Swift - Apple programming language created for iOS

If you value great performance, safety and a modern approach, Swift may be the right choice for you.

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What is Swift?

Apple's product
It's a programming language designed for iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and Linux applications. Since 2015 it has open-source the code, which resulted in growth of its popularity.
Modern features, security and speed
Swift is the result of many years of experience in building Apple platforms, which resulted in an intuitive and powerful programming language used all over the world.
Popularity all over the world
Swift is more and more popular since time when Apple released open-sourced code. Now world-famous companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, and Slack are all written in Swift.

Benefits of Swift

Why do we use Swift?

Swift is known for its safety which is much better than in the case of C-based programming languages, as Swift eliminates the whole classes of unsafe code. The code in Swift is clean and safe thanks to the fact, that by default Swift objects can never be nil.
Swift is fast and powerful
Right from the start, Swift was designed with speed in mind. The speed was achieved through the use of high-performance LLVM compiler technology. It allows you to transform your code into optimized native code that takes full advantage of the capabilities of modern hardware.
Fast Development Process
Switf makes it easy to both write and read code. It is a clean and intuitive language thanks to the simplification of grammar and syntax. Compared to Objective-C, Swift needs less code to complete the same tasks.
Easily Scalable
This programming language is easily scalable as you can extend the functions if you need to add new features. Swift is ready for whatever changes the future may bring.
Compatible with Objective-C
The goal of Swift is to surpass Objective-C, but that doesn't mean the creators have failed to consider the needs of developers who are working on existing projects in Objective-C. Swift is fully Objective-C compatible, allowing you to add new features with Swift to existing projects.
Low maintenance
Applications built with Swift are easy to maintain, especially compared to Objective-C. In the case of Swift, everything is managed in one program file, while working with Objective-C you have to use two separate files - the header and the implementation one.
Effective memory management
This programming language uses an Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) solution that is based on its predecessor, Objective-C. It is designed to get maximum application performance while keeping the same memory and CPU. ARC selects unused class instances and removes them, all without the assistance of the developers.
ABI stability
Swift has a binary equivalent to an Application Programming Interface (API) called Application Binary Interface (ABI). The biggest advantage of the Swifit solution is that it enables binary compatibility of libraries and applications. As a result, code can be compiled using different versions of Swift or Objective-C to communicate through ABI.

Our Projects in Swift

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Our Projects in Swift


Questions about Swift...

Swift is an intuitive programming language created by Apple to allow developers to create mobile applications for Mac, Apple TV, iOS, and Apple Watch. Its purpose is to give development teams more freedom than any other programming language.

Swift is a safe and easy-to-use, open-source programming language that allows developers to create whatever they want.

From the very beginning, Swift was designed to be more secure than C-based programming languages. It eliminates classes of unsafe code, initializes variables before use, memory is managed automatically, and integers and arrays are analyzed for overflow. All of this contributes to the security of the language.

According to the Tiobe index, which publishes the rankings of the most popular programming languages, Tiobe placed Swift in 10th place among the most popular programming languages (as of December 2021). Compared to the previous year, Swift increased its position by 3 places in the index.

It depends on what aspects. For example, if we compare Swift with Java executing mandelbrot, Swift reaches 3.19 sec, while Java 6.83 sec. But there are some tasks that make Swift take longer time like binary trees where Swift needs 45.06 sec. while Java only 8.32 sec. (data from Techtrix). Nevertheless, Swift is considered a fast programming language.

In many ways, Swift and C ++ have similar values, such as the drive to act quickly. Both Swift and C ++ have similar object representations. Additionally, Swift offers excellent security and a modern system.

The Swift language offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Easy to read and write code, giving developers unlimited possibilities.
  • Support for inferred types, which makes the code less error-prone and cleaner. Modules automatically provide namespaces and remove headers.
  • Automatically managed memory, which saves developers time.
  • Some parameters are taken from Objective-C and implemented in clean syntax. The Swift APIs are easy to maintain and easy to understand.

Additional features include generics, efficient built-in error handling, structures supporting methods, extensions and protocols, tuples and multiple return values, pointers to unifying closure functions, fast iterations of a range or collection, and more.

The Swift language can be used in a variety of projects, both from scratch and to update existing solutions. It was created by Apple to build applications for Mac, Apple Watch, iOS, and Apple TV. Swift offers developers a lot of freedom and open-source access. Take a look at our case studies.

Swift has a large database of companies that have chosen this programming language for their application development. Among them are: Facebook, Slack, Uber, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Instagram, Accenture, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, CNN, Kickstarter and many more.

Entrust your project to Swift experts and get a safe, efficient solution that gives you a competitive advantage

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