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22.02.2019 | 4 min

10 most successful Xamarin apps

Xamarin is a framework that uses a cross-platform implementation of Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specification. Xamarin makes use of a C# shared codebase that enables developers to use Xamarin tools to write native, Android, iOS, and Windows App with the native user interface and also share codes among multiple platforms including Windows and macOS. Check out 10 most successful Xamarin apps.

10 most successful Xamarin apps - 2024 30
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Xamarin has become a top choice for IT specialist when it comes to mobile development. Let’s look at the most successful Xamarin apps.


Storyo is a storytelling app that turns your pictures into a story. It helps create a photo-story with extreme ease. You choose photos into frames and create your story.

Storyo has been thought of from the business perspective as a very successful B2C business because it puts together two trends that get the users quickly hooked up; storytelling underlined with great visual elements.

The Storyo application also uses artificial intelligence to create life stories using different time durations. One of their latest releases comes with a feature that enables customers to create a co-shared life story.


Aviva drive app is also an application that makes use of Xamarin. Aviva is a behavioral app that helps drivers save up to 20% on their comprehensive car insurance with Aviva.

The app records a motorist’s driving style using Xamarin smartphone technology. It records the motorist’s acceleration, braking, and cornering. For every 200 miles, the app gives an individual driving score which in turn is used in calculating the discount for that particular driver.


This is another Xamarin application that catches the heart of movie lovers. Cinemark helps in finding showtimes and tickets for sale for different shows. The app enables the viewing of movie trailers, the comprehensive search for movies, and also to read information on different movies.

With CINEMARK you can as well share showtimes, cinema locations, as well as movie information on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, via email, and via text. This particular Xamarin app is available for Android, Windows phone, and iPhone.


Another successful Xamarin application geared towards sports lovers. The Sqor app enables you to follow up on information on your favorite games and sports. Sqor also allows you to get the latest news on your favorite team or athlete including their lifestyle and careers. The app has also been able to achieve a feature of bringing the athletes and fans together by allowing the user to fill in their profiles with photos and share.

The app has recorded more than one thousand professional athletes from every league been registered on the platform.


The Hanx writer app was created in collaboration with Tom Hank. This Xamarin app gives you an experience of an old fashioned type machine but well upgraded with the speed and ease of an iPad.

The Hanx writer has been made even more portable. It can be taken into other apps like Notes, mail, and messages by merely adding the hanx keyboard extension to any of your collections.


The Skylight app is based on the Xamarin app development built to suit the needs of small and big companies searching for the best way to create smart glass applications. Skylight supports a variety of businesses where people need to move, monitor, build, fix, install or assemble different things.

The application allows for the creation of custom workflow whenever and wherever it is needed. Finally, the Skylight app can be effortlessly integrated into diverse external systems and has been said to be very powerful and easy to use.


Estimote is a Xamarin app that enables apps designed for one location to be smoothly run in other locations. It is easy to install location intelligence software that can deliver personalized experiences at a certain scale.

Estimote is embedded in mobile apps and is allowed to use signals from nearby beacons and built-in sensors to estimate the micro-location of an event.

It uses an API that enables developers to quickly build proximity and indoor location applications that trigger pre-programmed actions and can also send relevant messages. Putting this in simple terms, it connects real-world to your device. The Estimote app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


THX tune-up is an app using Xamarin. It is a two-screen app that enables you to check and adequately adjusts your TV, projector, and speakers to get the best out of your home entertainment system.

With THX tuneup you can set the color and tint with its special built-in color filter. This is done using the Android device's rear-facing camera.

The app also features custom video test patterns, photos, and lots of tutorials that would help in adjusting the picture settings on your display concerning your room light condition. With THX tune-up, you can set the aspect ratio, contrast, brightness, color, and tint.


Captio uses Xamarin to deliver a fast and responsive enterprise application that enables companies to manage travel expenses. It uses a web-based interface for tracking and approving expenses by the various supervisors.

The caption has been able to catch the hearts of businesses employing enterprise apps that help increase employee productivity and also streamline the workflow across various departments. Caption application has been able to solve a long time challenge in the travel industry; the manual management of expenses. Investors saw the need for this product and Captio secured a $1.12 million funding from investors in 2016.


Olo is a food order service app that has revamped the food delivery market. Olo is an innovative internationally known app that is also embedded with Calorie information features.

The app makes use of the Xamarin technology after Olo’s development team was faced with challenges from using a JavaScript-based framework. They were faced with issues with the user experience and later decided to build the platform using C# on Xamarin.

They teamed up with Amazon, and the business and app saw a significant boost. They also raised $40 million in funding from Raine Group.

Xamarin has been used by innovative entrepreneurs to deliver the best software solutions to their users. From small businesses to Large ones, Xamarin has been most helpful.