Custom CMS should be adjusted to your needs. Not the other way around.

In our work, each project is individual, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Custom CMS ensures that your content creation, content management, and smart modification are much easier than before.

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  • Benefits of Custom CMS
  • Our Approach for Custom CMS
  • Custom CMS process
  • Typical Case Studies
  • FAQ
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Custom CMS will help you achieve your goals like:

Scalability and high performance
Custom CMS can provide better performance results like a lower loading speed, better score in Google Inights, better content structure, favorable for visitors and beneficial for SEO ranking in Google.
Individual support & maintenance rules
The dedicated team of developers will fix every bug, add a feature, or modify the CMS system whenever the client asks because they are getting paid for it and value their business reputation. Therefore, when creating a custom CMS, we always provide you with technical support.
Security adjusted to your organisation
Popular open-source CMS systems are often the target of hackers. The code is known to two parties in a custom CMS: the development team and the client. When only these people know CMS vulnerabilities, it is tough to hack them.
Features in custom CMS tailored only for your needs
We create each CMS according to individual requirements of your business. It is much more effective and reliable than trying to fit to boundaries and features provided by a ready-made CMS. A custom content management system has no limitations. You can build your own set of rules and a way of adding and editing content..
Unique design and usability.
Only a custom CMS can provide a website with a great appearance that strictly corresponds to the brand identity guidelines. Besides the pleasant look & feel, it also allows the creation of an optimized layout of content blocks. A custom content management system is purpose-built according to your company's requirements, making it unique.
The authors of ready-made CMSs cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to a customer's website because of bugs or vulnerabilities of their software product. When you are the sole owner of a CMS, it is easier to make your online presence secure and reliable. You care then about every aspect of your software product.


How We Designed the Custom CMS for Enterprise

"The team is doing a tremendously good job and they are evolving with us throughout the process."
Henric Jonsson
Head of Business Development, Monetor


Custom CMS that brings real value

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

Increasing capabilities
Increasing capabilities

Do you struggle to meet the performance standards you want or that your competitors offer? Does your site slow down when complex operations occur behind the scenes? Your business is growing, and you see the limitations of different features of your custom CMS over time, such as scalability, customization, and support. Therefore, we develop your business and build custom CMS that would suit your needs in the long run and raise significantly to bring more profits.

Safety regulations
Safety regulations

Has your legacy CMS become outdated, causing potential security concerns? In such a situation, a custom CMS which is not on an open-source platform but has strictly designed code will ensure the security you need. We implement updates and patches to strengthen security but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to speed; you need something adjusted for your specific needs.

Uniqueness and customization in your Content Management System
Uniqueness and customization in your Content Management System

Do you have a lot of articles and content that you want to moderate uniquely? Or maybe you need additional analytical features? We don't build a website based on templates create modules, for your needs.


Custom Design Services

What all founders and Product Owners think they know but are scared to ask...

  • Analysis and customization of technical requirements based on business needs
  • Conducting ROI assessment
  • Selection of technologies and tools.
  • Advice on useful integrations.
  • Project Plan.
  • Designing intuitive UX and friendly UI.

  • Content management needs analysis.
  • Plan custom CMS design.
  • Comprehensive CMS development.
  • Data migration and integration with required systems (CRM, ERP, etc.).
  • Quality testing and project implementation.
  • Post-implementation support


Customer cases we are engaged with...

Delivering business value and meeting the customer's business goals is as important as solving the user's problems.

John Scaleup
Company size
Startup & Scaleup

The startup is an initially small business; therefore, he needs a custom CMS that services factors like market demand & your expansion plans. The web application he should build depends on constructive feedback from his customers, his projects regarding brand visibility rise, and the customer base driving his revenue up.

What do we do in ORDER to build a custom CMS?

  • we get to know the product vision and run small workshops to fill out the blanks
  • we plan the project roadmap in Product Design workshops
  • we set the team size, estimate the time and cost of delivery
  • we set a date when we will be ready to start the development process (usually, it takes up to 3 weeks)

What does he get?

  • info about the budget range and project timeline (is the deadline realistic or not / when can we start the development)
  • description of our development process
  • training about how to be a good product owner
  • definition of support and maintenance options
Henry Experienced
CEO/CTO, Product Owner in big enterprise,
Company size

Custom CMS development in a corporation is a process to develop a website or web application for an enterprise-level business. It links enterprise websites, enterprise web application development, and enterprise software development.

What do we do in ORDER to build a custom CMS?

  • get to know his vision thoroughly
  • conduct a product audit and environmental analysis
  • run all sprints of the process which were mentioned before.


Questions regarding custom CMS

People ask...

CMS tailored to your organization’s needs helps to scale with your initiatives, whether that means integrating new APIs, using more multimedia content or automating parts of the conversion process.

We can implement features that index all data for easy access through search functions and enable users to search by attributes such as publication dates, keywords, or authors.

Another feature is format management, revision feature, publishing, and other necessary tools for personalization, or one-to-one marketing

If your business has to deal with complex requirements, is scaling, or needs to be safer, the better is to choose a customizable CMS platform that can be tailored according to its specific requirements. It is a safe solution that widespread your development possibilities.

Custom CMS is tailored to your needs so you benefit from it much more than a readymade. It gives better functionality, scalability, and security. It has also better performance when meets various demands of a large target audience. It also gives you independence making your online presence more secure and reliable.

Custom CMS is much safer than popular systems e.g WordPress or Joomla. Each bespoke framework is unique and therefore has fewer security holes. When one developer codes it instead of a large team then it’s much more difficult for hackers to exploit any bugs in the CMS and cause damages.

Yes, the CMS of our website is fully flexible and adaptable to different functions through the use of modules.React.js

In headless CMS we use Python, React and React Native languages.

Of course. We provide support and maintenance in terms of monitoring and timely resolution of detected and reported incidents to increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Each CMS is different, that's why we conduct training or record instructional videos on how to use it.

The minimum budget for custom CMS is 25 000 EUR, we do not work with cheaper projects.If you want to know the estimated cost of your app please contact us.

Get access to the tools and features tailored exactly for your needs.
Let’s build your custom CMS in order

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