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Ewelina Wrzosek
HR Manager
19.10.2021 | 4 min

ExtraORDERnary Łukasz - The party that started it all

Our OG people are unique and special - there is no doubt. That is why we also want you to meet them and get to know how great they are. Tech leader, developer, beer brewing enthusiast - we want to introduce to you Łukasz, our next extraORDERnary colleague!

ExtraORDERnary Łukasz - The party that started it all - 2024 09
Table of Contents
  • Memorable party
  • What does the tech leader do?
  • After hours

He used to work for a big, well-known corporation and left it to work for Order Group. It was a massive change in his professional life, but he never regretted his decision. Now, he is the foundation of our team and takes care of the technical correctness of all our projects. How it happened, he joined our company and what Łukasz does, when he is not coding - read to find out!

Memorable party

Łukasz joined Order in February 2020, right before the pandemics. Before, for three years, he used to work for a big, well-known company, which produces electronics. Everything seemed to be perfectly in order, but he was invited to a party, which completely changed his career life path:

- I was happy with my work at the time, but there was always something I missed in my professional life... Once I have been to a party, where I met one of my friends from studies. We talked a bit. I told him about my career and what I did for a living, he repaid the same, but then I thought it was only a friends' chat.

Łukasz did not even expect that someone would call him the next day and offer him a job. He was delighted with the proposition, but at the same time, he had some doubts: he was not too eager to work in his friend's company. He considered all the pros and cons, but the thing that convinced him entirely was what he heard about his future position and the company itself.

- I have been told more about the atmosphere and people who cooperate with Order Group - they seemed like a bunch of friends. I also asked about all the details about the company's interesting projects, and I asked myself what I wanted to do with my career. I did not want to be part of the crowd of developers in the big company, where people do not even know each other's names. I wanted to have a real influence on the projects and direct contact with the client. It helped me to make my final decision. My answer was a big YES, and this is how I became a tech leader at Order Group.

What does the tech leader do?

At OG, as Tech Lead, Łukasz is responsible for analyzing projects starting from their initial phase, from creating the system architecture to selecting the appropriate technologies for implementation. In addition to being a programmer, he also acts as a mentor for other programmers involved in the project. He takes care of the quality of solutions (Code Review, Peer Review) and makes decisions to solve critical problems.

- When it comes to Tech Lead's work, let's start with the fact that I'm a full-stack. I started my professional career with programming in C ++, but after 4 years, I realized that I would like to change something, and I started learning Python. My first company was looking for someone to develop an internal project, and they hired me. Despite that, I did not have any commercial experience, and after six months, I had my own team. In the meantime, I have learned JavaScript, which is now my primary language, next to Python.

The clients also depend on Łukasz's best knowledge - he often meets with them and offers the best solutions. Thus he has a significant impact on the course of projects and their final shape. So something he always wanted in his professional life.

After hours

And what our tech leader does in his free time? Of course, something connected with his work. Łukasz, as a huge fan, is interested in machine learning, and he even participated in various contests to test his skills. About 2 years ago, he even won a silver medal on Kaggle in a competition in creating pictures of dogs.

But an even more exciting hobby and something that Łukasz finds really relaxing is brewing:

- It was more or less 7 years ago when a friend of mine made a beer and gave me a bit to try. More or less, at the same time, also my uncle brewed the beer and became a fan of it. It sounded pretty interesting, and I thought to give it a try and made my own recipe for IPA. I organized a beer tasting session, and my friends really liked it, so I made another one - Milk Stout this time. It again became a sensation, so it went on. I started to buy more and more equipment to produce my beer, which soon became my new hobby.

Now Łukasz is our OG brewmaster. And every time he produces some of his tasty beer, he brings it to the office and gives it away to his colleagues :)

In Order Group we believe that what creates a good company is PEOPLE. Together we can create something valuable and create a positive work environment. That is why we make an effort to find the right people during our interviews with candidates and to put them in the right roles.

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