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What is Next.Js, and why is so popular?

Next.Js is an open-source framework for server-side rendered web applications. It’ is based on React, a popular JavaScript library

Super-fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform - image
Super-fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform
With Next.js you can build a hybrid application containing both server-rendered and statically generated pages.
Comprehensive tool - image
Comprehensive tool
Next.Js is used as a very popular solution for various purposes, including eCommerce platforms, streaming services, and other big multi-user websites.
Its future is undisputed - image
Its future is undisputed
Next.Js is supported by Google, utilized by companies like Netflix, Ticketmaster, and Deliveroo, beloved by thousands of developers worldwide who improve it every day.

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Next.js development provides multitiude benefits for your project. What are they?

Great handling of data-heavy applications - image
Great handling of data-heavy applications
Next.Js is server-side rendering (SSR), which means that the rendering process is taken care of by the server instead of the user’s browser. After a request, the user receives a fully rendered page much faster because another machine handles all background processes. As a result, data packages that users receive are significantly smaller and load faster, which matters a lot for those with slower internet connections. That’s why the method is incredibly valuable for platforms that need to process massive amounts of data.
Perfect for solution for SEO-oriented businesses - image
Perfect for solution for SEO-oriented businesses
Besides improved user experience, the increased page speed that SSR guarantees make a significant difference in terms of SEO and Google indexing. Fast and reliable website performance remains one of the crucial factors that affect Google ranks, so if you’re planning to reach for the top 5 in SERPs, Next.Js puts you in a great position to do so.
High versatility - image
High versatility
Potential applications for Next.Js are pretty much limitless. The framework allows devs to create web apps that are user- and SEO-friendly, super-fast, and secure. It’s fair to say that a vast majority of projects seek such traits. And when we add fast development and easy maintenance to the mix, we receive a complete package for a wide variety of software projects.
Future-proof technology - image
Future-proof technology
Despite being a relatively new technology, Next.Js already has a massive following. Thanks to its many advantages, it’s beloved by thousands of developers and companies worldwide. It’s also one of the frameworks backed and co-funded by Google. Since 2019, the company has contributed significantly to the development of Next.Js, turning even more eyes to the rising technology.
Superfast, in many ways - image
Superfast, in many ways
With the automatic code-splitting, Next.Js loads only those JavaScript and CSS elements required for a specific page. It’s another thing that reduces page loading speed and significantly improves user experience.

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Due to its high performance and massive scalability potential, Next.Js is a perfect solution for all web apps that rely on large amounts of data. That’s why it’s best known for being used for many streaming platforms, such as Twitch, Netflix, and Hulu. However, we can expect more and more projects requiring those traits, like big eCommerce websites, financial services, social media apps, and industrial-scale solutions in Industry 4.0 implementations.

While Next.Js is well-known as a perfect solution for massive projects, such as streaming platforms and big eCommerces, it has much to offer for smaller ones like SaaS and B2B websites. For example, aspects like its super-fast page speed and scalability are extremely valuable for various data-heavy platforms that aim to utilize AI-based features

Maybe you should. And here’s why. As a framework that Next.Js was based on, React is still a top-rated solution for single-page and mobile apps. It’s developed and supported by Meta (formerly Facebook) and many more companies and devs. We have projects in React in our portfolio, and we will undoubtedly continue to use it frequently (as many other software houses will).

However, Next.Js offers some features that React doesn’t have. Most importantly, different types of rendering. That’s why it has a significant edge over its technological parent for specific purposes. Having that said, you can be sure that we’ll consider both options when choosing the proper framework for your product.

There’s no quick answer to this question, and we never suggest a technology without sufficient knowledge. In order to find out what’s the best solution, we need to know what your business needs are, discuss your project in detail, and know your requirements in terms of features. After we have all the necessary information, we choose the right technology, whether it’s Next.Js or anything else.

Absolutely, Next.Js has all the right features for scalable businesses that expect massive traffic in the long run. It’s known for its performance, security, and easy maintenance. Most importantly, it’s heavily supported by tech companies and developers, which results in many significant updates every year that helps it remain the top modern solution.

Next.Js has features and functionalities that make it a perfect solution for many applications. However, there always are other options. Before we decide, we have product workshops, during which we analyze the client’s business, discuss requirements, and design the process that will lead us to success. We believe this phase is the most important, so we don’t take any shortcuts. You can read more about our process here.

Of course. We offer full maintenance for all products we develop. We can take care of your web app, implement updates and all changes according to your requirements and the newest standards. As your partner in technology, we’ll make sure you don’t need to worry about that side of your business. On the other hand, if you plan to build your own team in the long run, new developers will have an easy job working on the software because we take pride in writing secure and clean code.

In our case, the minimum budget for a project in Next.Js is 25 000 EUR. Of course, the exact cost depends on the size of your project and specific requirements. Please contact us if you want to know the estimation.

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