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Joanna Osuch
Head of People
Employer Branding
31.01.2023 | 2 min

The OG workation!

A short story about how we took almost the whole company for a week's workation. No words would give this adventure's climate better than the pictures, and here they are!

The OG workation! - 2024 13
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  • The OG workation!

The OG workation!

What a trip it was.

After many OG parties in the city and several weekend integration trips, we decided to take our team-building initiatives to the next level. So, almost as a whole company, we took a 6 hours trip to Slovakia, where we spent an entire week working and enjoying free time together.

Our main goal was to connect better with others. We also wanted people who work together daily to have a chance to show each other their private side. It's not that easy on regular work days in times of remote work.


We knew we needed a space that would fit at least 30 people. Yet, we didn’t want separate houses or hotel rooms. We were looking for one prominent place where we would all work, eat, sleep and play together.

And we made it!


We assumed that some people would only be able to come for part of the week, so we divided the trip into two groups. Half of the company went for the whole workation week, and eight people visited us just for the weekend.

On the fifth day of the event, we were already the entire company in Slovakia.


The "work" part lasted from Tuesday to Thursday. Everyone worked at their own pace, at the hours that suited them best. For many of us, it was the first opportunity to work in one shared space because we primarily work from home offices daily.

It was a great experience to see how others work and how it is to work with others.


After work and throughout Friday and Saturday, we spent time together. We were cooking, eating and cleaning, playing Fifa and team building games, rafting, playing Babington, company quizzes…

We had it all. :)



Lessons learned

Workation bonds the team on a profound level, and we already know that we will definitely repeat such a trip soon,

People remembered what it used to be like to work together in one office, although we didn’t witness a spectacular return to the office :)

For the next workation, we are looking for a bigger house, with more space to work,

Before the next workation, we will take care of as many organizational matters as possible before leaving so we can only focus on enjoying the time with people during the trip.

Thanks to the whole OG team. It was a great, quality time, and we are already thinking about our next trip. See you!

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