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Ewelina Wrzosek
HR Manager
Employer Branding
28.09.2021 | 3 min

3 questions developer should ask in an interview in a software house

Interview - just a simple conversation with the potential employer. But it can be much more stressful than the regular one when you realize it can determine your future. In this case, you may forget your name out of nervousness, let alone what you wanted to ask the recruiter about your future job. Do not worry - we will tell you what to pay attention to during the interview to a software house. And all this is based on Order Group interviews with candidates.

3 questions developer should ask in an interview in a software house - 2024 20
Table of Contents
  • Dream team
  • Social Life
  • Equipment that matters

Obviously, every person asks the interviewer about the salary, working hours, days off, or benefits. But there are some not-that-obvious questions you should ask for sure. The answers to those questions can give you the image of your future team, colleagues, boss, and your responsibilities. More importantly, that knowledge will also help you decide which company you should choose.

Dream team

What is essential for your work? Your team! No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert person - you usually work with other people. Even if you prefer to work alone, there is usually someone besides you. To work effectively, you have to have a strong connection with your future team: your boss, project manager, and other developers. Whoever it will be, you all have to understand each other, rely on each other, and, of course, it is always more pleasant to work with people you like and are familiar with. That is why you suppose to ask the interviewer about your colleagues.

Another critical question connected with the team topic is the organization of the team you will join. Ask how big the team is, who is the part of it, and who is responsible, for what, to whom. Do not forget to ask what your role in the team will be and how the projects are planned. Answers will give you a complete picture of what your work will look like and what you can expect in the future.

Social Life

If you already know something more about your future team members, you should also have some occasions to know them better. It may seem not, but contrary to appearances, social life at work is an important topic. The answers can tell you A LOT about the work environment, your co-workers, and of course, the company. Ask the recruiter if there are any social events and informal meetings, like integration parties, Xmas dinners, or open sports groups. You will get to know if your co-workers spend time together, have opportunities to get to know each other, and if the company invests in its people and their good feeling. The company that spends money on various social activities builds a solid team and ensures everyone maintains the right balance between work and life.

Equipment that matters

During stressful interviews, many candidates forget about one thing, which seems fundamental, in the IT branch: equipment. It usually matters whether you have your favorite operating system and you expect to work on it. So, if you do not want to be disappointed on the first day of work, remember to ask the interviewer about it. Even if the company does not have the desired stuff at the moment, it is probably possible to provide it for you later.

Keep in mind that the best option is to prepare the list of questions you want to ask BEFORE the interview. This way, you will not forget to ask about anything important to you. The more information you gather, the better decision you will make. It will also show the recruiter that you care about your career and are engaged in the interview. Ask, though no one will cut your head off for asking questions.

And what can you expect by joining Order Group?

  • your favorite equipment - everything you need to work - you decide which one is the best for you
  • plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and celebrate: joint lunches every Tuesday, informal beer once a month, integration trips once a year, sports groups for runners and volleyball players, Xmas parties, and many more
  • friendly and supportive team, which will treat you as its member from your first day at work and which knows how to do projects ;)

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