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16.08.2021 | 3 min

ExtraORDERnary Karolina - Being in the right place

In Order Group we believe that what creates a good company is PEOPLE. If you do not have the right people by your side, you cannot create anything valuable and permanent. People are those who create a positive work environment, especially if you can count on them any time and they make you feel you are in the right place.

ExtraORDERnary Karolina - Being in the right place - 2024 21
Table of Contents
  • ExtraORDERnary people
  • How it all started
  • Why Order Group

ExtraORDERnary people

We make an effort to find the right people during our interviews with candidates and to put them in the right roles. We believe in people and try to build an extraordinary team, consisted of exceptional people. It all makes us like not only to work with each other but also to spend our free time together.

Our people are that unique and special that we also want you to meet them and get to know how great they are. That is why we decided to create a special series of articles about our great coworkers. The first person we want to introduce to you is our colleague Karolina, who brings light to our reception desk and is the first person you meet entering our office.

How it all started

Karolina joined Order Group almost three years ago. She came right in time to move with us to our brand new office at Dzielna. It was her first week, and she had been thrown into deep water as she was the one to coordinate the ‘big movement.’ Since that time, Karolina did a lot for Order Group’s social life: she organized many company events like off-sites, Halloween parties, quizzes and games for International Children’s Day, hare and hounds, and even a Xmas choir to sing the carols.

Daily Karolina is simply irreplaceable at work. She coordinates our reception desk and entertains all of us with pleasant conversations. Always with a smile on her face and a good word for everyone. But what not everybody knows is that Karolina has a particular talent: she produces jewelry. How did it all start?

- It started from the ceramic classes. Since I was young, I was interested in handicrafts, so I decided to sign up for a ceramic course a few years ago. It was always satisfying to me to create something from nothing. I was able to design something completely new and unique that has a special meaning only to me. - says Karolina - At the very beginning, I was creating the china sets for all my friends and family, primarily plates and teacups. All my friends received personalized ceramic sets as their wedding gifts to make that moment of their lives even more special. Then I decided to try with jewelry, and it became my hobby. Rings, earrings, brooches - I can make whatever you need. Now, I know how to make all types of ceramic jewelry, and I even have my own company and sell my products.

But creating ceramic jewelry is not the only extraordinary thing Karolina is interested in.
- In my free time, I also dance contact improvisation. It sounds complicated, but I am sure most people have seen it on TV programs. It accompanied me for the last year, discovering the wonderful inner spaces and connections between the world and people. I experience amazing things in each class, go deeper and deeper into myself and learn how much joy it brings to contact other people. It is a world which both dancers and non-dancers can enter. I recommend to everyone to try this kind of dance class at least once in their lives. The journey will be unforgettable!

Why Order Group

And what does Karolina think about her work at Order Group? Why did she choose this place, and what does she think about the company and the people she works with?

- Why do I like to work at Order Group? Here I have everything I have always wanted to have at work: family atmosphere, creativity, and positive people always supporting each other. I live for all those inside jokes we have and all those memories we create together. We have a similar point of view on many different things and share the same values, have the same level of respect, empathy, and overall understanding between colleagues. I am sure everyone can find their place here, which is the best thing about Order Group.

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