Kotlin's idea is drawing inspiration from decades of language development

Take everything that makes Java great, get rid of cumbersome elements, and add some extra ways to make software development fast and efficient. Here’s Kotlin for you, the perfect language for modern Android applications.

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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language that was developed as a modern version of Java with features similar to other new-generation languages

Fully interoperation with Java
Java and Kotlin are 100% interoperable. So it's possible to have Kotlin and Java classes side-by-side within the same project, and everything will still compile.
Preferred language for modern Android development
Kotlin means far less code as well as easier testing and maintenance. Therefore, much faster and cheaper development. It's also more versatile as it can be used in both object-oriented and functional programming.
Google’s approval and support for Kotlin
In 2019, Google agreed with what many developers that Kotlin should be the preferred language for Android development moving on. It is a strong recommendation for entrepreneurs and companies that start new software projects.
Benefits of Kotlin
As Kotlin enthusiasts, we understand very well why it’s one of the most beloved languages in the tech world. And, most importantly, we know why it’s good for our client’s business.
It really is the new Java
For a long time, Java has been considered the perfect choice for Android development of many sorts. But, as a language based on Java, Kotlin has all it takes to become a true heir to the old coffee-cup logo legend. In 2020, it was reported that approximately 70% of the 1000 most popular apps on the Play Store were written in Kotlin. However, besides app development, it’s also widely utilized as a web back-end solution.
Replacing copper with platinum
Colling Java copper in this analogy might be a little harsh, but there’s some truth to it. Java really is old, and even with multiple modernization attempts, it still has significant downsides that come from its age. For example, even the most straightforward tasks in Java require a lot of coding, which makes everything far more time-consuming, not to mention its error-prone nature. Kotlin, on the other hand, learned the lesson and has a much cleaner, concise style, which results in fast and efficient development.
NullPointerExeption becomes history
The NPE problem and other null references are some of the most infamous issues among Java developers and are frequent reasons for bugs and crashes. Kotlin’s type system tackles the issue and prevents developers from committing the so-called Billion Dollar Mistake over and over again. The name of the mistake has a “subtle” clue of how valuable that is for the development process.
Technology that’s here to stay
From the developer’s perspective, the connection between Java and Kotlin is obvious, so those who know the first can pick up the latter very quickly. It’s considered easy to learn, very concise, and has a massive community of enthusiasts, making it even more developer-friendly. For entrepreneurs, it’s an important signal that the technology is easily scalable, and finding extra developers when they’re needed won’t be a problem.
Well-suited for enterprise-scale projects
Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, a software development company that creates solutions for other businesses, unlike many programming languages that were developed by academics. Therefore, it’s perfectly suited for commercial purposes. Some of the top companies that use Kotlin are Google, Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack.


Popular questions about Kotlin...

Without a doubt, Kotlin is currently the best and most reasonable choice for Android app development, but it’s not the only possible application of the language. It can also be for any type of server-side or client-side development, including native, desktop. It can do almost anything. It is also expected to see support for macOS and iOS in the near future with Kotlin Native.

If your goal is to create an Android app, the answer generally would be YES. In other cases, it’s a maybe. As a company with a wide tech stack, we make a technology decision only after getting to know your project firsthand. We need to learn about your product idea, industry, business model, and who your potential customer is. Only after we have a good understanding of your business, we choose the right set of technology solutions.

Kotlin is modern but it’s not new or experimental in any way. On the contrary, it’s an established and verified technology that was field-tested by the biggest companies in the World. As a programming language based on Java and improved in terms of performance, null safety, and clean coding, it definitely can be considered secure and stable.

Kotlin projects, in most cases, are primarily Android apps. Our modus operandi in such cases includes extensive product workshops, during which we analyze the client’s business and discuss all requirements.

The development process in Kotlin is significantly faster compared to Java and even some other, newer languages. As we’ve mentioned before, Kotlin requires less coding (by even 40%), limited maintenance, and bug-fixing, so it’s safe to say that it guarantees a faster launch for startups or MVP projects. Of course, the precise time estimation totally depends on the project’s scope. As a team that values transparency, we give our clients estimations based only on sufficient information, not just a hunch. Let’s discuss your app idea and we’ll do our best to provide you with an actual number.

You don’t. We take care of the process entirely. After we finish the development, we deploy your app on Play Store.

Of course, we offer full post-implementation maintenance and support. After the app is released, our developers can make changes, updates, and fixes. We also analyze the performance and suggest upgrades to your app.

Depending on a project, Kotlin development teams consist of 3-5 people, including product manager, web developers, and graphic designers. Most usually, the client takes the role of a product owner and controls the process in an efficient, agile way. Make sure to check our article about the product owner’s role and why it’s crucial.

In our case, the minimum budget for Kotlin apps is 25 000 EUR. But, of course, the exact cost depends on the project, so please contact us if you want to know the estimation.

Build your Android app with the most stable and highly supported language available

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