.

How is it to work in Order Group

We are not an ordinary software development agency. What's different? First of all, we put our team's personal and group ambitions before scaling-up sales. Of course, since the clients are knocking to our door, we do many projects for European and American companies.

Nevertheless, we'd rather delve deep into a challenging project for a local client from Poland than do some simple coding for a wealthy client from the UK or the US. Of course, we try to do them both :)

At Order Group we also develop our internal products. PRIME EST, NEXT WEB and TicketClub are good examples. We also aim at forming strategic partnerships with clients. We did it with Stodola Music Club - with the TicketClub project - or AP-TECH, an aviation software company, with which we develop advanced IT project for the aviation industry.

We have a vast experience of great projects that were sparked by an unexpected idea by one of our team. As we understand that there's no better way to success than letting a group of talented people work on something they believe in.

If you want to learn more, take a look at our project portfolio (we are adding the case studies all the time) or contact us and pay us a visit in our office. You can also meet our team at the hackathons or tech meetups.

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