JavaScript is the most advanced object-oriented programming language

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What is JavaScript?

The free-to-use programming language remains one of the tops and is still utilized for a wide variety of projects, no matter the industry and company size.

Over 25 years on the top
Almost every successful company used Java to some extent. The most notable examples are Google, Netflix, Spotify, and LinkedIn. Companies and programmers appreciate it for a number of factors, including security, versatility, cross-platform development, replicability, and more.
Ready to go for every platform
It’s the most considerable advantage compared to many other programming languages - you develop software, and it’s ready to go for every platform. With more and more performance upgrades in recent years, it has become a real swiss-army knife of programming languages.

Benefits of Java

What is the secret to JavaScript longevity?

Rock-solid technology that’s been here for decades
According to Oracle (Java’s developer), the number of devices that run Java Virtual Machine reached 38 million in 2017. Right now, there might be twice as many. No matter what happens in the tech world, what technology becomes the hot new thing each year, Java’s number keeps rising. So, if you plan to build something that lasts for many years, Java has all it takes to make it happen.
High versatility
There is virtually no software that can’t be developed in Java. Companies utilize the language to create mobile and desktop apps, games, big data software, IoT systems, cloud-based apps, and so much more. That versatility is a crucial reason why Java is still a top programming language after so many years.
Extensive knowledge (and asset) base
As a programming language with such a long, rich history, as well as a track record of thousands of successful products, there’s a huge community and a long list of assets available for Java devs. So, if there’s a potentially tricky problem to solve, there’s a high chance that someone has already solved it. That makes development faster, easier, and significantly cheaper.
Limitless scalability
JavaScript does very well in terms of modularity and static checking, which makes it an excellent solution for massive systems developed by big development teams. It’s also easy to analyze, run tests, and debug code, which matters a great deal the bigger the product is. And, of course, runtime performance is another significant upside to Java solutions.
Known by millions of developers
Technological aspects are not the only ones that make Java such a good solution for big projects. It’s also the fact that there are so many specialists available on the market. As a result, it allows companies to quickly assemble (or extend) the development team. Additionally, that means that there are many community-driven tools and ready-to-go solutions that make the development process much faster and manageable.
Seamless cross-platform development
It’s only right to mention again the WORA principle (write once, run anywhere), which is so fundamental to everything Java-related. As long as a device has JVM (Java Virtual Machine), any complied Java software can run on it. Thanks to that, building software on many platforms is much cheaper and more manageable with Java than many other general-purpose programming languages.
Perfect for IoT solutions
As a company specializing in Internet of Things solutions, we wouldn’t be able to do a good job without being Java experts. It’s a leading programming language for IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Although it’s not the only language used for IoT technology, it’s considered the most suitable one thanks to its security nature and versatility.
Computational efficiency
Java Garbage Collector can be described as a mechanism that automatically cleans the software from unused code. All objects that are not used anymore are deleted (e.g., obsolete due to updates) by the Garbage collector to maintain the highest possible speed of the application.

Our Java projects

Examples of Java projects we’ve delivered

The Order Group team has helped us create a very important tool through which we can provide our customers with unique services on the market.
Radosław Drzewiecki
CEO @ LeanPassion
Our Java projects


Questions people ask about Java

Just like with every other project. We base our design decisions on extensive workshops during which we analyze the client’s business and discuss all requirements. We believe it is the most critical phase of the entire process. There are no universal solutions that always work, so we adjust the strategy to each particular case.

It’s never crystal clear from the get-go, and we don’t make a tech stack decision before we know your project firsthand. It very well might not be Java, but some other combination of languages and frameworks. So, before choosing the right technology, we’ll get to know your business and industry, discuss your project in detail, and ask all the questions to determine the final answer that suits your needs.

The entire philosophy behind Java tells us that indeed it is good for multi-platform development. Complied Java software can be run on any device that has Java Virtual Machine.

Again, Java software maintenance benefits from its cross-platform nature. Developers can focus on fixing errors, updating, and optimizations only in the core code. But, as a software development company that takes pride in writing clean code, we do our best to keep maintenance to a necessary minimum.

Of course. We’ll help you keep your Java software secure and in the best shape possible, as well as implement updates and changes according to your needs and market standards. As your partner in technology, we’ll make sure you don’t need to worry about that side of your business. Read more about support here.

Depending on a project, Java development teams consist of 2-5 people, including project manager, developers and testers. Most usually, the client takes the role of a product owner and controls the process in an efficient, agile way. Make sure to check our article about the product owner’s role and why it’s crucial.

Several aspects make Java a secure programming language, notably JVM, package, Security Manager, Java Sandbox, ClassLoaders, and more. The combination of assets prevents crashing, clears unused code, and ensures that no untrusted piece of code will be run.

In our case, the minimum budget for Java software development is 25 000 EUR. Of course, the exact cost depends on the project, so please contact us if you want to know the estimation.

Entrust your project to Java experts and get a reliable, multi-platform solution that stands the test of time

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