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What is JavaScript and why is so popular?

JavaScript (JS) is a computer programming language that is mainly used to create interactive web pages and web applications.

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JS allows the interaction between the client-side script and the user page driven by dynamic functions on the web pages.
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It enables developers to generate dynamic content on web pages.
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Essential part of the web experience
With JS developers increase interaction with users and offer complex applications that are essential for today's digital businesses.
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Easy in configuration
JavaScript is supported by every browser and offers event-based programming

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What is JavaScript used for?

Companies from various industries use JavaScript to build the applications they need.

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Back-end web development
Back-end development focuses on creating code that is used on the web server. Every time the browser loads the site, it connects to the remote server. The server-side code then parses the page's URL to get information about the user's request. The next step is to transform the required data in order to display it again in the browser.
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Front-end web development
JavaScript offers many possibilities for implementing interactive elements, animations, and more. Developers also use this programming language to build single-page applications that are embedded in an HTML page and offer users exceptionally smooth navigation.
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Artificial intelligence-driven models
JavaScript plays an important role in the development of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. Using libraries like TensorFlow, developers can create machine learning models that use historical data to predict what will happen in the future.
Video game development - image
Video game development
Most of video games that run in web browsers use JavaScript. It enables developers to create 2D and 3D web video games that are becoming more and more advanced as browsers become more powerful. The biggest advantage of such games is that they can be accessed directly through the user's browser.
Mobile development frameworks - image
Mobile development frameworks
Recently, the rapid development of various mobile application development frameworks has made it possible to use JavaScript to create mobile applications that run on both Android and iOS. The most popular development frameworks using JavaScript are Ionic and React Native.

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The main differences between Java code and JavaScript code are that Java allows users to design applications that run in a browser or in a virtual machine. While Java code is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) that needs to be compiled, JavaScript code is alt text, and specifically the OOP scripting language.

Generally speaking, most people would choose JavaScript over Python when developing their website software. It is a great choice for both desktop and mobile sites. A significant advantage of JavaScript over Python is that it runs directly in the browser. On the other hand, Python is a backend server-side language and is not enough to fully build a website.

Definitely. JavaScript is at the moment the power behind the changing world of the Internet and will continue to hold its strong position in the future.

Typically, most users choose to work with one of the three JavaScript editors:

  • Visual Studio code,
  • Sublime text,
  • Brackets.

Even though they are the most popular editors, JavaScript offers many more complex tools such as Komodo Edit, Atom, Vim, BBEdit, Notepad ++, and Emacs. Some of them may be perfect for a variety of users, depending on the type of task they need to perform.

Compared to programming languages ​​such as Python and C ++, JavaScript is relatively easy to learn and can be embedded in various languages ​​such as HTML. The biggest challenge for beginners who are new to programming languages ​​is simply adapting to the programming mindset. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available online for anyone looking to get started on programming.

JavaScript is often chosen by web developers over various programming languages ​​because it is the only native language for web browsers and is the most popular language at the time. It offers many possibilities, it can be used by both front-end and back-end developers, as well as to create mobile games, video and many more.

The most recognizable companies that use JavaScript to build their apps are Facebook, Uber, PayPal, Groupon, and Netflix.

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