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IT Outsourcing

OG guide to outsourcing

Outsourcing IT areas that raise CEOs' concerns. Including: is it the right choice? Should the team be managed internally? How to verify a vendor? How to prepare and how onboard the team for outsourcing?

Is IT outsourcing the right path for your company?

A comprehensive guide to outsourcing created by experts and dedicated to Founders / Product Owners / Managers

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Table of Contents

So, you are on a mission to bring value & change the world, the industry, or your company with the help of new technology?

Trying to recruit software developers for a project without a massive budget, extensive industry network, and headhunting know-how is like entering a gunfight with a Super Soaker. If you think you’re ready to compete, think twice. And because IT recruitment is so competitive and maintaining the tech team so expensive, software development outsourcing has become almost a default choice for all sorts of companies, from small and innovative startups to well-established enterprises. In this guide, we will shed some light on the outsourcing areas that, in our experience, often raise CEOs' concerns.

  • Is outsourcing the right path for my project?
  • Do I want to manage the outsourced team or not?
  • What partnership will be the best for my project
  • and my company?
  • How do I verify the vendor?
  • How do I prepare my company for outsourcing?
  • How do I onboard the outsourced team?
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