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Ewelina Wrzosek
HR Manager
Employer Branding
08.09.2021 | 2 min

Well-being in the workspace? See how we rock!

Well-being combines physical, emotional elements. We are able to meet some of these needs ourselves, but some of them are related to our professional life or even dependent on it. In our 'Order' example, we will show how easily an employer can help achieve our inner well-being, knowing our needs.

Well-being in the workspace? See how we rock! - 2024 01
Table of Contents
  • Happy inside and outside
  • Healthy body, healthy mind
  • First: HUMAN

Happy inside and outside

As it is well known, healthy and happy persons are also satisfied with their work. Health and physical condition are as crucial for effective work as knowledge and skills. A good employer should try to meet them to make everyone feel comfortable in their workplace.

To make it easier, at the very beginning, let's break down the categories of well-being into those with an internal and external dimension. And so: the internal elements of well-being include spirituality, emotionality, intellect, mental health. The external components include: finances, professional career, relationships with others, physical health, and this is what we will focus on from the perspective of the workplace.

That outer part is closely related to the professional life of a human being. Therefore its achievement should be supported by the employer. That is why at Order Group we have introduced many benefits that help us achieve our well-being.

Healthy body, healthy mind

First of all, we support maintaining our good physical condition, encourage sports activities and healthy eating - we provide medical care, sports cards, and deliveries of fresh fruit. What is more, we also train together! After hours we play volleyball and organize running sessions in the park. As they say: a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, right? ;)

We also attach great importance to the space where we work daily to ensure friendly working conditions for everyone. Some time ago, we changed the office to a larger and more modern one, located in the center of Warsaw. We are constantly working on its decor and adapt it to the needs of each of us, introducing new amenities.

To ensure a balance between work and private life, we provide everyone with home office and flexible working hours. You are an early bird - you start your work early in the morning. You like to sleep longer, no problem -you start working later. We also respect our free time - we try not to disturb each other, because everyone has the right to rest and pursue their passions. Simply as that.

First: HUMAN

At Order Group, we consider human relations to be of key importance. After all, it is more pleasant to work in a place where you spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, with people you like. Therefore, we place great emphasis on everyone being involved in the company's life and strengthening ties. Each month, we organize an informal meeting to chat and grab a beer, and once a year, we have an integration trip to the new place - all this to get to know each other on a personal basis.

During the pandemic, due to country-wide restrictions and difficulties in getting around, all kinds of relationships were difficult to maintain. When the situation stabilized, many of us decided to return to work from the office because we lacked contact with each other. To ensure the comfort and safety of all our colleagues, we provided personal protective equipment for each person. Moreover, we now have our famous 'family lunches' once a week, on Tuesdays. After each team meeting, we order some tasty food and simply enjoy our time together.

Sounds great? And we have not said the last word yet!

Join us and see what comes next ;).
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