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10.01.2022 | 6 min

5 Top Tech Trends for 2022

We have selected the essential top trends for 2022 which may come in handy when building a development strategy. You will also learn how to get our support in implementing this strategy in your organization.

5 Top Tech Trends for 2022 - 2024 07
Table of Contents
  • Industry-specific cloud solutions
  • What other benefits come from the cloud?
  • Internet of Things at large
  • Industrial IoT (IIoR)
  • Blockchain ready for business
  • Ambient experience in AR
  • Automating at scale

There is no doubt that the pandemic fueled this years' trends. Objectives that were prospected for years to come suddenly needed to be tackled here and now. In the era of remote life and tech innovations, customers expect outstanding digital and physical experiences on-demand, and workers want to work smarter and from anywhere. How does it affect the tech endeavors? What are the top tech trends for 2022, and how to ensure your organization keeps up with the changes?

The year 2021 promised and announced a lot. In June, Mark Zuckerberg put out his core idea - a metaverse, which is, as he phrases, "a persistent, synchronous environment where we can be together, (...) an environment where you're embodied in it." Synchronously with augmented reality dreams, tech giants forecasted the development of other trends. And while this is (mostly) nothing new, the uses and scale are novel. We have selected the essential top trends for 2022 which may come in handy when building a development strategy. You will also learn how to get our support in implementing this strategy in your organization.

Industry-specific cloud solutions

The challenge is not just to delegate some business processes to the cloud, but also to do it smartly. To be more agile and efficient, you need to figure out what manual tasks should be automated and where lies the true potential of your organization. Then, with bespoke scalable cloud services, you can enjoy reliable, secure, 24/7 accessible spots, where your data and processes can be stored and further developed. What is more, a rapidly growing bouquet of cloud-based solutions can bring some out-of-the-box business opportunities to your organization.

Today top cloud services providers, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), lay out cloud-based industry enclaves that automate business processes in a custom-made, sector-specific manner. So to innovatively connect all the dots in your digital transformation strategy, you need robust software options, which the cloud provides.

What other benefits come from the cloud?

  • Scalability - expand without unnecessary overgrowing hardware.
  • Unlimited capacity - just in case your needs and goals are to skyrocket in 2022.
  • Reliability - store your data safe & sound with secure backup and recovery options.
  • Continuous integration and updates - deploy and test new versions in a cloud environment.

The development of cloud solutions is interconnected with advancements in 5G and AI technology. While the 5G provides quick data transfer, AI may process more and more using cloud resources. With the cloud options growing exponentially, we can expect even more from them in 2022.

Internet of Things at large

Any device can now connect, capture, and store data. What is new, those are no longer just standalone products - like speakers, cars, or washing machines, simply doing their job. The focus in 2022 will be on further developing the smart and flexible interconnected platforms that provide services they are designed for and communicate with cloud-based processes, e.g. to repair or update themselves.

Think about the cars - the speakers need a wireless connection to stream music or a call, and the automatic remote diagnostics has to communicate with a database to come up with possible solutions. That is why the security of those devices, which often can considerably impact a person's life, is of utmost importance. Let's stick with a car example - a malfunction in sensing the vulnerabilities of drive can result in real trouble. So, whenever sensors and devices work together for human benefit, a reliable and secure Internet of Things solution is needed.

Industrial IoT (IIoR)

IoT changes everyday life, but it goes beyond that. Industrial applications include factory production monitoring, warehouse flow control, or material and machinery consumption, all in real-time, thanks to sensors. As a result, companies can make decisions based on last-minute data, and automated processes are resistant to changes. Moreover, there is no more precise way to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency - you have data from every step of production of every second, allowing you to manage resources better and set data-driven goals.

The role of the Internet of Things solution is to monitor data from sensors in the nodes that lead to devices' activity. The more complex they are, the more vigilance in the system is required. With the growing demand for sophisticated networks of devices working together, IoT will be a major and thriving tech branch in 2022.

Blockchain ready for business

Blockchain technology is budding. New blockchains emerge, including those that allow writing and operating smart contracts at a lower cost than in ETH. However, if your loyalty lies in Ethereum, it is also expected to get cheaper in 2022 due to the transition to proof of stake.

Blockchain in 2022 will continue to evolve from the cradle, where its main job was just to enable the functioning of cryptocurrencies. It has already gone far away from there. Nowadays, it is ready to reimagine how organizations manage their tangible and digital assets. In the very principle of DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies) lies this idea that recording is reporting. What does it mean? By keeping your records in blockchain, you have immediate and secure access to your business flow. Track and manage identity, data, copyrights, and other assets that need to be stored and easy to check if need be.

With more and more real use cases cropping up in many industries, blockchain creates new opportunities for innovative companies worldwide.

Ambient experience in AR

Digital reality available on-demand, anytime and anywhere? Many companies claim that metaverse, augmented reality, or ambient experience, as they call it, will be their objective for the upcoming future. Will it be a relationship with AI we know from the "Her" movie or having avatars, like in "Black Mirror"? As thrilling as it is, we are not sure for now. What is certain, there are multiple possibilities of exploring AR possibilities in business, especially the design of new services or products. For example, think about the challenges that the pandemic posed to tourism. What if we could create an augmented reality that enables people to visit museums or attend cultural events in (virtual) person? It is just one of many applications for which AR will be crucial in 2022.

Do you want to employ AR in your product? Let's have it all figured out together with our product design team.


Automating at scale

Automation empowers people to move up the value chain and spend their time on solving problems that require a brain. This is why future-forward companies invest in automating their back office and business processes. Less manual repetitive tasks performed by people means more resources for the innovation.

To create robust automation processes, you need data. This is why IoT development is intertwined with more accurate automation. IoT helps you collect data from crucial nodes, and then, with the support of AI, it can make automation smart and responsive to the environment.

Putting it in a nutshell, automation in business processes gives you:

  • accuracy - no biased, subjective interpretations of customer's claims or documents,
  • security - consistent rules for every described action,
  • reliability - issues once fixed, e.g., in the code, simply won't happen again.

With automation in dull business areas, in 2022 and years to come, there will eventually be more room for human brilliance. What is more, secure data-sharing with novel crypto tech and cloud-based technologies has already connected teams working to solve global challenges. It would not be possible without a great deal of automation.

This is our selection of the 5 top tech trends for 2022. Do you feel inspired and ready to innovate? Then, let's estimate the project for your organization.

Do you feel inspired and ready to innovate?
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5 Top Tech Trends for 2022 - 2024 07 Read more
5 Top Tech Trends for 2022 - 2024 07 Read more