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Iza Mrozowska
Head of Design
16.11.2021 | 3 min

ExtraORDERnary Iza - Decisions reflected in reality

A girl of many talents, who has always been attracted by art and architecture, and who has finally become a product designer - meet Iza, our next extraORDERnary colleague.

ExtraORDERnary Iza - Decisions reflected in reality - 2024 51
Table of Contents
  • Design sneak-peak
  • First big project
  • Extreme sports enthusiast

A girl of many talents, who has always been attracted by art and architecture, and who has finally become a product designer - meet Iza, our next extraORDERnary colleague.

Design sneak-peak

-It was a coincidence that I have been into design. In the beginning, my life plan was to study architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts. I liked drawing, and I wanted to improve this skill. In Szczecin, I passed an exam for industrial design. The practice exam task was to build a paper sculpture. It was so different and, at the same time, so much more fascinating than what I had been doing so far that I abandoned my dreams of architecture.

While studying industrial design, Iza worked in a design office that specialized in IoT design. She became an industrial designer and dealt with the 3D design of robots and exoskeletons. Later, she switched to digital design projects as a freelancer, and I was at this moment Karol, the head of Order Group's design team, found Iza.

She joined OG precisely one year ago, during the pandemic time. Her clients were many different companies and agencies at that time, but she did not really have that opportunity to present her design skills fully.

When a job offer from Order appeared, Iza approached this subject calmly: - I checked Order Group's website to find out what kind of services it provides. The thing I liked a lot was their realization of IoT projects. I have experience in IoT, and this type of tech and products are exciting and developmental for me, so I thought joining a company specialized in this field would be exciting. Long story short: I accepted the offer.

First big project

Right after Iza started her journey with OG, she joined the project for a client who is a big player from the FMCG sector. She used to work on such projects in the past, but even as an experienced specialist, she has been thrown into deep water.

-After the introduction, I got familiar with the entire project and contact persons on the client's side and the whole UX vision and creative concept. As soon as everyone found out that I was up to it, I became fully responsible for the project from the design production point of view. I like it a lot, that all my design decisions are reflected in reality - I decide about the look of the website, and its subpages, improve the functionalities and tools.

Basically, what Iza does, is all about the responsiveness of pages and adapting their appearance to mobile devices. Accessing the website via mobile phones makes up most visits to our client's website, so our main task is to design websites that would be friendly to phone users. To better understand customer expectations, we started our work with usability workshops with the client. As far as the concept is concerned, we have a completely free hand: we are re-inventing everything from scratch and proposing our improved solutions to the client. The person that presents the results to the client is Iza.

Extreme sports enthusiast

What Iza does in her free time? You can say that she does all sports-related to boards. Extreme sports is something her dad enthused her with.

-As a child, I practiced snowboarding with my dad during the winter, and in the summer, we used to go windsurfing together. But this sport did not really feel good for me. So my dad decided that, for a change, I would improve my kitesurfing skills. I actually liked this sport so much that it absorbed me completely! My father is a role model in this field for me, and he can do many tricks, as he befits a pro. Personally, I prefer a slightly calmer version of kitesurfing - I do not do those complicated tricks. I simply enjoy communing with nature and the sense of freedom that accompanies me in those moments.

Every time Iza has a moment to break away from everyday duties, she goes to Hel to practice kitesurfing, relax and spend some valuable time with people with similar interests.

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