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22.09.2021 | 3 min

What to expect when you start your work at a software house

You get the job at a software house and start a new chapter. But what actually can you expect by joining this kind of organization? How the work for this kind of company looks like? What kind of people may you come across?

What to expect when you start your work at a software house - 2021 49
Table of Contents
  • Just be yourself
  • Flexibility is the key to stability
  • Break the rules and procedures

You change the branch, or it is your first workplace ever, and you do not know what to expect? Expect the unexpected! Here, on a living proof - Order Group - you can find all the answers to questions you've always wanted to ask!

Just be yourself

For sure, the software house is entirely something different than the corporation. What is essential, there are no strict dress code rules you have to follow. No one cares what you are wearing, what kind of color your hair is, or how you look like. Shorts and sneakers are fine, as same as red hair. It really does not matter - the only thing that matters is you as a person and the work you do. You can be yourself with no fear of someone telling you it is wrong.

We know that colorful, original, and creative people think more out of the box, love freedom, and do not want to work within a very rigid framework. They will not find themselves in such a structure, and it will be very tiring for them. In a software house, it is obvious you have to have the space to express yourself.

For sure, it is not a place where people are intensely focused on individual success and will do everything to make it come true. In a software house, there is no such thing as competition. We prefer to be open, friendly, and chilled and to support each other. That is why we emphasize integration events and good communication. All because we play as one team.

Flexibility is the key to stability

A software house is the best place to get to know what flexibility at work actually means. In every sense of this word. Usually, people who work there are contractors, so they have a great deal of freedom in deciding many aspects of their work.

First: flexible working hours. You work 9-to-5, so you do not have time to get your private things done? Or maybe you like to sleep longer and not to stuck in traffic jams during rush hours? Or maybe, in general, you prefer to work from home? No problem. In a software house, working hours are way more flexible than in other places. Not only on paper but for real. You decide when you start and finish your workday. Are you an early bird? Great! Are you an owl? Also great! Nobody controls you all the time. It is really up to you how you schedule your work. Just do your job ;)

Second: your work-life balance. To be flexible also means having time for friends and family, cultivating passions, and fulfilling yourself in a private field. And this is how your work in a software house will look like - you will have time for every aspect of your life.

Break the rules and procedures

In a software house, there are no strict, rigid corporate policies that are forced. Rules at the workplace should support rather than inhibit good work and should be the same for everyone. That is why you will not find any complicated approval procedures, intricate organizational structures, or long decision-making processes here. The rules apply equally to everyone, and everyone is on the same level, so there is no distance between coworkers. Everyone is straightforward and calls each other by name. No artificiality - we keep everything simple.

What else can you expect? The agile approach to software development and frameworks such as Scrum - these two are foundations of working in a software house. It means you can be sure your team will be a self-organized and cross-functional crew, which bases its work on sprint planning sessions, test-driven development, and regular keep-up meetings.

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