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30.11.2022 | 5 min

ExtraORDERnary Mateusz - Solutions before emotions

Another extraORDERnary episode brings another Agile Project Manager. However, compared to many previous posts in our people-oriented series, Mateusz is a relatively fresh addition to our team. He came with a lot of experience from other software houses and other types of companies. Despite just about seven months working in Order Group, he has a lot to share and provides a unique, fascinating view on issues such as professional relationships, team-building, and work ethic. Let’s hear from Mateusz.

ExtraORDERnary Mateusz - Solutions before emotions - 2024 47
Table of Contents
  • How did you start working in Order Group?
  • Expectations vs. reality. How would you summarize your 7 months in Order Group?
  • What kind of projects do you work on as an Agile Project Manager in OG?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your line of work?
  • How is Order Group different from the companies you worked in before?
  • What advice would you give your inexperienced self from years ago?
  • This or That
  • Want to apply?

How did you start working in Order Group?

At some point in my career, I felt that I needed a change of environment, and I was hungry for something new, so I started to look around. Before Order Group, I worked in a similar position in manufacturing, which I enjoyed for quite a while, but it’s not the most trailblazing and dynamic industry. So, my key criteria were to find a company that works on exciting projects, innovative technologies and provides more diverse challenges.

Order Group was one of the possible choices, but after a very interesting interview with OG and additional recommendations I’ve received personally from Julia (a hero from the previous extraORDERnary episode), the decision was pretty easy.

What I liked the most about OG was the honesty and openness on both the professional and personal levels. I felt that the entire team is ambitious and aims very high in everything they do. At the same time, they struck me as a group of very open-minded individuals that thrive because they’re working together and constantly exchanging ideas. Given my criteria, I have to admit that the combination was certainly very appealing.

Expectations vs. reality. How would you summarize your 7 months in Order Group?

In terms of the organizational culture and the way the team works together, I’m glad to say that my first impression was correct. Work in Order Group truly feels like a team effort, and it’s not based on some mystical company DNA written in stone but not necessarily cultivated. For example, this year we had our first workation, which was a fantastic team-building. The entire experience so far was as enjoyable as it was fulfilling.

On a purely professional level, one of the most satisfying parts is that now I can work with larger teams and on several interesting projects simultaneously.

What kind of projects do you work on as an Agile Project Manager in OG?

As I said, my first impression of Order Group was that the team really likes challenges, and that really shows in the projects I was assigned. Some companies I work with, such as Nuvve and Koios, develop truly innovative and fascinating solutions. Of course, the software development process in those kinds of projects keeps you on your toes, especially in the early stages, but that was precisely what I was looking for.

What are the biggest challenges in your line of work?

The agile method of software development in the style of Order Group is highly efficient, but it might cause some growing pains for those who have yet to work in a similar fashion. My role is to make the adjustment as seamless as possible. It requires quick and efficient communication, competent management, and commitment from every involved party, and that’s what I’m trying to ensure every day.

How is Order Group different from the companies you worked in before?

Perhaps the most significant difference is how Order Group approaches relationships with clients and their projects. Instead of being an agency that works separately and delivers exactly what’s asked of them, we want to make our clients feel like they’re just another department of their company. It always begins with a deep understanding of their businesses and their industry. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight, but we know that we have to know them well if we want to deliver the best solutions.

The client-oriented approach isn’t always straightforward. From time to time, we’ll have ideas on how to improve something or do something different that doesn’t exactly align with the initial concept and might not be met with instant applause by the client. But it always comes from that philosophy that we want to do what’s best for our clients. So if we see anything we can improve, we will share it.

And here’s where another crucial factor comes into play - communication. Honesty and openness are obviously vital, but what truly makes the approach work is how Order Group values face-to-face workshop meetings. During critical phases of projects, we always try to meet at our or our client's headquarters. As a person whose role is to facilitate progress and manage communication, I can’t stress enough how valuable this is. The strategy works wonders not only for projects but also vastly improves relationships and makes further communication significantly more efficient.

On top of that, I have to admit that I personally greatly appreciate it. After being so adjusted to working almost exclusively online, I find this method really invigorating and inspiring. To be perfectly honest, I probably forgot how much I needed it.

What advice would you give your inexperienced self from years ago?

During the first couple of years of my career, I had to learn how to handle difficult situations at work. I used to take problems very personally, which took a toll on me. It took some time before I learned to treat them in a productive way and focus more on solutions than emotions. That made me a significantly calmer and happier person and a much more efficient project manager.

In addition to that, remember that being invested in a project doesn’t mean it should consume your entire focus and time. It’s perfectly fine to care about your work, but it shouldn’t impact your health and relationships.


Favorite movie → "Pulp Fiction"

Favorite series → "The Office (US version)"

Favorite album → The Dark Side of the Moon

Favorite game → "F1 on Xbox"

Favorite book → "The Angel's Game"

This or That

PC or smartphone or console → console

Android or iOS → iOS

Windows, Mac, or Linux → Mac

Netflix, HBO, Disney, or Amazon Prime → HBO

Live music or music platforms → music platforms but more out of necessity than preference

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