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Karol Oponowicz
Employer Branding
04.07.2022 | 2 min

We are organizing a Web3 hackathon!

At OG, we love hackathons, and so far, we held four sessions. Our brave hackathon runners created a mobile game, a payment solution for churches, and an IoT system for managing sensors in the office that were gathering data about how many people there were in the kitchen at a given moment or which toilet seat was currently used (this was the ultimate solution for the shy poopers - Rick & Morty style)

We are organizing a Web3 hackathon! - 2024 56
Table of Contents
  • We love Hackathons!
  • Our Web3 ideas for the Hackathon:
  • Let's get it going!

We love Hackathons!

Because they test and develop our creativity and programming skills under time pressure. They allow us to go beyond daily routines and our comfort zone without consequences.

Obviously, on top of that, we love to have fun together and work on non-commercial (and sometimes wacky) projects.


That’s why in July 2022, we're hosting the fifth Order Group hackathon. We asked employees which technological or business areas they most wanted to develop, and Web3 was one of the most requested topics.

So together with Sasha, we have prepared four Web3 ideas from which hackathon teams will choose their own and have 24 hours to develop them.

Our Web3 ideas for the Hackathon:

A crypto wallet that automates and customizes monthly billings and allows transfers between employers, employees, and contractors.


  • Set the rules (blockchain type, available payment tokens, transaction scheduler, etc.),
  • Get paid based on the blockchain contract rules,
  • Used by web3 companies (token-based projects, NFT startups) that hire and pay their teams in crypto.

A sleep tracking app that every night you reach your sleep goal builds an NFT piece.


  • Cumulate the NFT's value with win streaks and mint the artwork if the winning steak is long enough,
  • Lose the ability to upgrade the pieces into a fully-fledged NFT when losing the streak,
  • Buy the missing pieces/layers from others or sell your pieces,
  • Used by any company to reach an engaged and mindful audience.

A DAO-based Order Group Token that will be distributed throughout the company.


  • Distribution based on seniority or on time spent in the company or on any other rules invented by the DAO participants,
  • The token can be streamed in real-time with progression,
  • Used by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to share profits or manage company perks.

An AI NFT platform that uses neural networks to generate NFT images based on descriptions written in words.


  • Streamline the publishing process on a blockchain,
  • Publish an image you're satisfied with on NFT platforms,
  • Used by artists and designers to generate album covers, wine label designs, book covers, etc.

Let's get it going!

How do you like our ideas? They don't just sound like fun but also like actual commercial products, right?

This is precisely our goal; we want to have fun, but also build internal blockchain know-how and let all developers see how high the threshold for entering the Web3 technology is for them.

The event will occur on Saturday, July 16, at our office in Warsaw. Teams will start from scratch and will have 24 hours to release their project.

We will equip the teams with proper knowledge and tools. I will also be honored to host the event and capture the whole thing with the camera. And eventually show the outcomes of our work with you, guys. Catch you soon!

PS. In case you’re hungry for Web3 knowledge, we've got something in the works that may interest you :)

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