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22.02.2019 | 5 min

Why Python Is The Best Language For Machine Learning and IoT

Development of Python language is attributed to Guido Van Rossum. It was first released in 1991 and has since then seen evolutions that have increased its efficiency. Read how Python is incredibly successful in digitalization of Industry 4.0 and why Python Is The Best Language For Machine Learning and IoT

Why Python Is The Best Language For Machine Learning and IoT - 2024 25
Table of Contents
  • Machine Learning and its significance in various sectors
  • Popular sites and apps built in Python
  • Advantages of using Python in Machine Learning and IoT
  • Machine Learning solutions in Python
  • Build your custom app with Python developers

Whereas some programming languages have been developed and stagnated for quite some time, others have shown quick growth and popularity among programmers. According to statistics from Stack Overflow 2021 Python is the programming language with the fastest growth rate.

Various factors have influenced its growth. First, programmers find it easy to use Python to fulfill a wide range of purposes. Web developers find it convenient and less complicated to use. The case is the same for developers of mobile applications as well as those focusing on data science. Further on, in a world where money runs everything, Python becomes the top priority language for many programmers and students, but why and how? A huge pool of both current and future programmers and students are interested in knowing and learning about what will land them well-paying jobs. Python is in high demand, therefore, becomes an ideal language to venture into.

The versatility of Python is another factor that makes it a global trend. Being a multi-purpose language that is applicable in a vast range of tasks such as web and app development, its overall growth can be examined by monitoring the levels of traffic growth of popular packages developed using Python.

Machine Learning and its significance in various sectors

Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things are also large contributors to the growth of Python. Machine Learning is described as the application of data while teaching a machine how to make decisions that are accurate. There exists no specific programming language dedicated to Machine Learning. By, however, looking at the distinct characteristics of individual languages that can-do machine learning, developers can easily choose a language that best fits their desires. Python has become a common choice for many ML engineers due to its ease of use and compatibility. It is specifically highlighted for its ease when developing intelligent algorithms from vast, unstructured, and incomplete data.

Python solutions for industrial IoT

Various reasons render Machine Learning important in different sectors. First, producers of self-driving cars could have never achieved their dreams with the exemption of machine learning that enables algorithms to interpret and analyze 3D images.

Though most of these innovations are past the testing phase, self-driving cars taking to the road on their own will be sincere proof that machine learning will have enabled them to respond to the surrounding situations in real-time. Rather than submitting information acquired through sensors to a cloud or a server for analysis, the car is able to process such information and derive a suitable action rapidly.

Other areas where ML is significant are manufacturing industries where large production plants can perform most of the operations on their own when properly programmed. Think of finance where systems alike Automatic Teller Machines are able to analyze a client’s data and perform a series of commands. Online customer support, virtual personal assistants and commuting predictions are other sectors where ML plays significant roles.

Popular sites and apps built in Python

With all the aforementioned significance and popularity of Python, tangible evidence marked by its role in the development of famous applications exist. There are various popular applications and websites whose foundations lay in Python.

  • YouTube

YouTube applied Python to facilitate the integration of video streaming, the embedding of certain information, and the ability to like videos on their pages.

  • Google

Google, a giant search engine operates its mainframe foundation using Python. Various applications that are run by Google in concurrence with the main site are also developed using python. Quora, famous for its perfect answers to questions from a vast range of topics use Python language.

  • Quora

Quora was designed and created by former employees of Facebook who used the Python language to create the globe's paramount magic eight balls in Quora.

  • Instagram

All online marketers must have thought about marketing their products on Instagram.Thanks to Python for bringing into existence such a helpful app that enables multiple users to post, browse and find pictures of their choice in the site.

  • Reddit

Reddit is among the monster open communities found in the web where specific questions, specific talks or much information relating to a particular topic can be found. This site uses Python language to store usernames, create categories of subreddits, and gold was awarded to posters that are highly valued.

Advantages of using Python in Machine Learning and IoT

Developers of machine learning derive many benefits when using Python as their programming language. Below is a comprehensive list

  • Fast to develop, easy to use, and versatile.
  • Open-source engulfed in a vibrant community
  • Convenient for prototypes where more can be achieved with less coding
  • It was comprised of a comprehensive set of extensive libraries
  • Possible to extend it to other languages
  • Embeddable, an attribute that complements its extensibility. It is, therefore, possible to put Python code in a source code of a different language like C++.
  • Object-oriented and thus facilitates the input of specific commands to give specific results in machine learning
  • Has higher productivity compared to other programming languages? It can, therefore, be used to develop more than one command in ML.

Machine Learning solutions in Python

There are various Machine Learning projects and solutions that have been developed using Python language. TensorFlow which was initially developed by Google Brain Team is one of them. This system facilitates ML research and makes it easy and quick to switch to the production system from a research prototype. Scikit-Learn is a solution that makes data analysis and data mining accessible to everyone. Built on a commercially usable- BSD license, this solution is reusable in a variety of contexts.

Theano is a Python-based project that enables users to define, optimize and evaluate multi-dimensional arrays of mathematical expressions effectively. It is very helpful for large financial institutions. Chainer is an open-source and standalone Python-based framework used for deep learning models. It is notable for facilitating the implementation of several state-of-the-art models such as variational auto-encoders through intuitive, flexible, and high-performance means.

Build your custom app with Python developers

As such, it can be concluded that the Python programming language is a huge benefit to programmers. Its ease of use and convenience makes it the top choice among various users of programming languages. In the business world, Python has facilitated enormous growth through the automation of various processes.

Business owners are able to easily track business dealings with the use of various programs developed using this language. We have developed many successful Python projects which you can read about in Case Study section. If you want to outsource Python-skilled engineers for your project, we are ready to help.

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