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Ewelina Wrzosek
HR Manager
Employer Branding
12.08.2021 | 3 min

Work-life balance, that is why work in IT is for you

There are many different reasons people work too much: they live they work, so they devote their whole time and efforts to develop their career, they earn money to buy a house or a brand new car they dream of, or they simply need money to pay the bills. Sometimes work is also a way to escape from problems in private life. But if you work long hours where is the time to get rest? Where is that moment to regenerate, to disassociate from your job duties and focus on yourself and your needs? The human body needs relaxation and some time to calm down. It is impossible to function without it for a long time. Everybody needs a work-life balance.

Work-life balance, that is why work in IT is for you - 2024 26
Table of Contents
  • Make a change!
  • Be your own boss

Many corporations write in their job postings that they guarantee you a work-life balance, but in practice, because of the deadlines, you work after hours, usually also during the weekends. Moreover, there are many unpleasant and stressful situations and work under huge pressure. How many years can you stand it - one, three, five? But why, in general, do you think you have to make yourself stand it? You do not have to sacrifice your private life and be stuck in this situation, waiting for a miracle. Your time to act is now!

Make a change!

Take a moment and ask yourself if these questions relate to your life: does your work seem disappointing? The corporation is not what you expected and not what you wanted for yourself and your career development? Do you do the same thing every single day and feel burnt out? Do you work 12 hours a day and are a guest at your own house? Do you feel stressed and exhausted all the time? I do not want to make you sad, but if you answered ‘yes’ to even one of those questions, it is not a good perspective for a bright and happy future…

The worst thing you can do to yourself is keeping still and doing nothing but complaining about this situation. Do not be afraid and make a change for yourself! You will never know what would happen if you will not do anything. Maybe you should take up a different job if what you do now makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. Or maybe it is a matter of changing the whole branch to one that guarantees interesting projects, flexible working hours, and self-development? It might be, your place is not a strict and overstretched financial environment, but a more relaxed and innovative IT branch.

Have you ever considered IT as your place to be? You always wanted to give it a try? Do not waste your time, and do it now! People from IT seem to be less stressed and more content with their work and life. They can combine business and pleasure, earn a good salary, and have time for themselves, their family, and friends. Remember, you should not be held hostage in your job - it has supposed to give you the money you need to live and satisfaction. If one of these two things is missing, it is high time to act.

Be your own boss

Are you fed up with your boss, who does not understand you and your needs and is unfair to you? Probably you should get down to work and become your own boss. Many people are afraid of making that step - they think it is too complicated to start their own company, run it, and manage with all that paperwork. They can’t be more erroneous! Even if you do not understand everything initially, some civil servants can always explain everything. You can always hire someone to help you out with invoices, taxes, etc., so you can rest assured and focus on different things.

Being your own boss gives you the privilege to decide when you work, for whom, and from where. It is also a significant advantage that you earn money for yourself, and all credits go to you - the success is only yours, not your supervisor’s or your colleagues’. If you decide you need to chill and rest a bit, you go on holiday, whenever or for long you want. You decide about your working hours - no matter if you start at 7 am or 1 pm - it is your decision, how much time you need to fulfill your duties.

Sounds great? Why not give it a try - find out how it feels like being your own boss and what work-life balance means in practice.