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19.04.2022 | 5 min

ExtraORDERnary Bartek - It’s the people who make the team work together

We take responsibility and self-reliance seriously. Is it why working with us is so cool? See for yourself!

ExtraORDERnary Bartek - It’s the people who make the team work together - 2024 49
Table of Contents
  • Bartek's path to the Python developer - the origin story
  • What attracted Bartek to the Order Group?
  • Working on the Danone project - more and more responsibility
  • Values that Bartek appreciates at Order Group
  • What's next? Prospects at Order Group

A responsible approach to teamwork in IT is a true virtue. Bartek, our back-end developer, will soon celebrate the anniversary of his work at Order Group. See what responsibility means to him and how he enjoys working on projects.

Bartosz joined our team as a young, but already quite an experienced programmer. Over the last year, he had the opportunity to participate in one of the most significant projects of Order Group - providing a dedicated CMS and websites for Danone. Get to know what Bartek thinks about his work in the organization and why he puts responsibility first.

Bartek's path to the Python developer - the origin story

Bartek's adventure with programming began at the end of high school. In the beginning, it was just setting up servers in Counter-Strike - that was his first operational IT experience. Already during his studies, he took up internships and part-time work in the IT industry. Then, after graduation, he immediately started a professional career.

- I am a few years after university, and despite my short professional career, I have already gained a lot of experience during projects in banks and startups.

Bartek tried his hand at startups and corporations. His first software house job was in the bank's statistical department five years ago. He stayed in banks for a while and learned to work with databases there. Then he entered the startup scene. After that, he ended up in a software house, from which Paweł, a board member, invited him for a back-end developer/Python developer role. He has been with Order Group since May 2021.

- Order Group was looking for a back-end developer specializing in Python. I knew back-end and databases, and I combined it with Python. So I saw it as an excellent opportunity to grow. Plus, the job was in the office nearby, and I prefer to work on the spot - it was a huge benefit for me.

What attracted Bartek to the Order Group?

- I wanted to change my job. I was browsing a lot of offers. There were many, but it often turned out during the interviews that a given position differs significantly from the description in the advertisement. I wanted to develop in a specific direction - back-end technology. In Order Group, I found such an opportunity.

Order Group looked like a place where Bartek would be able to spread his wings. Plus, the office was close, and the atmosphere seemed friendly from the very beginning - what more could you want!

Working on the Danone project - more and more responsibility

Bartek emphasizes that he appreciates being trusted. He also likes to take responsibility for the tasks performed.

- I was quickly endowed with great trust and responsibility. There is an excellent atmosphere in the team. Working on the Danone project was interesting, and the team supported each other.

The project lasted eight months. In the beginning, Bartek had a moment to take a run-up. As he says himself:

- In such long-distance projects, the beginnings are usually calm, while the finale is more dynamic. I actually joined at the stage when programming had just started. The phase of preparing designs ended up a moment earlier. When developers come in, you already know what needs to be done. So I could start doing what I can and like most - solving problems with lines of code.

However, the most challenging thing was that as many as three websites were created at once, all of which consisted of widgets.

- These three websites are very similar and yet different. Lots of things in common, slight changes in the looks, but all are about the same - hence the great chance for code re-use.

According to Bartek, the key to delivering those three websites was tailor-made planning. As he says:

- It's like home renovation - when it's finished, you know what you would like to do differently.

The first version of the product made it possible to confront the result with the client's expectations. And plan for further improvements. Thanks to the flexibility, we finally managed to implement the client's vision.

Flexible planning broadly defines the style of work in Order Group. What are other values here important for Bartek?

Values that Bartek appreciates at Order Group

The things our back-end developer considers core benefits of working at Order Group include:

  • Not-by-the-book SCRUM, allowing flexible planning

- What I really like at Order Group is that we entered SCRUM with the whole team, and we made decisions together.

  • Doing things as a team

- I don't feel like someone is my supervisor. Everyone had their scope of responsibility, the structure was flat, and if something went wrong, everyone is responsible. We do things as a team. Substitution is also crucial - if our teammate gets sick, someone else should be able to replace him.

  • Responsibility from the very first project

- For me, responsibility is fundamental. To be a self-sufficient person who also works well in a team.

  • Exchange of experiences within the company

- The people in Order Group are very supportive of me when something in my project requires attention, sharing experiences from their projects. In addition, we have company meetings, which are an opportunity to share knowledge from various projects, both successes, challenges, and failures.

  • Opportunity to work in the office

- I worked remotely for over two years, but it made me very tired. I like working in the office, among my colleagues, and I am glad that I have this opportunity here.

Teamwork is not only about collaborating on projects. As Bartek mentions, it’s the people that make the teamwork together. Fortunately, at Order Group, we managed to develop an efficient and friendly communication system. And this makes our work pleasant and smooth. Ultimately, it also brings satisfaction to the client we work with.

What's next? Prospects at Order Group

After delivering the solution for Danone, Bartek moved to a fintech project in which he is working on a new banking solution, again as a back-end/Python developer. As he says himself, he is continuously developing. For him, the following steps mean more and more independence and self-reliance.

- I would like to take the next step and be able to offer full expertise, for now, in the field of back-end technology. As for the role in the project, I want to do the same, only better.

We are glad to have specialists such as Bartek among us. Do you like solving problems too? Go to the Careers page. You will surely find something for yourself there!

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