Web & Mobile Apps

Designing and building state-of-the-art applications with compelling UX and scalable backend architecture. We develop corporate CRM’s, ERP’s & Customer Apps.

The key for your product

We build cross-platform software that works perfectly on every screen. It's the key for your product since the contemporary user experience is fragmented. Take e-commerce, people start browsing for a product on one device (be it a desktop, laptop or a smartphone), then switch to the other to add products to the cart, they may finalize the purchase on yet another device.

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You can embrace the multiscreen, so-called micro-moments customer journey in many different ways - developing your product with native frameworks for iOS or Android, using hybrid technology, such as React Native, or making a universal web application working in any browser (Chrome, Safari or FireFox) in any device.

That is why when planning software development you need to consult your idea and market research with an experienced team to find the best combination. You need to choose the most suiting development tools, plan the UX design when to send push notifications, what smartphone modules and permissions you would like to use.

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Finally, the modern website and mobile applications are built with the use of microservices. Today's software is a network of interconnected elements belonging to different parties that work together delivering the end user one consistent experience.

Take a look at our case studies or the technology we use at Order Group and contact us to arrange a scoping session for your next web or mobile app product.